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The Gigging Musician Podcast

Author: Jared Judge

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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.
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In this episode, Jared Judge shares a personal and insightful journey about persistence and seizing opportunities in the music industry. He recounts his recent experience partnering with a top DJ company in Denver, detailing the process from initial networking to finally performing together at an award show. Jared candidly discusses the importance of following up, being persistent, and the strategic decisions involved in such collaborations. He also touches on the technical aspects of his setup for the gig, providing valuable insights for fellow musicians. This episode is not just about a gig; it's a lesson in patience, persistence, and the power of networking in the music business.
In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the crucial topic of persistence and strategy in achieving success in the music industry. Broadcasting from Texas, Jared shares insights from his Fulltime Music Academy Gold coaching sessions, discussing why many musicians struggle to land the gigs they desire. He emphasizes the importance of clarity in goal-setting, the necessity of a well-thought-out plan, and the power of persistence in outreach. Jared introduces the concept of a sales cadence, a systematic approach to reaching out to potential clients, and discusses the new features of his BookLive software, designed to help musicians manage and grow their gigging business. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice for musicians looking to elevate their careers.
In this episode, Jared Judge takes us behind the scenes of his recent gig at the Colorado Christmas Show, sharing the ins and outs of playing live music at a bustling holiday market. Jared dives into the strategic decisions behind selecting his setlist, the unexpected audience reactions, and the importance of self-promotion, all while navigating the personal journey of loss and community support. This candid reflection offers a glimpse into the life of a gigging musician, underscored by the necessity of seizing every opportunity to play — a testament to the mantra that one must give themselves more "at bats" to succeed.
In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the art of finding your sweet spot in the world of gigging musicians. Drawing from a discussion with one of his Fulltime Music Academy Platinum members, Ken, he explores the concept of the "bell curve" in both song selection and the uniqueness of your act. Discover how to strike the perfect balance to increase your chances of booking corporate gigs, weddings, and high-paying events.
In this episode, Jared Judge takes us on a journey to Moab, Utah, where he played a high-paying wedding gig with breathtaking views. He breaks down the misconceptions around wedding gigs, highlighting their profitability and dispelling common worries about brideszilla and logistical hassles.
How To Lose Money

How To Lose Money


In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the world of wedding planning and shares his experiences in reaching out to wedding planners to secure gigs for 2024. He highlights the importance of persistence and responsiveness in the business world, drawing parallels between wedding planners and musicians when it comes to answering calls and emails promptly.
In this episode, Jared Judge explores the crucial aspect of self-belief when it comes to pursuing success in the music industry. He addresses the common question of whether musicians believe they are the best fit for certain events and the potential barriers that self-doubt can create. Jared emphasizes that self-awareness, a willingness to improve, and understanding the true needs of event planners are essential for building confidence in your musical act.
In this episode, Jared Judge delivers a powerful message about the importance of going all in to achieve your musical dreams. Drawing inspiration from marketing expert Alex Hormozi, Jared emphasizes the need to commit fully to your chosen path in the music industry. He breaks down the essential steps for successful cold outreach, demonstrating that persistence and an irresistible offer are key to winning over potential clients.
In this episode, Jared Judge reflects on the importance of focus and the perils of spreading oneself too thin as a gigging musician and entrepreneur. Drawing inspiration from a podcast by marketing expert Alex Hormozi, Jared discusses the cost of trying to do everything and shares his commitment to narrowing his focus to achieve greater success.
100k For One Gig

100k For One Gig


In this episode, Jared Judge shares exciting insights from his recent experience at a marketing conference, Funnel Hacking Live. He delves into the valuable lessons he learned about marketing as a musician and the key takeaways that can help you advance your music career.
In this episode, Jared Judge recaps the exciting Corporate Gig Challenge, a free five-day online event designed to help gigging musicians book their first or next corporate gig. Jared shares the key principles and strategies he covered during the challenge, highlighting the importance of understanding what corporate event planners are looking for and how to get on their radar.
In this episode, Jared Judge shares a fascinating and somewhat unusual experience he had in the world of gigging. He discusses the rare instance when he had to release a client from their contract, shedding light on the lessons learned and the red flags to watch out for when dealing with event planners. It's a valuable story that reminds us that not every opportunity is worth pursuing and highlights the importance of trusting your instincts.
In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the world of booking corporate gigs, sharing insights and strategies that will elevate your music career to the next level. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your audience—the event planners and decision-makers—and how catering to their needs and mindset can lead to more successful bookings.
In this episode, Jared Judge takes you on a thrilling journey through the world of lead generation and sales strategies. As he heads to another venue tour, Jared unveils the secrets to success in the music industry, drawing inspiration from Alex Hormozi's book, "$100 Million Leads."
Have Patience

Have Patience


In this episode, Jared Judge shares a beautiful backdrop of a wedding gig in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, to discuss an essential trait for success: patience. Jared emphasizes the power of his Gig Vault strategy, showcasing the journey of one of his students, Paul, who took the leap of faith and reaped the rewards of patience, persistence, and dedication. Whether it takes days, weeks, or even months, Jared inspires musicians to plant the seeds of opportunity, knowing that with time and effort, they will eventually flourish into fruitful gigs. Tune in for valuable insights on building your music career, one gig at a time.
Should You Do It All?

Should You Do It All?


In this episode, Jared Judge tackles a crucial question while navigating Denver traffic on his way to a gig: should you do everything yourself? Jared shares an inspiring story of one of his Fulltime Music Academy members who made a smart decision about delegation, highlighting the importance of recognizing when to outsource tasks that are not directly related to your music. Discover how platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can provide you with valuable leverage and free up your time for what truly matters. If you're looking for tips on optimizing your music career, avoiding burnout, and smart delegation, this episode is a must-listen.
In this episode, Jared Judge delves into a common challenge faced by gigging musicians – the frustration of being ghosted by potential clients. He explores the intricacies of lead quality and highlights the fact that not all leads are created equal. Discover how to improve your closing ratio, even when dealing with lower-quality leads, by implementing a long-term email nurture campaign. Jared's insights will equip you with the strategies needed to transform hesitant inquiries into enthusiastic bookings. Don't miss out on this episode's actionable advice, tailored to musicians striving to thrive in the competitive music industry.
An Embarrassing Gig

An Embarrassing Gig


In this episode, Jared Judge recounts an embarrassing experience he recently had while performing at a gig. Without going into specific details, he highlights the importance of maintaining high musical standards when you're hired to play, especially at events that hold significance, like an awards dinner for members of the military. Jared reflects on the expectations and quality that clients deserve when they invest in your musical services, emphasizing that consistency and excellence should be a priority. He also discusses the significance of hiring musicians based on their skills and qualifications, rather than just personal connections. If you're a gigging professional looking to provide top-notch performances, this episode offers valuable insights and a reminder to always deliver your best.
In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its pivotal role in boosting your online presence as a musician. He emphasizes that having a music website is just the beginning and explores how SEO can help you reach a broader audience, secure more gigs, and grow your fan base. Jared provides valuable insights into on-page SEO by aligning your website's content with relevant keywords. He also touches on off-page SEO strategies such as Google My Business, link building, and citations. Jared concludes by offering a resource for musicians seeking professional website design services. Learn the basics of SEO and start optimizing your online presence to level up your music career.
In this episode, Jared Judge unveils a potent strategy for boosting your gig opportunities. He explains how creating a blog on your music website and featuring venues you visit can supercharge your relationship with venue owners and event planners. Jared outlines the content publication options, highlighting why blogging is perfect for musicians targeting private event planners. He details the process of conducting interviews, outsourcing article writing, and emphasizes the value this strategy adds to venues. Jared also mentions Fulltime Music Academy's resources for implementing this game-changing approach.
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