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Author: Jo and Melissa

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Jo and Melissa practice Nichiren Buddhism, a practical way of turning whatever life throws at you into a source of strength, connection with others and deep joy. They chat with some of the awesome human beings they've met through the practice.

Nichiren Daishonin found the great truth at the heart of the Lotus Sutra (one of Siddhattha Gautama / Buddha Shakyamuni's later teachings) - everyone, equally, has the potential to attain Buddhahood, just as they are. This was revolutionary for 13th century Japan, and, let's face it still contentious for some now.

Over 800 years later the practice he founded has spread around the world. It's an energising, hands-on approach to transforming your life and the world around you by connecting to the life force at the heart of the universe and everyone else on the planet.
13 Episodes
Claire Perriam decided to start exploring Buddhism when she had a sudden encounter with death and began to question the meaning of life more deeply. We talk about the concept of 'winning' in Nichiren Buddhism and how chanting Nam myoho renge kyo will definitely lead to a feeling of victory but maybe not in the way you'd imagined. We also touch on Brownies, autism, and finding meaning in work and end up mangling a wonderful quote about fruit. Suffice to say, the gist of it is ..cherry, plum, peach, and damson, each have their own unique characteristics and this relates to the principle of “illuminating and manifesting one’s true nature” (cf. Writings of Nichiren Daishonin Volume 1, p.746). To quote Daisaku Ikeda on this: 'Cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms, and peach blossoms are peach blossoms. A cherry blossom can never become a peach blossom. Nor is there any need for it to try to do so. It would be perfectly miserable if it did. Similarly, you are none other than yourself. You can never be someone else, however much you might wish it. What matters is that you become the kind of person who can cherish, praise, and feel content with your own precious, irreplaceable life.'(from
Finally! Spring is here and after a long hiatus we'll be posting a wonderful chat with Claire Perriam, a dance therapist who has finds buddhism provides a solid framework for approaching life - and death.
Just in time to end the 2022 on a high, we chat (and laugh a lot) with writer Paul Bassett Davies. We explore the tension between striving to develop more courage, wisdom and compassion, and being funny. And he shares how he’s been able to transform his approach to obstacles - so they don't ‘fill the screen’ of his life. Chanting nam myoho renge kyo taps into a deeper wisdom than our brains can usually come up with. As he says: ‘Don't try and think your way out of something that was created by your mind in the first place. Leave that alone and chant.’
Coming soon! A chat with writer, actor and all round good egg Paul Bassett Davies...
Finally a new episode -  and it’s worth the wait. Fatima Sessay is a powerhouse of confidence and determination. She shares how a central tenet in buddhism of being responsible for your own life resonated with her from the get go and led her to a life full of meeting challenges head on. We talk about finding the sweet spot between pushing yourself to dream big dreams and setting compassionate limits for yourself, which she sums up beautifully by saying ‘Please don’t worry. Just chant, it will all be ok!’
Coming soon. Fatima Sessay shares how the Buddhist principle of taking full responsibility for your life resonated deeply with her and has led to a life full of amazing victories.
Naomi Stafford shares how practising Nichiren buddhism has led to huge changes in how she approaches life. From fighting fear to striking the balance between striving for big goals whilst loving life as it is now. We laugh a lot, but - trigger warning - discuss bereavement and miscarriage too. Ultimately, chanting Nam myoho renge kyo helps transform it all into fuel for finding strength and joy in being alive.
Coming soon. We chat about how Buddhism helps you to strike the balance between gratitude for what you have now and pursuing your biggest dreams...
Kelvin O'Mard shares how he’s transformed anxiety and found unshakable confidence in over 30 years of practising Nichiren Buddhism. We cover what Buddhahood actually is, the difference between conspicuous and inconspicuous benefit, the importance of actual proof and how chanting may not get you what you want - but you'll get what you need.
Everything comes into existence, lives, then goes back into non-existence. This includes galaxies, us and everyone we love. It's natural - but of course, that doesn't make it much easier to deal with. If we can learn to accept and even embrace this, we enjoy life so much more. This episode explores how Buddhism helps us to do this.
A teaser for a UK-based podcast about Nichiren Buddhism. This episode focuses on how chanting nam myoho renge kyo can help you deal with mortality and live life more fully as a result.
buddhistchats teaser

buddhistchats teaser


A teaser for a UK-based podcast about Nichiren Buddhism. Buddhists chatting about life, the universe and chanting nam myoho renge kyo to get happy.
Pascal Coyne has been holding regular study meetings on Zoom during the past year. It’s been wonderful to be able to continue the discussions we have about Buddhism while we couldn’t get together in person. We wanted to share how great these sessions are, so we chatted with him about the big questions of Buddhism on a couple of sunny mornings in early 2021. In this episode, we discuss what Nichiren Buddhism is, why it works and how to do it.It's 50 minutes long, give or take a few seconds...
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