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Author: Marcia Ramirez

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Join Marcia Ramirez, Executive Director of God and My Girlfriends Ministries, and her weekly guests as they talk through spiritual and relational issues, values and points of view. They hope to give women tools to better their lives, follow their dreams and strengthen their relationships with God, their girlfriends and with themselves. Season One starts April 26th, 2021.
9 Episodes
Want to learn how to declutter your life... including your digital life?  Then join us this week as Marcia talks with business owner and digital marketing expert, Irene Williams."Over 10,000 phone photos, four email accounts with tens of thousands of messages, dozens of social accounts between personal and professional life, and 100% overwhelm...It was at this make-or-break point that digital marketer and business owner Irene Williams developed a system to declutter, organize, and manage her digital life. The solutions she created immediately improved her day-to-day productivity and peacefulness and, long-term, proved to be effective and sustainable.Now, Irene is bringing her system to the world through content, coaching, and an online course: Declutter Your Digital Life. The course addresses all aspects of digital life: email, social, phone use, photos, files—even virtual meetings. Her practical approaches get to the heart—and mind—of the matter so you can experience lasting change and gain translatable skills to help in other areas of life (e.g. - bye forever, extra 20 lbs!).Beyond her passion for helping people cut the clutter and get to what really matters, Irene continues to lead client accounts through her digital marketing firm, Msg2Mkt, LLC, speaks at national conferences, and is an author and contributing writer for trade publications."For more information about Irene and her coaching and courses:www.irenewilliams.comOr engage with her on Instagram:@irenewilliamsofficial For more information about God and My Girlfriends Ministries - and/or to donate to help fund this podcast and other ministry programs, go to : God And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
Stacey Byington Wynn is a coach, conference speaker, podcast host, ministry leader and author. She is also the founder of a non-profit called “Common Ground” which unites women of different faiths.  Stacey is an empowering advocate for women, and has a ministry called "Clarity Unleashed" which helps women rebuild their faith after abuse, and she is the author of the new book/study journal, "Deconstruction: Your Journey In Faith".For more information about Stacey and her coaching or ministry:www.clarityunleashed.comTo order the book/study journal: to connect with her on her socials:Instagram:, to join her "Deconstruction Zone" on FB: resources Stacey mentioned:Marg Mowczko: Peppiat: And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
Debbie Cunningham is a recording artist, author and speaker. She is known as a powerful and engaging entertainer. Her musical styling of jazz is soulful and sultry, yet elegant and sophisticated.  She has recorded two albums; the first, a Jazz standards album entitled-The Rest of Your Life. The 2nd, an all-original jazz album entitled- A Million Kisses; with songs about the journey & celebration of committed love; also reflected in her brand new book - Dancing in the Kitchen: Hope and Help for Staying in Love. In it Cunningham shares stories behind the songs on the album, lessons from her 30 years of marriage and interviews from couples that have learned how to build lasting love in marriage and recapture the lightheartedness they once knew. Debbie lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Derek. She spends her time performing with her pianist or jazz quartet, speaking about building lasting love, and performance coaching.For more information about Debbie's music and book: www.debbiecunningham.netFor a free chapter of her audio book, "Dancing In The Kitchen" go to: more information about God and My Girlfriends Ministries: God And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
Marcia's guest this week is Mark Smeby. Mark is a singer-songwriter, actor, speaker and author. He has been an in-demand writer in the Christian music and publishing industry for nearly 25 years,  has recorded 9 cd's of original material and performs all over the country, taking his ministry of hope to churches, conventions and other venues. As an actor, Mark has appeared on the hit tv series, “Nashville” as well as multiple roles in faith-based films.  His Live Hope Minute daily radio feature is nationally-syndicated in 250 radio markets around the US and Canada.Mark joins us this week as our first "Guy-friend" and we are so happy to have him come into our little community to inspire and encourage us all.  They talk about faith, spiritual reframing, finding hope ... and Mark's latest book, "Losing Control: Finding Freedom by Letting Go" To order Mark's books or cd's go to:Mark's website: www.livehopenow.comFor more of his current writings:His blog: connect with Mark on his socials:Facebook: And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
This week’s podcast episode is a very special episode, featuring singer/songwriter, author and speaker, Staci Frenes. In her new book, “Love Makes Room”, Staci tells her story of coming to understand and fully affirm her daughter’s gay orientation within the context of her Christian faith.This episode is a must-listen to anyone who loves someone who identifies as LGBTQ.For more information about Staci:  https://www.stacifrenes.comHer blog post on Huffington post: she recommends:“God and The Gay Christian” by Matthew Vines -“Unclobber” - by Colby Martin“Walking the Bridgeless Canyon” by Kathy Baldock -Helpful websites: Mom’s Group - “Mama Bears”—— Marcia’s blog post:“Loving Better: My Journey towards becoming an affirming Christian”
Singer-songwriter, speaker and author, Mary Sue Englund joins Marcia this week to talk about her new inspirational book, "I Am A Woman" and the accompanying song of the same name.  To order the book: download the song for FREE: more about Mary Sue and her music: And for more info about God And My Girlfriends Ministries: https://www.godandmygirlfriendsonline.comGod And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
In this week's episode,  Marcia speaks with Eve Annunziato and Jackie Brewster, the authors of the book, "Hearing God Speak - a 52 week interactive Enneagram devotional".  They dive into discussions about the Enneagram and how they both discovered it,  how they came up with the idea of writing this book, and how we can all use the Enneagram to help us dive deeper into biblical truths. To order the book, "Hearing God Speak:": find their podcast, "Speaking of The Enneagram": with Jackie on Instagram: book, "The Red Tent": for more info about God And My Girlfriends Ministries:
In this 1st show of Season 1, Marcia calls on two of her best friends. Britt Savage and Kim Parent to help kick off the GAMG Podcast Series.  They have an honest discussion about what self-care looks like, the ups and downs of friendship, embracing aging -  and how spirituality has shaped their lives.  They also touch on Kim's love of Tiny Houses, Britt's wacky dress-making abilities, and even "Forest Bathing".  Come on into the conversation!  :-) For more information about Kim Parent: For more information about Britt Savage:*And for a picture of Britt's dress that she talked about -made entirely out of IRS Tax Forms and then donated to charity, check out this article! -- more information about Marcia Ramirez: for more information about God and My Girlfriends Ministries:www.godandmygirlfriendsonline.comGod And My Girlfriends Ministries A non-profit ministry helping women flourish in their relationships with God and others.
Welcome to the "God and My Girlfriends" podcast trailer. Host Marcia Ramirez talks a little bit about why she decided to start this podcast, and what to expect from future episodes.  For more information, you can visit 
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