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This gem institute in Corktown, Detroit may be the future of manufacturing materials and composites, which can lead to a more sustainable future!Hear from Ray Boeman and host Ed Clemente as Ray explains the complex world of public-private partnerships and advanced composite manufacturing.  Domestic and international companies alike are realizing the benefits of composite technology that lead to cost and energy efficiencies and will lead to better recycling at the end of the product life cycle. Learn about Ray’s path from Oak Ridge National Labs to Michigan.  In the shadow of the Ford Michigan Central project, IACMI can help lead the industry to greater collaboration that will benefit Michigan’s manufacturing economy.  You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
The future of work. NBS Commercial Interiors shows how the hybrid workplace is now more of a “destination than a directive” with the assist of technology! Hear our guest Heather Lanier, Chief Operating Officer & Shareholder at NBS Commercial Interiors, a Steelcase Premier Partner, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss how technology is helping make the workplace of the future more accommodating to hybrid work models.  She states the future of work requires instant communication, enhanced connectivity, interactive digital experiences, and even components that support employee wellbeing and productivity. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Accelerating mobility & transportation for the future on the 500-acre historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti, all at American Center for Mobility. Join our guest Angela Flood, Director of Business Planning and Economic Development, American Center for Mobility (ACM) and our host Ed Clemente as she virtually walks through this historic site, and how it could be the key to the future of mobility.  They discuss the testing of autonomous vehicles and many other facets of the future of mobility.  ACM is a collaborative effort comprised of government, industry and academic organizations focused on accelerating mobility and transportation industry.  International companies and many domestic organizations uses this site for cutting edge R&D.
The Grand Rapids Public Museum is changing the way people experience education.  As the only XQ Super School in the Midwest, the museum is setting the pace to move and blend the future of knowledge jobs and sense of place. Join our guest Dale Robertson, who serves as the President and CEO of the Grand Rapids Public Museum and host Ed Clemente as they discuss the unique projects happening at the museum with the generous support of their public private partnerships.  Learn about their recent designation as a XQ Super School as well as other projects on the horizon.  Hear about Dale’s non-traditional career path and what to expect in the future for his field and the blending of education and the arts! You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
A recent episode of The Michigan Opportunity podcast features Christopher Girdwood, Executive Director of Detroit Region Aerotropolis.® Girdwood joins host Ed Clemente as they discuss the future of the Aerotropolis, the four-community, two-county public-private economic development partnership driving corporate expansion and new investment around Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports. Girdwood shares his vision for the Aerotropolis and the new growth opportunities available to future tenants. You can also read the transcript from the conversation.
The quest for 200 new diverse angels are being recruited in the great lakes area, out of Detroit’s TechTown, and a little anthropology to boot! Join our guest Dawn Batts, Capital Strategist at TechTown Detroit and host Ed Clemente as they discuss angel investors, and the diverse community of investors who seed scalable consumer, enterprise and life science companies.  Dawn has an experienced background in finance and anthropology and is a co-founder of Commune Angels. Learn how she is using her experience to find 200 new angels in the great lakes area. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
Hear about Michigan’s roughly $22 billion tourism economy and the how the future is happening now, and maybe how Michigan is the “Alaska” of the Midwest!Join our guest Dave Lorenz who serves as Vice President of Travel Michigan alongside our host Ed Clemente as they discuss the business of tourism and its economic impact in jobs, ROI and attraction for knowledge jobs.  Dave also oversees the award-winning Pure Michigan tourism campaign, and his potential disruptions and trends for the future of his profession. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Atomic Object, this multistate company makes custom software for all types of clients, based right here in Michigan, with clients ranging from health to furniture and much more!Join Brittany Hunter, Managing Partner, Atomic Object as she joins host Ed Clemente to delve into the cutting-edge field of software and the talent needed to make it happen. Atomic Object has spent 20 years designing and developing custom software for 200+ organizations, large and small. They have a proven approach to leveling up their team with professional development and keeping that talent right in here in Michigan.  You may also learn a little about dressage & horses! You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Hear how Jennifer is helping Ford be better prepared for what lies ahead, and with the best job title ever.Join our guest Jennifer Brace, Global Trends and Futuring Manager at Ford Motor Company and host Ed Clemente as we talk not just about the future but the trends that will give options to maximize picking the right path to get there. Jennifer’s career path has given her the opportunity to see a number of different aspects of the company, from Michigan to Palo Alto and back.  Her winding career path makes her a generalist, which seems like the right job description to become a futurist. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Altair! Who knew a multinational information technology company was in our backyard? Apparently, companies around the world! Come hear their story. Join Anthony Garofali, Country Managing Director for Altair, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss the diverse international technology company with its world headquarters here in Troy, Michigan.  Altair provides software and cloud services for simulation, IoT, high performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), for a large variety of fields such as automotive, rail, aerospace, health, energy, architecture, marine, and much more. Listen in to Anthony walks us through the complex but exciting industry he’s in. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Hear our two spirits experts as they break down the business of spirits, the economic impact on the state as well as the talent and workforce and the business’s unique industry.Join our guests Conrad Haremza and Jamie Wright alongside host Ed Clemente as they discuss the exciting and evolving world of spirits.  Conrad’s day job is working across three states for PROXIMO, a global innovator of quality spirits that builds brands and invents new products to meet the world’s changing tastes and trends. Conrad is also the President of the Michigan Spirits Association (MSA), representing every spirit that you see on the shelf.  Jamie is the Regional Sales Manager for the Award-winning Detroit City Distillery. she is also a MSA board member and works with all the local Michigan distilleries. Learn about Certified Specialists of Spirits (CSS) and how it’s recognized internationally. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
Learn the 3 key points about the future of our Michigan history and preservation from our resident expert at The State Historic Preservation Office, and how it could help in the hunt for knowledge jobs!Join our guest Martha MacFarlane-Faes, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, Michigan State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) as she discusses with our host Ed Clemente the complicated but rewarding value of preservation and how it could be a valuable tool to attract and retain talent to the state. She currently oversees SHPO’s community and economic development programs, including archaeology, local historic districts, planning, survey, historic preservation tax credits, and Certified Local Governments.  Also learn about Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation; Michigan Historic Preservation Network, Annual Statewide Preservation Conference and National Preservation Month. Having lived in Silicon Valley, New England and Chicago, Martha is happy to have made Michigan her home. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
13 foundations help fund the New Economy Initiative, find out how Wafa Dinaro’s  international path has positioned her to be its new leader!Join our guest Wafa Dinaro, Executive Director for the New Economy Initiative, and host Ed Clemente as she explains this unique foundation and how its mission assists small businesses and much more. The New Economy Initiative (NEI) is a philanthropic collaboration and special project of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan working to build a regional network of support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Their mission is to grow an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship in southeast Michigan that benefits all residents and strengthens the regional economy. Wafa has had an exciting career path from Dearborn, to the state legislature, to federal government, as well as international work and economic development with Wayne County Executive, Warren C. Evans. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
How the world’s largest system of freshwater is an integral part of the Canadian and US responsibilities for a sustainable economy, and how Michigan is at the heart of this balance to live, work & play!Join Mike Piskur, Program Manager, of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss how this international alliance grows the regional economy and protects the world’s largest system of surface fresh water.  The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers unites the chief executives from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Québec and Wisconsin.  The Governors and Premiers work as equal partners to grow the region’s $6 trillion economy and protect this ecosystem. See how local Michigan partners Pure Michigan, MSU, UM, MI-Tech, Northern MU, Green banks, DTE and many others fit in as integral parts of this enormous and vital initiative. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
Learn about this unique organization helping Flintstones and other to reach their full potential in innovation and entrepreneurship through a series of sector partnerships. Join our guest Brandee Cooke-Brown who is the Executive Director of 100K Ideas, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss how to really assist innovation and entrepreneurship in Flint. 100K Ideas a non-profit with the mission to assist innovators and entrepreneurs move their ideas forward.  They are a community of hobbyists, thinkers, and inventors with the mission of helping passionate innovators create products, services and startups of their own through mentorship. Learn about how they assist in: benchmarks, trademark, patent and domain searches, market trends/analytics, purchaser and end user information. Also learn a little about AmeriCorps and how its changing people’s lives, including Brandee's. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
From leading Ferris State university, to national championships, to playing in the pep band, his legacy of two decades of leadership has made Ferris a real player in the new economy.Join President Dr. David Eisler, President of Ferris State University and host Ed Clemente as they discuss where he thinks the future of careers will be. Dr. Eisler talks to Ferris' mission about preparing students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Through its many partnerships and its career-oriented and educational base, Ferris serves our rapidly changing global economy and society. Dr. Eisler has a rather non-traditional path to becoming one of the longest serving University Presidents in the state.  Learn about the wide variety of unique degree programs at FSU, as well as the Kendall College of Art and Design in downtown Grand Rapids. Also, learn how Dr. Eisler playing the clarinet helped him pave the way to his presidency. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
From Lake Erie to Lake Michigan, to the plains of Omaha and the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Randy Thelen has done Economic Development throughout, and listen now how he brings that expertise back to the Grand Rapids region.Join Randy Thelen, President & CEO of The Right Place, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss the myriad of business projects going on in the Grand Rapids region. Hear about how greater Grand Rapids is Michigan’s second-largest city and a hub for research, innovation and a thriving regional economy.  Randy has pretty good credentials in the Economic Development world with stints at Monroe’s EDO, MEDC, Lakeshore Advantage, Omaha’s EDO, and most recently in Denver.  With all those varied places he has honed in on what it takes attract, retain, and expand commerce, and like-wise, talent. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Listen to her fascinating story of the responsibilities and lifestyle of an International Consul, plus learn about the culture and business of Italy as well as her interesting path to Michigan!Join Allegra Baistrocchi, Consul of Italy, in the Consulate of Italy in Detroit, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss the Italian business relations and trading between Michigan and other Midwest states, and the economic benefit for all parties. The presence of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Detroit was established on the 10th of November 1899. Learn about Allegra’s globetrotting path through her family, education, and work.  Make sure to listen to the end because she has some great career advice for young women in the diplomatic corps! For more information on the Consulate, follow at @ItalyInDetroit. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
The Michigan Opportunity Podcast is celebrating it’s one year anniversary!  Join Michelle Grinnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for MEDC who puts Ed on the hot seat with a ‘year in review.’Join Michelle Grinnell, MEDC Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications as she grills host Ed Clemente about the 50+ economic development guests over the last year. Though Ed has a very nontraditional background, it “uniquely” compliments MEDC’s The Michigan Opportunity Podcast. Learn the sage advice from the many economic development guests, especially in areas of their unique career paths, their elevator speeches, future trends and disrupters, career advice and what they like best about Pure Michigan. Listen to the many stories of the Michigan geographic ecosystems and trends observed over the year such as: variety small business, connectivity, mobility, talent, higher education, finance, Industry 4.0, digital nomads, supply/block chain, edge computing, international footprints, digital nomads, BIO R&D, infrastructure, CED and what Michigan could look like by 2050! And so much more! You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
Listen to the former Mayor of Kalamazoo Bobby Hopewell, and his unique business in mobile health, plus he knows Yankees legend Derek Jeter!Join Mayor Bobby Hopewell, President and CEO of Mobile Health Resources, and MEDC host Ed Clemente as they explore his current business, his experienced career in the health care field and as a public servant as the Mayor of Kalamazoo, a truly unique city! Mobile Health Resources billing services has allowed Michigan EMS organizations to focus on what they really care about – helping people in their time of need. Learn about the Kalamazoo Promise, the Kalamazoo Foundation for Excellence and a few famous people who went to Kalamazoo Central as well including Yankee Derek Jeter & NFL Receiver Greg Jennings. Also learn about the need for qualified EMTs and what a great career it is. You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
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