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In the episode, Jared interviews Matt Brockman and discusses how he got started in music and how networking helped him get gigs. He recommends getting involved in community bands and groups to make connections and get your name out there. He also shares some tips on how to drive traffic to your music career funnel.
In this episode, Jared talks about how to deal with feedback, specifically how to tell the difference between good and bad feedback. The main point is to listen to your heart, but also to listen to the people who are actually giving you valuable feedback.
In this episode, Jared shares his story of how he made a living as a musician. After graduating from music school and struggling to find work as a musician, he decided to shift his focus to private events. He learned how to market himself and sell his services to private clients, and eventually started a software company to help automate the process.
Email Lists For Gigs

Email Lists For Gigs


In this episode, Jared shares and explains the email lists and how they can help book more gigs. There are four email lists that every musician should have: Potential Booking Leads, Buyers, Non-Buyers, and Partners. He also shares some of the great tools used for handling these lists.
In this episode, Jared discusses the topic of email marketing, specifically cold emailing local businesses with the intention of securing gigs or increasing awareness of one's music group. Jared also shared the email he sent out to his future partners and provided some of the results.
Record Everything

Record Everything


In this episode, Jared encourages musicians to record every rehearsal, practice, and gig. Doing so not only provides high-quality footage for use online, but also helps build a social media presence and website archive.
Split Tests

Split Tests


In this episode, Jared discusses the power of split testing, or testing different versions of a given element to see which one performs better. Split testing can be used to test different headlines, website layouts, ads, and more. The key is to send enough traffic to each version of the test in order to get statistically valid results. This can help you be more successful in doubling your number of bookings.
In this episode, Jared discusses the power of marketing and how musicians can use it to their advantage. He introduces the P-A-S formula (Problem, Agitate, Solution), which is a tool used in copywriting to sell products or services. He provides examples of how this formula can help you with your gigging career.
In this episode, Jared discusses the pros and cons of booking a band versus going solo. It is ultimately decided that for a solo artist, booking high-paying shows will be easier and quicker to get off the ground. However, this may not be the case for every type of musician.
In this episode, Jared discusses the two types of marketing that musicians typically use: Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing. Brand Marketing is the type of marketing where musicians put up content and hope that people will enjoy it and have the idea to respond. Direct Response Marketing, on the other hand, is a type that leads people who are interacting with your brand, to take direct action.
In this episode, Jared interviews Sam Reti, founder of Muzie.Live. They talk about how to get more gigs by using online platforms. He advises musicians to try different things until they find something that works for them. He also shares tips on how to use online platforms to connect with other musicians and music teachers.
In this episode, Jared Judge talks about the marketing funnel, a marketing process used by musicians to book gigs. He explains that most musicians don't use this process because they were never taught it by their music school or music teacher. He also shares his own experience of using the audition funnel and how it has helped him book more gigs.
In this episode, Jared Judge interviews Nicole Riccardo. She provides advice for musicians on how to invest in themselves and their careers. She recommends investing in courses and coaching in order to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the music industry. Additionally, she advises musicians to think long-term when making these investments, as the skills learned will be valuable for the rest of their life.
In this episode, Jared interviews Emily White. Emily, who has worked with artists such as Ben Folds and Trey Anastasio shared her insights on the music industry. They discuss the importance of data in the music industry and how musicians can collect contact information from fans to grow their business.
In this episode, Jared interviews Eric Mrugala, a violinist and entrepreneur. He offers advice on how to be successful as a musician, stressing the importance of networking and being nice to people. He recommends starting to work now for the summer of 2022, when there will be more performance opportunities available.
In this episode, Jared interviews Robonzo, the host of the Unstarving Musician Podcast. He shares his journey as a musician and provides advice for other musicians. He talks about the different ways that you can make money as a musician in today's world and gives some great advice on how to get started. He also shares his own experiences with gigging and offers some great tips for aspiring musicians.
In this episode, Jared interviews Bree Noble. She shares advice on how to make the most of your networking opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of being clear and concise with potential clients, making sure to highlight the benefits of booking you as a performer. 
In this episode, Jared discusses the four-step marketing funnel and how musicians can use it to book more high-paying gigs. The first step is to tap into the traffic sources where potential clients are already gathering. The second step is to create or improve a lead generation tool to collect the email addresses of potential clients in exchange for more information. The third step is to create or improve a sales presentation to convince potential clients to book a gig. The fourth and final step is to use a contract and deposit system to complete the booking process.
In this episode, Jared explains how to use the offer stack to pitch your band to a bar owner. The offer stack consists of five elements: your music, your followers, your reviews, your social media presence, and what you can do for the bar owner. You should emphasize how your band will bring in more customers and keep them drinking longer. You should also be prepared to promote the bar if they book you.
In this episode, Jared discusses the importance of going on venue tours and how they can help your music business. He advises musicians to go to venues even if they've played there before, as they can still meet the people who work there and learn more about the space.
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