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The Clean Body Podcast, – hosted by Certified Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Cancer Coach in-training Lauren Kelly – talks to the souls (and brains) behind some of the cleanest food, beverage and lifestyle products on the market. During the one-on-one interviews, listeners will learn how the brands came to be, how nutritional science informed decisions about the ingredients and how the products impact overall physical and mental health for all.
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If you have leaky gut, chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood disorders, allergies, respiratory dysfunctions, or other chronic conditions, have you ever considered that mold toxicity may be the root cause? In this episode of The Clean Body Podcast, I'm talking to the author of The Mold Medic Michael Rubio. During the conversation, you'll learn:What mold, mold sensitivity, and mold toxicity areHow many people are impact by mold toxicity right now in AmericaHow mold toxicity causes and/or contributes to candida overgrowth, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome, acne and other skin conditions, joint and muscle pain What mold toxicity symptoms often look likeHow mold can get into your homeWhat mycotoxins areWhat the most common kinds of mold are found in people’ homes (and where!)How to locate and detoxify moldHow air quality plays a role in prevent moldHow air purifiers work to manage moldAbout Michael Rubino: Michael Rubino is an international mold remediation expert with nearly a decade of field experience working with individuals who are immunocompromised to improve the air quality in their homes. He is a council certified Mold Remediator by IICRC and ACAC and a contributing member, sponsor, and speaker for the Indoor Air Quality Association. He works with roughly seventy-five to 100 families each year as they return to their homes after mold exposure.About The Mold Medic: Is mold a problem in your home? It is for many people, and often they don’t know what to do about it. Every year, mold damages property and costs homeowners money. Mold also can be dangerous to your health, especially if you’re susceptible to chronic mold sensitivity.Luckily, The Mold Medic is here to equip you with the tools to fight the mold battle safely and effectively. With over seven years of field experience, Michael Rubino excels at working with individuals who are immunocompromised to improve their homes’ air quality. Rubino’s step-by-step guidebook is an easy, accessible tool that will teach you how to find a team to locate the mold, the process involved in removing it, and what is needed to detoxify your home and belongings from mold-created by-products.Rubino’s expert advice is the go-to resource for anyone worried about an increasingly common problem that can have life-threatening side effects. The Mold Medic can help you breathe easier. Learn More About Michael, The Mold Medic & All American Restoration: Michael Rubino's Instagram: Mold Medic website: Talks podcast: American Restoration website: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
What are the dangers and impacts of conventional cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and chemical products on your health and the environment?  Find out in today's episode featuring the founder and environmental engineer behind Meliora Cleaning products, a Chicago-based manufacturer of people- and planet-friendly household cleaners. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on new podcast episodes and coaching services.During this episode, you'll learn: Why you should be more mindful about the products stocked under your sink and in cupboardsHow cleaning products impact reproductive health, especially in womenWhy  “fragrances” are so problematicWhat specific ingredients often found in cleaning products should be avoided How you can avoid harmful fragrances in everyday household and hygiene productsHow to understand ingredient labels on cleaning and household productsHow conventional cleaning and laundry products impact the health of our EarthMisconceptions about non-toxic cleaning products? What sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate isWhat glycerin is and how it interacts with the bodyWhy you should opt for bleach alternativeWhat you should know about bath & body soapsWhy support B Corp certified companies is importantMore about Meliora Cleaning Products: MELIORA MEANS BETTER: Pronounced meh-lee-OR-ah, Meliora Cleaning Products is a Certified B Corp committed to people, planet, and profit.WebsiteInstagramYouTubeFacebookAbout Kate Jakubas: Kate Jakubas is the Founder of Meliora Cleaning Products and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Stuart School of Business. Kate earned her BS in Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) in 2006 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Masters in Environmental Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2013. She holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from ASQ. For more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, I talk to the founder of You Again Priya Mullvihill about bio-balance, bio-individuality, Ayurvedic medicine and more. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on gut health tips, coaching services, master classes, and new episodes!During the episode, you'll learn: How Priya discovered AyurvedaHow Ayurveda works into a holistic lifestyle or source of holistic medicineWhat  the foundational basics or principles of Ayurveda areWhat the constitutions (also called Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha) of Ayurveda areWhat body types, mental characteristics, and emotional tendencies indicate within AyurvedaWhat Prana is and how one can focus on or control itDifferent lifestyle practices that fall within an Ayurvedic lifestyleWhat bio-balance and bio individuality isWhat functional ingredients areWhat the functional benefits You Again cookie, brownie, and muffin mixes offerHow You Again mixes compare to conventional mixes and support gut healthHow Ayurvedic foods and You Again mixes support hormonal balance?Get 15% You Again mixes with the code CLEANBODY15 at checkoutAbout Pirya MullvihillPrior to launching You Again, I spent nearly a decade working in both public and private accounting, more notably working in senior management roles at successful high growth natural food CPG brands (RXBAR and Your Super). With a personal passion for product development and my CPG experience, coupled with navigating my own health journey with an eating disorder, malnutrition, and hormone disruption (with the use of superfoods + adaptogens), I decided to bring You Again to the market in late 2020, realizing the world is in need of functional comfort food. Learn More About You Again: Website: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the founder of Lovebird Parker Brook about overcoming autoimmunity with diet and lifestyle and making over the cereal industry for good. During this conversation, you'll learn:How Parker overcame brain fog, fatigue, and joint painWhat the autoimmune protocol isWhat cassava flour isThe different between cassava and tapioca flourHow Lovebird cereal supports gut healthThe health benefits of honeyWatch-outs when buying pre-packaged foodThe power of intention-settingWhy Parker chose to support the fight against childhood cancerMore About Parker Brooke: Parker Brook left his big food job to clean up junk food and make a difference by creating the cleanest cereal ever made with real food from the earth and giving 20% of profit to fight childhood cancer.For More on Lovebird Cereal:Wesbite: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the Founder and CEO of Raw Farm, a dairy producer that crafts and sells organic cheese, kefir, butter, and milk from grass-fed cows that is wholly unprocessed and is considered "living" with all of it's beneficial bacteria intact.During the episode,  you'll learn about:  The scientific data that contributes to the historical timeline behind animal milk consumptionThe events that led to the demonization of raw cow's milkPasteurization and what it entailsThe health and nutrient differences between raw and pasteurized milkThe role of milk in building and maintaining gut healthThe role of milk in modulating the immune systemLactose-intolerance and what's really causing itThe difference between goat milk and cow's milkThe health benefits of kefir and grass-fed butterThe enzyme and nutrient profile of raw cheeseBenefits of raw kefir for petsFinding raw milk brands who only follow the highest safety standards About Mark McAfee, Founder & CEO of Raw Farm USA: Founder and chairman of the Raw Milk Institute ( nonprofit 501c3 ), Mark is an internationally recognized speaker and expert with an emphasis on Raw Milk production standards, gut biome, milk genomics, nutritional benefits, food safety and the medical benefits of raw unprocessed milk and products. Mark is deeply involved with raw milk food safety research and is associated with the International Milk Genomics Consortium at UC Davis. For more on Mark & Raw Farm USA: Website: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to Ashley Nickelsen, the founder of B.T.R. Bar, about overcoming body shame, improving self-image, understanding ingredients on food labels, and learning to build a relationship of joy with food.Use the code CLEANBODY to get 10% off your order, plus free shipping at In the episode, you'll learn about:Childhood bully's impacts on self imageLearning to love your body rather than shame your bodyOrthorexia: When healthy eating becomes a disorderThe truth about natural flavorsHealthy vs. unhealthy ingredients often found in pre-packaged foods:Sunflower vs. soy lecithin Brown rice sugarPalm sugar and palm oilMaltodextrinCoconut sugarDate syrupSteviaMonk FruitWhat time of day to use specific adaptogens (Reishi, ashwagandha, maca, and more) The problem and benefits associated with plant-based foodsKeto foods and why they're not all healthyFor more on B.T.R. Bars: Website: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the co-founder of Layer Origin about new HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) supplements hitting the marketing – and explores how the singular carbohydrate may be able to improve gut health and gastrointestinal dysfunctions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), once and for all. For 25% off Layer Origin Products, use the code CLEANBODY25 when checking out at the interview, you'll learn:What human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) areWhen HMOs were first discovered by scientists The difference between HMOs and human breast milkHow HMO supplements are madeHow HMOs benefit the gut, immune health, cognitive function, and possibly athletic performanceHow HMOs compare to probioticsHow HMOs may help overcome food intolerances and/or food allergiesWhat scientific studies have shown about HMOs ability to improve IBS symptoms and increase motor skillsAbout Layer Origin: Layer Origin Nutrition was born in a food science lab on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY.  That's where a postdoctoral fellow and PhD candidate came together with an idea: create truly unique nutrition products backed by rigorous research & development that can help people improve their health. For more on Layer Origin: Website: more on Lauren Kelly & The Clean Body Podcast: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the co-founder of Jetson Probiotics Stefan Weitz about healing your gut to heal your chronic conditions or disease. After managing his own multiple sclerosis diagnosis with diet, lifestyle, and movement techniques, Stefan shares his journey to wellbeing and the role that the gut plays. During the episode, you'll learn:What leaky gut isSigns and symptoms of poor gut healthHow gut health impacts skin health, mental health, immune health, and physical health (including acne, eczema, cirrhosis, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation, and more)How sleep and hydration impact gut healthWhat a "good" microbiome looks likeHow gut bacteria functions and empowers wellbeingFoods that impact or benefit gut healthWhat prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics areMyths and misconceptions about probioticsHow to choose quality probioticsHow to understand probiotic labelsAbout Stefan Weitz: Stefan Weitz is on a mission to make Americans healthy again. His first step? Founding Jetson, a new company helping people lead a healthier life through high-quality, affordable, scientifically backed, and seasonally formulated probiotic products. The journey that led Stefan to founding a health company began one morning in 2005, when he woke up with a numb leg—so numb in fact he was able to jam a fork into it without any pain.  He hoped he was morphing into a superhero; instead, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Stefan was immediately subjected to a heavy regimen of drugs and pain pills.  Knowing there had to be a better way to live, he conducted an exhaustive search to uncover the most effective ways to overcome the health challenges that faced him.  Eventually, he was able to ditch some of his big-pharma products and wanted to share what he’d learned about the honest solutions and simple habits that can improve anyone’s health. About Jetson Probiotics: Jetson is a new probiotic company enabling Americans to lead a healthier life through honest, high-quality, affordable, and scientifically proven-to-be-effective probiotic products tailored to the human body’s specific needs each season of the year.For more on Jetson & Stefan Weitz:Jetson Probiotics website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Reviews: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Podcast:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, Lauren hosts a live Q&A with Whitney Stuart of Whitness Nutrition to breakdown the type 2 diabetes pandemic. During the episode, Lauren and Whitney explain insulin resistance and sensitivity; how gut health impacts diabetes diagnoses; how stress, sleep and hydration can make or break diabetes management; and how listeners can easily make healthier food swaps to better control blood sugar and prevent or reverse a pre-diabetic diagnosis. For more on Whitness Nutrition or Whitney Stuart, visit: Visit Whitney's website: https://whitnessnutrition.comSign up for Whitney's newsletter: Whitney on Instagram: more on Lauren Kelly, visit: Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram: brands mentioned during this episode: Siete: Plantain Chips: Sundays: Cereal: Chocolate: Chocolate: Bars: Evil: Mills:'s Gone Crackers: Dream Pops: Yogurt: Pasta: Pre Grass-fed Meat: Grain-free Donuts:'s Pizza Crust: Pop Tarts: Energy Drink:
Josh Campbell is the creator and CEO of human improvement – also known as hi! – a protein powder that improves lean muscle, accelerates recovery, supports gut health, reduces cravings, boosts mood, and more. There's only one caveat... the main ingredient is crickets! In this episode of The Clean Body Podcast, you'll learn why crickets are a sustainable and powerful source of protein, how other conventional protein powders are creating inflammatory responses in your body, and even causing weight gain, and why celebrities are rushing to support the cricket movement. For 50% off a 20 count box purchase of human improvement, use the code CLEANBODY at checkout. For more on human improvement and Josh Campbell: Website: For more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly welcomes the creators of The Whole Therapist to the show to discuss holistic mental therapy that address a humans mind, body, and soul. During the episode, you'll learn:What epigenetics is and how it differs from genesWhat causes depression and anxiety in many casesHow stress, grief, ADHD, anxiety,  shame, strength, resilience and courage can be passed down through generationsHow a mom's mental health during pregnancy can impact the baby post-pregnancyWhat it means to be born with negative cognitionsHow your body holds onto memories and experiencesHow gratitude practices can positively impact epigenetics and mental healthHow nutrition impacts epigenetic expressionExercises that can help you live a more balanced lifeThe power of the brain to control and inform perceptionWhat reparenting isThe power of vulnerabilityMindful practices to incorporate dailyHow to create room for self-compassion and accountabilityThe truth about healthy relationshipsAbout Abby, The Whole TherapistAbby obtained her Masters in Social Work in 2013. Prior to getting her graduate degree, she had experience working as an advocate at a domestic violence shelter, supporting survivors at a sexual assault healing program, and providing therapy at a teen girls’ group home. Upon graduating Abby joined a non-profit as a family therapist doing intensive in-home family and individual therapy in adoption preservation. She moved to the Denver area in 2016 and began her private practice. Abby works with children ages 3+, teen girls, and adult women survivors of trauma. Her areas of specialization include adoptees and their families, parenting gifted and 2e children, and survivors of sexual abuse. Abby is a bicultural therapist and is specifically passionate about providing care to the Latinx community. About Kellee, The Whole TherapistKellee obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2014. While obtaining her master’s degree Kellee was working as a client advocate at a Domestic Violence Shelter in Arizona, and then transitioned to work in-home as a Family Support Specialist with Preservation and Reunification cases. After getting her master’s degree Kellee started working at a co-occurring substance abuse outpatient and inpatient facility. In 2016 Kellee moved to Colorado where she started working at a local Community Mental Health Agency. Kellee worked at the agency in the Early Childhood Department seeing children 2 to 8, pregnant moms, and moms struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety. Contact and Follow The Whole TherapistWebsite: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
In today's episode of "The Clean Body Podcast", host Lauren Kelly talks to the founder of Goodmylk co, a game-changing, industry-disrupting, plant-based milk alternative about the healthful benefits – and impacts – of dairy alternatives available in stores today: You'll learn: Ingredients currently found in dairy alternatives that cause inflammation & immune system disordersWhat dipotassium phosphate is and why its problematicThe health impacts of fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, carrageenan, artificial and natural flavors, glyphosates, and canola oilThe importance of sprouts nuts and seeds prior to consumptionThe health benefits of alkaline water, ancient mineral sea salt, mushrooms and adaptogensWhy organic is crucial in dairy alternative beveragesMyths and misconceptions about dairy alternativesSustainability of plant-based milksThe problem with oat milkThe difference between raw and pasteurized milkWhat pesticides are and how they impact the human bodyAbout Brooke Harris: Brooke is the founder of Goodmylk co. While living in L.A., the supposed “health food capital” of the U.S., Brooke's health deteriorated for a period of time. Brooke decided to turn to an alternative, plant-based diet as a form of healing medicine. But to her surprise, she found her effort to ‘eat healthier’ was actually making her more sick. Through research, Brooke found that many of the binders, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives in otherwise “healthy” food were unnecessary and unhealthy. It was then that Brooke realized that she would have to create that ‘something better’. And so she went on to create Goodmylk co., a game-changing, industry disrupting plant-based milk product for the masses. About Goodmylk co.Goodmylk co. is a game-changing, industry-disrupting, plant-based milk alternative. We believe in the power of real (good) food, and that everyone deserves access to it. You won’t find strange gums, artificial flavoring, or names of things you can’t pronounce in our products. Only pure, organic ingredients that taste delicious and are meant to do your body good. We are women-owned, delivered to your door, sustainable, and delicious.For more on Goodmylk co., visit more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the Co-Founder and President of Emmy's Organics about: Raw food dietsHealing from severe burnout, insomnia, and adrenal fatigueRestrictive diets & why they aren't idealHealth-damaging ingredients found in conventional cookie and dessert brandsSourcing organic ingredientsKeto products & why they're not all "healthy"Misguiding packaging and seeing through false marketingThe facts about natural flavorsSupporting & hiring refugees About Samantha Abrams:Samantha Abrams is the Co-Founder and President of Emmy’s Organics, Inc. which she founded in 2009 alongside her partner and husband, Ian Gaffney. Emmy’s Organics came from the shared desire to take real ingredients and turn them into something delicious that everyone could enjoy. There lay the opportunity to turn Ian’s Coconut Cookie recipe into a real product that you could buy at a store.Samantha’s enthusiasm to make a difference and to do business the “right way” motivated the company to become a certified B-Corp which is recognized as the highest standard of corporate responsibility. When not giving her heart and soul to Emmy’s, Samantha can be found walking her dog, Sadie, in the woods and eating Dark Cacao Coconut Cookies.About Emmy's Organics Tea:Emmy’s got its start in a home kitchen (that belonged to Ian’s mother, Emmy) where Samantha and Ian made small batches of Coconut Cookies and sold them door to door in their local Ithaca community and eventually, New York City.  Creating gluten-free and vegan treats that actually live up to the hype, Emmy's Organics Coconut Cookies and Chocolate Covered Bites have put them on the map as the fastest growing organic cookie company in the US. All of Emmy’s products are plant based, gluten-free and certified organic. But, more importantly, taste incredible since they are made with the highest quality organic ingredients like coconut, almond flour and coconut oil. Emmy’s uses business as a force for good and is a Certified B-Corp and Living Wage Employer. For more on Emmy's Organics, visit more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram: brands mentioned during the episode: Evolved Chocolate: Sundays: Snacks:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the CEO, Founder and Chief Alchemist behind Numi Tea Ahmed Rahim about tea ceremonies, health benefits, and the differences between conventional and high-quality teas.During the episode, you'll learn about: Ahmed's childhood growing up in Iraq and migrating to AmericaHealth benefits of specific teams including Turmeric tea, Pu Erh fermented tea, and moreThe difference between bagged and loose teasThe proper way to prepare and drink loose teaMindful tea ritualsHistorical and spiritual tea ceremonies around the worldCharacteristics of high-quality boxed tea vs. conventional boxed teaHow the soil and energy of the farmer impacts the final tea productsOrganic herbs & why they're crucial for drinking teasNumi tea's practices in sourcing ingredientsThe problem with plastic and petroleum-based tea bagsOrganic, Fair Trade, and sustainability practices in the tea industryAbout Ahmed Rahim:Ahmed is the alchemist behind Numi’s teas, creating unique, innovative, and delicious blends with his team. Before co-founding Numi, he studied theater and psychology in New York City, then spent a decade living, working and traveling in Europe as a professional filmmaker and photographer. He began designing teahouses in Prague, where he learned about tea’s culture, ceremonies, and its many health benefits. He speaks English, Arabic, Czech, French and German.About Numi Tea:Sourced straight from nature, Numi Organic Tea products are made with only the purest organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers and spices. Numi offers a range of premium quality, organic, Fair Trade green, black, white and pu·erh teas, as well as herbal teasans, Daily Super Shots, gifts, Tea Latte Concentrates, iced and bottled teas. Numi's vision is to activate a chain of positivity and possibility that radiates far and wide. Through their products and practices, they aim to create lasting positive change.For more on Numi Organic Tea, visit more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project:Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the SVP of Innovation & Partnerships of Enviroscent, Tamara Kullback about natural versus synthetic air fresheners, microplastics, forestry, aromatherapy, essential oils, plus more!What you'll learn: The difference between synthetic fragrances and natural scentsWhy you should avoid some synthetic fragrancesHow toxins found in synthetic fragrances impact your healthHow to safely use essential oilsWhy essential oils can be dangerous for pets (cats and dogs)The powers of aromatherapyHow our brain perceives and remembers smells via the limbic brainWhy managed forestry is good for our planetThe reality of microplasticsHow to find cleaner, safer air freshener brandsAbout Tamara Kullback:For the last eleven years, Tamara Kullback has been one of the senior leaders building the Enviroscent business from the ground up, growing from an idea strong challenger brand, taking on the big names in the air care industry. Leading a team of scientists and creative innovators, Tamara has combined her passion for sustainability with her experience in product development, flavors and fragrances to create a portfolio of unique alternatives to traditional air freshener products, and she loves every minute of it!  About Enviroscent:Enviroscent is a Georgia-based company making innovative, sustainable air freshener products for the home and car that provide a clean fragrance experience that lasts. Made with a combination of natural, sustainable, non-toxic ingredients, plus 44 patents covering an array of all-natural materials, Enviroscent air fresheners are safer for the people, pets and planet we all love.For more on Enviroscent... Enviroscent's Website:'s Instagram:'s Twitter:'s Facebook:'s Pinterest: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project, visit Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the founders of Droplet, Celeste Perez and Adrienne Borlongan, about food science, adaptogens, overcoming chronic conditions like pre-diabetes and postpartum hair loss, and establishing a women-owned, minority-owned CPG brand. What you'll learn: The recent controversy between Droplet and PepsiCoCeleste & Adrian's first-hand experience with herbs and adaptogensHow Celeste & Adrian formulate the Droplet drinks in their personal kitchensThe Droplet "trade secret"How Celeste & Adrian's cultural & genetic backgrounds impact what they do nowThe benefits of different adaptogens including ashwaghanda, moringa, and yuzu,Why soups may be healthier for you than saladsWhy Droplet uses fruit purees over fruit juicesHow preservatives and natural flavors may be impacting your bodyWhy Droplet decided to formulate drinks specifically for womenHow adaptogens can help with lactation What makes Droplet stand apart from other CPG brandsAbout Celeste Perez:Celeste is a brand creator and the founder of Well Fed, a design studio for celebrity restaurateurs and hospitality groups. You might also have seen her on Tastemade, as a food and travel host. Celeste is a graduate of USC, where she received her degree in broadcast journalism and entrepreneurship. She is Filipino-American.About Adrienne Borlongan: Adrienne Borlongan is the founder of Wanderlust Creamery, an artisanal ice cream shop inspired by travel. With 5 locations in the LA area, Adrienne has created international food trends with her signature flavors. Adrienne has a food science degree from CSUN. She is Filipino-American and has three children, all under the age of 2.About Kindroot:Droplet is a health + wellness company creating flavorful yet functional beverages. Made with adaptogens – non-toxic, all natural herbs and botanicals that help the body regulate its response to stress – Droplet is making it easier for people, primarily women, to incorporate adaptogens into their own daily lives. As the children of immigrants and doctors, Droplet is our exploration of the founders' traditions, reimagined for modern tastes and consumption.For more on Celeste, Adrienne, and Droplet, visit https://drinkdroplet.comDroplet's Instagram:'s Twitter:'s Facebook:'s Instagram:'s Instagram: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project, visit Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Join The Clean Body Podcast host Lauren Kelly for a health and wellness discussion with Celeste Perez (founder of Droplet), Brenden Schaefer (founder of Bright Bar), Alisa Pospekhova (founder of kindroot), and Jennifer Santiago (Director of Communications for Bragg). During the live Q&A, you'll learn: The healing benefits of adaptogens (Ashwagandha, Reishi, Maca, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps)The different between real sugars and added sugarsCanola, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin and other ingredients to avoidHealth-boosting wellness habits (nature bathing, meditation, avoiding blue light, grounding practices, trying new things)How mental and emotional health impacts physical healthThe benefits of apple cider vinegarFor more on the guests and brands featured, please visit: Droplet:​Lauren Kelly:​Listen to The Clean Body Podcast episode featuring Bragg: Bars:​Listen to The Clean Body Podcast episode featuring Bright Bars:​Listen to The Clean Body Podcast episode featuring kindroot:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to one of the co-founders of Jupiter, Ross Goodhart, about toxins found in conventional scalp care products, how genetics, diet and lifestyle habits impact scalp care, and the benefits of active and natural ingredients on hair health.Get 10% off Jupiter purchases by using the code CLEANBODY10 at www.hellojupiter.comWhat you'll learn: What dandruff is and why it happens (00:16:18)The difference between natural and active ingredients in hygiene products (00:15:26)How probiotics positively impact the scalp microbiome (00:19:45)Toxic ingredients – including parabens and fragrances – found in conventional haircare products that you should avoid (00:21:53)Why your shampoo & conditioner shouldn't last for years (00:24:28)The benefits of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and aloe vera on your hair (00:29:21)How genetics, diet and lifestyle habits impact scalp care (00:34:34)Why you shouldn't over-exfoliate your scalp (00:57:57)About Ross Goodhart:Ross Goodhart Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Jupiter, the first brand focused on delivering high quality, luxe dandruff and scalp care products at approachable-premium prices. He was born and raised in Hawaii, and received his B.B.A from the University of Michigan School of Business in 2002, with an emphasis in Finance, Accounting and Entrepreneurship.Ross worked in investment banking at Peter J. Solomon Company and then private equity at Siguler Guff & Company. Disenchanted with the finance world, Ross started developing high quality yet affordable home, kitchen and lifestyle products, but felt a disre to develop a brand and business that spoke to him more personally.For his entire life, Ross had experienced moderate, and sometimes severe, dandruff. He progressively grew more and more frustrated with the available options – smelly formulas that didn’t work, prescription formulas that had numerous toxic ingredients, or products with uninspiring and embarrassing branding. Learn more about Ross's story to launch the Jupiter brand during the episode.About Jupiter:Jupiter is an elevated and clean line of scientifically-formulated dandruff and hair care products made in collaboration with a resident dermatologist and R&D expert to formulate clean, safe, spa-like products. All Jupiter products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, and vegan. They're also safe for color and chemically-treated hair, and all hair types.The science-based formulas are designed to keep your scalp in balance. Jupiter as done the research, and used only active ingredients when it makes sense to deliver the fastest, best results without compromise.For more on Ross Goodhart and Jupiter, visit https://hellojupiter.comFacebook: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project, visit Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today, we’re talking to Bragg's Director of Communications Jennifer Santiago about apple cider vinegar, as well as a few other other nutrient-packed and healthful products.Use the code CLEANBODY15 on to get 15% off Bragg purchasesApple cider vinegar dates as far back as 400 BC in ancient Greece when Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed ACV and honey for ailments like colds and coughs. Now, there’s science that suggests it may help manage blood sugar levels, manage diabetes, assist in weight loss, improve immunity and more. During this episode, you'll also learn about:Nutritional yeast: A great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, its a beneficial food item for vegans and vegetariansLiquid aminos: As the name suggests, the product contain amino acids – the building blocks of cellular life – and is a great gluten-free, vegan-friendly alternative to soy sauceCold-pressed, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil – An awesome source of healthy fats that helps fuel cognitive and nervous system function, nutrient absorption, reduce body inflammation, and – when consumed from a high-quality brand – can improve heart healthy. The adulteration olive oils currently on grocery store shelvesThe difference between Prebiotics, Probiotics, and PostbioticsWhat to look out for when shopping for olive oilsWhy it’s so important to buy unpasteurized apple cider vinegarHow to properly consume apple cider vinegar so you don’t experience any negative side effects. About Jennifer Santiago:With 10 plus year of experience in the food and beverage industry, Jennifer Santiago has recently joined Bragg as the Director of Communications. Jennifer’s previous work includes marketing and communications for popchips and POM Wonderful, developing her skill in brand strategy, content creation, internal/external communications, influencers, social media/digital and experiential events. Jennifer holds a BS from the University of Colorado at Boulder and completed the Food Industry Executive Program at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.About Bragg:Founded in 1912, Bragg aims to help people live more vibrantly, every day for the rest of their lives by making products that deliver time-tested wellness benefits. Bragg products are always organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and made with zero additives or artificial colors. They have apple cider vinegar drinks and wellness shots, as well as salad dressings, nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, and more. For more on Bragg, http://www.bragg.comFacebook: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project, visit Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the founder of kindroot Alisa Pospekhova about adaptogens, functional plants, sensory benefits of aromatherapy and the healing properties of herbs.Get 20% off kindroot purchases by using the code CLEANBODY20 at www.kindroot.comWhat you'll learn: Alisa's first-hand experience with adaptogensIrritant ingredients in conventional lozengesThe impacts of stress on the bodyWhy Alisa chose lozenges over gummiesBenefits of ashwagandha, lemon balm, reishi, lavender, turmeric, clover, cacao nibs, and chia seedsWhy Alisa chose organic rice syrup as the sweetener for her lozengesBenefits of aromatherapyWorking with a Candy Hall of Fame scientistWhy anyone is capable of being an entrepreneurWhy long-term goals aren't always helpfulHow to make sure spices are cleanAbout Alisa Pospekhova:Alisa Pospekhova is a health and wellness enthusiast, avid yogi and an aspiring herbalist. Having felt the transformative power of holistic nutrition and plant-based supplements for management of her own auto-immune condition, she set out to develop a line of fun and accessible supplements that people would actually look forward to taking. Prior to serving as CEO of Kindroot, Alisa spent 15 years building and managing healthy food, wellness and beauty brands across the globe, having held senior-level marketing positions at Unilever, The Wonderful Company, Nestle and Manduka Yoga.About Kindroot:Formulated by a master herbalist and blended by a Candy Hall of Fame scientist, Kindroot Adaptogems™ is the new breakthrough supplement disrupting the category. Combining smooth delivery, sensory benefits of aromatherapy and healing properties of plants - Kindroot aims to help bring a little “reset” to everyday lives with the help of functional plant lozenges.For more on Alisa Pospekhova and kindroot, visit https://kindroot.comFacebook: more on Lauren Kelly and The Clean Body Project, visit Lauren’s Instagram: Clean Body Podcasts's Instagram:
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