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The GlowJo Podcast is a space for the soulful, creative, and intuitive feelers of the world who are here to experience more, explore more, create more, grow more, connect more and be more. It's your new go-to place to have deep conversations about empowerment, business, spirituality, purpose, and self-expansion without them having to be serious or daunting! Welcome and enjoy!

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Is it really possible to accept your flaws?Not change them…and not eradicate them…But truly, deeply accept your own flawed, authentic self. And then turn those flaws into strengths you’re proud of.Yes, of course it’s possible! To help you learn how to do exactly that, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani joins your host, Leanne Kallal, this week on The GlowJo. She shares amazing insights into perfectionism, unconditional self-love, and how you can turn your flaws into assets.Kristina is an author, a teacher and the co-founder of MindValley. In her words, Kristina’s new book, Becoming Flawesome, invites people to “find strength in their unique value, in those things which they generally try to keep behind closed doors and not show to the world.”In this uplifting conversation about a topic that makes most people cringe, Kristina shows you how to look at yourself (and those pesky flaws of yours) in a whole new light that’s full of self-compassion.Episode highlights:Why you’re a perfectionist (and why that can be a good thing)Advice for befriending yourself…flaws and allHow to integrate your flaws so you can truly accept yourselfWhat to ask to begin shifting out of self-sabotageThe 5 truths about indecision you need to hear todayYou’ll want to download this episode, because it’s one you’ll want to listen to more than once.Enjoy!Connect with Kristina:Grab a copy of Becoming Flawesome On Instagram: @kristinamand Connect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Your favorite color tells more about you than you think.“Color reflects back to us our gifts, our potential, what we’re here to do. It also shows us what we’re ready to work on within ourselves.”In this week’s episode of The GlowJo, your host, Leanne Kallal, is joined by color therapy expert, coach and founder of Dreemtime Academy, Hayden Crawford, to talk about color therapy, star seeds, and how you can use these tools to further develop your self-awareness and self-compassion.You’ll learn the meanings of the primary colors (and what that means for you!), how color therapy can help you remember who you really are at a soul level and how you can incorporate it into your life.Top Takeaways:Hayden’s personal journey of finding alignment and purpose through color therapy Why you need to know about the star seed system The basics of color therapyHow to move out of judgment into self-love Advice on practicing self-forgiveness So, if you’re ready to dive into the self-awareness that color can give you, tune in to this uplifting episode and learn how to use color to bring more joy, fulfillment and purpose into your life.Connect with Hayden:Website: www.dreemtime-academy.comInstagram: @DreemtimeAcademyFacebook: @DreemtimeAcademyTikTok: @DreemtimeacademyConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
76% of people think having a mentor is really important, but only 37% of people actually have one.If you’re like most people, you understand the importance of having a mentor…but struggle with the “how” of finding one.Or maybe you’re unsure as to what mentorship entails and it feels like too much to ask someone to be your mentor.Or maybe the thought of asking someone to be your mentor feels really, really intimidating…Today’s episode addresses all of those concerns, and more, so you can integrate mentorship into your life instead of just wondering what it would be like!In the third official episode of the Chats with Chelsea series, your host, Leanne Kallal is joined by Chelsea Newton, HR professional and executive coach, to walk you through…How mentorship can improve your careerMentor vs. Coach…Same? Or not?The #1 barrier people experience when considering finding a mentor3 steps to finding a mentorWhat to do when you DO find a mentorAnd more!If you’ve ever considered what it would be like to have a mentor, but hesitated because you’ve been unclear on how to integrate one into your life, you’ll want to listen in to this light an informative chat!Enjoy!Episode links/resources:Find Chelsea on LinkedIn: 89 - Chats with Chelsea: How to Use Accountability to Achieve Your Goals in 20235 Tips for Cultivating Long-Lasting Friendships with Chelsea NewtonConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoSign up for  The Weekly Glow newsletter: www.theglowjo.comOr request an episode topic or guest: hello@theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Welcome to The GlowJo Podcast with your host, Leanne Kallal. In today's episode, Leanne talks about the concept of "wherever you go, there you are," which can be both a blessing and a curse. She shares her personal experiences and what inspired her to delve into this topic. Additionally, Leanne discusses the idea of anchors and the different types of anchors, including positive and towards anchors, as well as away anchors. Tune in to this inspiring and insightful episode that will help you make positive shifts in your life! HighlightsLearn about the 2 types of anchors to help you make positive shifts in your life Leanne shares her personal experience with the concept of "wherever you go, there you are."Leanne shares a simple exercise to help you shift in confidence and tap into the state of confidence when you need it most.Connect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! #selfimprovement #selfinquiry #nlpcoachMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Life as a deeply feeling person can be a beautiful thing…But without effective tools in place, it can also feel very challenging.This week on The GlowJo, your host, Leanne Kallal, is joined by Krista Williams, the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Almost 30, a top 50 podcast and global online community dedicated to helping people fuel their conscious evolution, and she’s also the creator of Life Edit and The Law of One.On this week’s episode of The GlowJo, Krista and Leanne share their best tools for navigating life as deeply feeling, highly sensitive empaths, and how you can leverage your true nature as a superpower, not a challenge.You’ll also learn Krista’s take on how (and when) to create space for integration, how you can begin to take your power back as an empath, and the lessons she learned from a darkness retreat she did recently.This episode has the practical tools you need to begin living your life in alignment with your beautifully sensitive self.HighlightsWhy sensitivity is a superpower How to take your power back Tools to help you clear your energy Lessons from the darkness retreat Why you’re a perfectionist and what to do about it Whether you’ve always known and embraced your true nature as a sensitive empath, or it’s something you’ve recently discovered about yourself, you’ll walk away from this episode with tools you can apply today.More about the Darkness Retreat:Journey into the Darkness Part 1 EpisodeFinding Everything in Nothing: Darkness Retreat Recap (Part 2)Connect with Krista:itskrista.coAlmost 30 PodcastOn Instagram: @itskristaThe Life Edit Law of OneConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Everyone deserves a fresh start and here's the good news... A fresh start is available to you - any time, any day, any where! You don't need to wait for a new year to begin to make a positive change in your life. Join your host, Leanne Kallal, as she shares a dose of inspiration to help you shift into the life that is waiting for you and tune into the 7 tips for living life as a work of art and the benefits that come along with it. Enjoy! Mentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Your intuition is a powerful business asset…And tuning into your intuition starts with a healthy sense of… playfulness and curiosity??This week on The GlowJo, your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews Yanik Silver. He’s a visionary, author and entrepreneur, and shares in this episode how he stays in step with his intuition, and how you can connect with this inner wellspring of wisdom, too!Yanik is the founder of Maverick1000, author of Evolved Enterprise, and creator of The Cosmic Journal and The Cosmic Oracle Cards. He started his career as a teen, telemarketing for his father’s business, and began working as a digital marketer in the early 2000’s, where he successfully sold millions on his first products, simply by relying on his intuition.Yanik’s approach might seem…well, counterintuitive for making business-related decisions. Doodling your ideas and asking your 111-year-old self for advice? You might be surprised at what a little whimsy can reveal…Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a 9-5’er, or somewhere in between, you’ll find tools and tips to help you connect more deeply with your intuition and develop a more playful and creative approach to business (and life!). 🎉Episode Highlights:2 Questions to help you find fulfillment What to do when things aren’t working like they used toHow to bring your cosmic vision to life A reframe to help you stay committed to trying new things Wisdom from the Cosmic Journal Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy!Relevant links:Accountability Episode with Chelsea NewtonConnect with Yanik:Instagram: @yaniksilverwww.maverick1000.comEvolved Enterprise book Cosmic JournalCosmic Oracle cardsConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
There’s a new train we’re hopping on over at The GlowJo and it has a name you’re guaranteed to remember…. 🚂🚂🚂 Welcome aboard the WabiSabi train. That’s right.. We’re throwing all the cheese around today because we’re excited to share this philosophy with The GlowJo Community. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness.The term "wabi-sabi" comes from two Japanese words. "Wabi" refers to simplicity, humility, and the beauty of imperfection. "Sabi" refers to the beauty that comes with age and wear, as well as the impermanence and transience of all things.Join your host, Leanne Kallal, as she explores this philosophy and shares the 6 benefits you can experience when you embrace this way of being. Connect with Leanne: • On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjo • Episode and guest requests: • Get The Weekly Glow Newsletter: www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
As entrepreneurs, we spend most of our time working through to-do lists that never seem to end.But that’s inevitable, because…Hustle = Success…Right?Actually...the opposite can be true our special guest spills the tea on how to build and grow with ease. Today, your host, Leanne Kallal, talks with Denise Duffield-Thomas, entrepreneur, author and money mindset mentor about what it means to find ease in your business and how you can be successful without being stressed out or feeling stretched thin.There’s plenty of practical business advice and actionable processes in this episode, including how to navigate Imposter Syndrome, reframe failure, and move through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.Here are just a few of the episode highlights:Do this first to help you find ease in your business How to keep moving forward when you feel like burning it all downTips for being intentional with your time and energy Advice on when and what to delegate How to turn ADHD into your entrepreneurial superpower “Sometimes you do have to create opportunities for yourself, even when nobody’s watching or listening.” -Denise Duffield-ThomasThanks for listening…Enjoy!Connect with Denise:www.denisedt.comOn Instagram: @denisedtFacebook: Denise Duffield-ThomasTikTok: @denisedtConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comRelevant Links:Energy Management for Empaths, Feelers and Highly Sensitive People podcast episodeMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
The GlowJo’s first-ever guest is back with the goal-setting advice we all need for 2023!Your host, Leanne Kallal, welcomes Alex Cattoni, her longtime friend and partner-in-crime, to The GlowJo for an inspiring episode on goals, growing pains and smashing through glass ceilings.Alex’s first interview on Imposter Syndrome is one of the most popular episodes to date. So today, they cover how Alex is setting her goals this year, her rules for navigating growing pains like a pro, and how to know if glass ceilings are the reason you’re feeling stuck.Alex started the Copy Posse in 2019, and her community of the raddest, baddest copywriters in town has grown to over 300,000+ in the last 3 years! While sharing her journey of growing the raddest, baddest community of copywriters in town, Alex has plenty of wisdom for anyone who wants to make 2023 a powerful year of epic growth and glow-getting. “It comes down to truly who you are, what you value, what you want for yourself and your personal life before anything else.”-Alex CattoniEpisode Highlights:What to remember when setting your goals. Types of goals and how to balance them.Navigate growing pains like a pro. Identify + smash your personal glass ceilings.How to deeply connect to your why.Alex’s secret for success.Enjoy!Relevant Links:The Truth About Imposter Syndrome with Alex Cattoni of The Copy PosseConnect with Alex:On Instagram: @copyposse and @alexcattoniwww.alexcattoni.comwww.copyposse.comOn YouTube:  Alex CattoniConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow Newsletter: www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
“Chats with Chelsea” is now officially a thing, and we’re kicking off this new series with an episode about goal-setting and using accountability to help you slay your goals.Especially because it’s that time of year…You’re probably looking forward to what you’re going to accomplish in the next 12 months, and maybe you’ve set some pretty ambitious goals.But in a few weeks, you may be struggling to keep up…Or maybe you’ve set too many goals, and after a while, you’ll feel overwhelmed trying to stay consistent.This is totally normal. Don’t worry…it just means you’re human! And The GlowJo is all about normalizing what it means to be human.So, to help you manage your goals (and fuel your feel good), Chelsea Newton is back for another Chats with Chelsea episode!Your host, Leanne Kallal, and guest, Chelsea Newton, share expert advice on how to set goals with soul, leverage the power of accountability, start an accountability relationship, and more!Episode Highlights:How to use accountability to achieve your goalsTips for setting goals with soulExtrinsic vs. Intrinsic motivation and which is more effectiveWhy you need an accountability buddyWhat makes accountability relationships workThe 7 C’s of AccountabilityIf you want to set yourself up for success in 2023 and achieve your Big GLOW this year, this episode is going to help you do exactly that!Enjoy!Connect with Chelsea:Connect with Chelsea on LinkedIn Connect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoTopic and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
“Go make your next decision a good one.”-Julie RobertsSince the GlowJo is all about supporting you as you fuel your feel-good…Today’s episode is all about doing that. But not in a way you might expect!This week your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews Julie Roberts, a lifestyle coach, mentor, new mom and entrepreneur, about the power of using habits to achieve your vision and create space in your life for the things you want to do!Julie shares her advice on how to create powerful habits that you’ll actually want to do, and how to support yourself so you can stay on track even when life gets in the way. In this episode, you’ll learn:How habits can actually create freedom in your life4 simple habits you can start todayHow to create habits that stick6 steps to creating incredible habits that will actually serve youWhy motivation doesn’t last, and what you need instead!You’ll walk away from this episode with a better understanding of what makes habits stick, how habits can give you more freedom (not less) and how you can leverage their power and achieve your vision for 2023!Tune in, be inspired, and get glowing.Enjoy!Connect with Julie:On Instagram: @juliedouglasrobertsGet your freebie here. with Leanne:On Instagram: @theglowjo and @leannekallalRequest a topic or guest: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter at: www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
Every day, we’re hit with hundreds of choices.Most of them are micro-decisions (coffee or tea?) but some can change the course of your life…And it’s easy to get caught up in the logic and logistics, and spiral into overwhelm and future-worrying, without tuning into your intuition and considering your true nature.To talk about making aligned decisions from your gut, Molly Pittman joins your host, Leanne Kallal, on The GlowJo. She tells her story of following her intuition, how she turned her lifelong dream of having a dog rescue into a reality, and her process for staying open to messages from your intuition (even if they seem a little crazy).Molly is the CEO of Smart, and recently started a dog rescue on her Kentucky farm, where she’s personally fostered 79 dogs. For Molly, fun, service and intuition play a big part in her decision-making process, and you’ll get a sneak peek into how she makes that work in business, and in her personal life.In this episode, you’ll learn what to do when you begin spiraling into indecision because of information overload, how you can start tuning into your internal guidance system, and what it’s like to step away from misalignment and into what’s true for you.Episode Highlights:Molly’s intuitive decision-making process The GlowJo’s AHAA method for tuning into your intuition How to make decisions that resonate with your true natureHow Molly turned her dog rescue dream into a reality The 4 step process for being open to intuitive messagesWhy making FUN as the goal is a good way to go, And more!Enjoy!Connect with Molly:On Instagram: @mollypittmandigitalKentucky Saving Them Togetherwww.mollypittman.comwww.smartmarketer.comBook: Click Happy: Your Guide to a Meaningful Life In a Digital EraSmart Marketer podcastConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoEpisode and guest requests: hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
The message I want to end the year with is simple... Be gentle on yourself. And learn how to recognize your wins and progress along the way. This is exactly what I talk about in today's SoulByte episode. I also share a Journaling exercise to help you celebrate your progress and get in tune with the true you.Enjoy and Happy New Year! Mentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
“How we’re experiencing life impacts how we feel in our business.”For many of us, this time of year can be exhausting. Between holiday parties, family get-togethers, and going Christmas shopping every weekend, it’s no surprise we feel worn out.And that feeling can get carried over into our work.But there’s a way to take care of that…for good.This week, your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews business and leadership coach, Allison Braun, on energetic mastery and the 3 types of energy leaks so you can level up your life, boost your productivity and get more sh*t done.We talk about how to find out where your energy is going, what the 3 common types of energy leaks are, how Allison defines potency, and so much more!Because, let’s face it…feeling drained isn’t only reserved for the holiday season. Energy mastery is something we could all benefit from throughout the year!So tune in for practical tools and advice that will help you get more done without wearing you down.Episode Highlights:What, exactly, is energetic mastery?How to achieve your personal potencyAdvice for self-awarenessNavigating the holidays while managing your energyHow to identify your personal energetic leaks and fix themThe 2 types of boundaries and how to use them to your advantageAnd more!Enjoy!Relevant Links:SoulByte Energy Management episode: Allison’s gift, Claiming the Crown: with Allison:www.allisonbraun.comOn Instagram: @allisonbraunConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoSend Episode and guest requests to hello@theglowjo.comGet The Weekly Glow Newsletter! www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
If you need a spiritual pick-me-up (and don’t we all, from time to time?!), tune into today’s episode of The GlowJo, where your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews celebrated energy healer and intuitive, Cyndi Dale.Cyndi is the author of 32 (yes, you read that right!) books on a range of topics on spirituality, including chakras, the subtle body, energy healing and more. She writes and teaches extensively on spiritual healing and is a consultant, intuitive healer and coach.Leanne and Cyndi break down misconceptions around spirituality, share how to have a more joyful life and how to use your personal energetic signature to understand yourself better.Some topics covered in this episode:What is energy healing?The science of spiritualityCyndi’s take on quantum physics and how it’s affecting youWhat an “energetic signature” is and how to tap into itHow to connect more with joyAnd more!You’ll learn practical tools and tips for living as a sensitive empath, how ancient spiritual healing practices are being confirmed by science + Cyndi’s personal productivity mantra… “Sweatpants, not small stuff!”Enjoy and thanks for tuning in! Connect with Cyndi:www.cyndidale.comInstagram: @cyndidaleenergyConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoSubmit an episode request by email: hello@theglowjo.comSign up for The GlowJo newsletter at www.theglowjo.comMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
🚨The GlowJo is Back On-Air! 🚨After a quick two month pod-pause, I’m thrilled to be recording and publishing episodes again… And I have a ton of exciting updates and things in store so get ready to get your glow on. 😉Join me for this week’s quick SoulByte episode (It’s only 15 mins) where I share my insights from taking time off to “walk my talk” and how great it felt to honor my truth vs. my ego. I also talk about the difference between Starting Over and Starting Again and how changing that one word can truly make a world of difference in the best of ways! 🎉 Plus, I share what I’ve been up to behind the scenes over the past few months and I announce an exciting update. If you enjoy the self-improvement and wellness podcast content created by The GlowJo, show your love and support by taking a minute (or less!) to do one (or all!) of the following:📝Leave a review on Apple Podcasts🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Rate The GlowJo on Spotify or Apple Podcasts🎧Download for quick and easy listening🎁Share with your friends and family!Thank you for tuning in! I’m grateful to be walking this journey with you and I’m excited for everything 2023 has in store! XO LeanneMentioned in this episode:Intro Bumper
One of the main goals of The GlowJo is to help you accept your true nature.Because magic happens when you truly begin to fuel your feel-good. It frees up your energy to focus on what really matters to you!In today’s SoulByte episode of The GlowJo, your host, Leanne Kallal, shares her personal journey to learning to embrace who she is, and tips for how you can begin this journey too.“If we cannot fully love, embrace and honor ourselves, we cannot expect other people to do that either.”Here are Leanne’s tips for you as you learn to understand and honor your true nature:Get to know who you are and where your energy goesIdentify what you need in different scenariosBreathe through your heart with affirming wordsRegularly check in with yourselfDo what you need toBe unapologetic about who you are and what you needBe committed to being and loving, you!Thanks for listening!Links:Energy Management EpisodeConnect with Leanne:On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoSign up for The GlowJo newsletter at: www.theglowjo.comTopic or interview requests? Send to: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Join Host Leanne Kallal as she shares her recent experience at the Picasso Museum in Antibes, France and how she was inspired by the concept of Negative Space (or White Space) and how this applies to our life at large. Enjoy! Notables Mentions in the EpisodeDr. Sukhi Muker on Conscious Creation Leanne's Episode on her experience at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona: How to Stop Comparing and Start Creating Leanne's Article on No One Starts Off at Their Best - Why We Need to Keep Going Anyway Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Seriously...It is NEVER too late to do what you want to do. Whether that means starting something completely new, starting over again, or getting back on the wagon, there is no better time than the present to take action and move forward in the direction you're being called to. This is what Leanne talks about in this weeks episode as she shares her own trials and tribulations about falling off the wagon, feeling really crappy about falling off the wagon, practicing self compassion, and then deciding to get at it again. Tune into this mini SoulByte episode for a boost of inspiration and know that you're not alone in your journey of growth and discovery. Thank you for tuning in and ENJOY! Connect with Leanne…On Instagram: @leannekallal and @theglowjoLearn more and join the newsletter at  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.