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Eight percent of the annual trade between the US and Canada comes through one of the world’s busiest international border crossing.  Colin Bird is at the heart of it in downtown Detroit. Hear Colin Bird discuss Michigan and Ontario’s trade relationship, the busiest between any Canadian province and U.S. state, supporting thousands of jobs on either side. Last year, total trade between Michigan and Ontario was valued at $80.6 billion (CDN), with imports from Michigan totaling $31.3 billion (CDN). Combined, Michigan and Ontario are responsible for approximately 22% of North America’s automotive output through both Michigan and Ontario’s highly integrated automotive supply chain.
The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to facilitate business relationships among Asian and U.S. based companies and to promote the economic advancement of Asian Pacific Americans.Join Executive Director Duc Abrahamson as she explains the vision of her organization, her path to this position, and the compelling story on how she came to Michigan. The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC,) which represents more than 30 countries, is committed to providing its members with up-to-date and pertinent information for strategic decision-making. This approach not only enhances the knowledge base of its members but also expands their network in the context of the global economy. In this role she takes on the pivotal responsibility of being the spokesperson for APACC with duties including the management and evaluation of programs and activities, providing leadership to both the board and staff, allocating necessary resources, and shaping organizational policy and programs. 
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Empowers Economic Growth: 5 Regional Offices, 7,600 Jobs Created and Retained, and 400+ Statewide ClientsIngrid Tighe, President of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), has an impressive background and deep understanding of the manufacturing industry in Michigan. Her journey from being a veteran to becoming the president of MMTC showcases her dedication and expertise in this field. Hear Ingrid discuss MMTC's approach of providing comprehensive consulting services and classes to help clients train and develop their employees and management in the market. 
Consumers Energy Empowers 6.7 Million Michigan Customers with Natural Gas and Electricity Across 68 Lower Peninsula Counties: Lauren Snyder Unpacks Their Role in Shaping Michigan’s Future.Listen to Lauren Youngdahl Snyder as she discusses electric vehicles, renewable energy and efficiency with The Michigan Opportunity podcast!  Consumers Energy is an investor-owned utility that provides natural gas and electricity to 70% of Michiganders and serves customers in all 68 of the state's Lower Peninsula counties. Consumes Energy, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, was founded in 1886 and is currently headquartered in Jackson, Michigan. 
Women owned Renovare Development is disrupting the real estate market from Ypsilanti to Benton Harbor to Munising by focusing on urban communities, rural towns, brownfields, and workforce housing. Renovare provides mixed-income housing and community-based commercial spaces to urban communities, while helping support workforce housing and commercial amenities to support working families. The company works closely with towns to identify and address key economic issues, including attainable housing and affordable retail and commercial space. Renovare's strategic partnerships with local governments deliver projects that meet those needs and provide public amenities that promote a sense of community. Listen to Jill Ferrari and Ed discuss Renovare's commitment to communities across the state.
The USMCA, also known as "Nafta 2.0", created one of the largest free trade zones in the world. Mexican Consul Roberto Nicolas Vazquez is at the heart of the Detroit-Windsor border crossing, the 2nd busiest in the world! In a recent interview, Consul Roberto Nicolas Vazquez describes his unique diplomatic post and the services offered at the Consulate of Mexico in Detroit including processing passport and visa applications, legalizing and authenticating documents, and registering marriages, births, and deaths. He also talks about the future opportunities presented by the USMCA and the unique North American partnership. 
What do Presidents Biden & Obama, Governor Whitmer & Secretary of Energy Granholm all have in common?  Kerry Duggan has worked directly with all of them all.Kerry C. Duggan, CEO and sustainability expert, founded SustainabiliD to help established organizations anticipate and address climate challenges. With partners like ONE, LuxWall and AeroSeal, SustainabiliD is scaling up innovative climate technologies. Duggan's extensive experience includes serving as climate advisor to President Joe Biden and sitting on several boards and advisory boards. She is a senior advisor at RockCreek Global Investment and Commonweal Ventures and sits on Faculty at University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability.
The Nature Conservancy of Michigan has worked with private, public, education and non-governmental agencies to help make Michigan’s 83 counties ideal places for people to live, work and play.  Hear Rich Bowman and host Ed Clemente as they discuss this fascinating organization.  As the Director of Policy at The Nature Conservancy in Michigan, Rich has been working with the people of the Great Lakes State for decades to preserve its natural heritage. The organization remains dedicated to protecting Michigan's rivers, lakes, and lands while pursuing strategies that will ensure the vitality of its people, places, and wildlife for generations to come. With rapid climate change and biodiversity loss threatening our planet, we have a limited window to address these existential threats.
What is multicultural marketing and branding, and how can it impact Michigan’s supply chains and the quest to attract talent in this new economy?Listen to Lydia Michael and Kevin Ketels as they explore the growing world of international marketing, branding and supply chain evolution. Blended Collective is a multicultural marketing and brand consultancy focused on the core values of authenticity, culture, and diversity. Kevin Ketels, Assistant Professor Global Supply Chain Management, Mike Ilitch School of Business, Wayne State University walks us through the changing world of supply chains and the growth of electrification and EV’s. 
What do you get when you add the Switzerland based World Economic Forum (including Davos) and the US leader in Industry 4.0, Michigan based Automation Alley? You get the U.S. Center for Advanced Manufacturing based here in Michigan with an international board.Listen to Cynthia Hutchinson as she explains the mission and vision of the USCAM, and its international impact. The USCAM drives state, regional and national initiatives that accelerate and strengthen advanced manufacturing in the U.S., while helping to inform the global manufacturing agenda. Cynthia and host Ed Clemente discuss her long stint working and living at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, as well as our previous podcast guest Francisco Betti of WEF, who is on her Executive committee along with MEDC Executive VP Josh Hundt.  
Hear from Hilary Doe, Michigan’s first Chief Growth Officer—and first in the country, on what the Growing Michigan Together Council is tasked with and the members that make up the Council.  As the Chief Growth Officer, Hilary leads the state’s efforts to grow Michigan’s population, economy, and reputation as the best place to live, work, raise a family, and start a business. Hilary works alongside the Growing Michigan Together Council on a once-in-a-generation effort to grow Michigan’s population, boost economic growth, and make Michigan the place everyone wants to call home. The Council will advise the governor on specific policies to grow Michigan’s population, including identifying a population goal for 2050. It will also look at ways to successfully attract and retain talent, improve preK-12 educational outcomes and long-term funding solutions for higher education, and develop strategies for upgrading and modernizing our transportation and water infrastructure, including developing long-term, sustainable funding solutions. The Growing Michigan Together Council is made up of 28 members, 21 voting and seven nonvoting, who reflect the diversity of Michigan.
What has 300,000 people in attendance, over 54 million viewers, and will be in Downtown Detroit in the Spring of 2024? The NFL Draft.  Hear what it means to Detroit and the Michigan economy from the President of the Detroit Lions and Strategist Alexis Wiley. Listen to Rod Wood & Alexis Wiley, as they discuss one of the biggest sporting events since the Super Bowl came to Detroit Michigan, the 2024 NFL Draft.  The NFL Draft will be held in downtown Detroit April 25-27. The event will be free and open to the public. Alexis & Rod give us an overview of what this means in the way of economic development to the City of Detroit and State of Michigan.  They also discuss the tough competition that the Detroit Lions, city of Detroit, Visit Detroit and the State of Michigan and many others faced to get this prestigious event.
Discover what the 12 Native American Tribes of Michigan are doing to expand their economic footprint in the state, and in this case, in the manufacturing industry. Listen to our three guests as they discuss their unique relationship between the tribes, the MEDC and the collaboration to ensure economic growth and prosperity through our tribal partners, regions across the state, and the communities in which they support, live, and thrive.
Real Times Media is located in 15 cities across the country and headquartered in Detroit. Hear Hiram Jackson’s 30-year track record of success in business and community activism!Through his vision and leadership, RTM has evolved from a traditional newspaper publisher (including the Michigan Chronicle) into one of the country’s leading creators of African American content across multiple platforms. RTM is a dynamic media company and in addition to its robust digital platform, RTM annually executes over 50 premiere events across the nation. Additionally, Hiram and Ed discuss his involvement as a managing partner of the real estate development firm, Paradise Valley Real Estate Holdings. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
What is CAR MBS? Electric Vehicles, Steel Industries, Focus: Hope, Polaris, Autonomous vehicles and much more 100’s of industry experts!Join us from the Grand Traverse Resort for a special podcast about CAR MBS (Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars). CAR MBS provides an exceptional forum to hear from industry leaders as they deliver compelling talks and engage in stimulating panels about the future of the global automotive industry. CAR’s research is the foundation that shapes the sessions’ content – with today’s industry experts delivering mission-critical insight and vision. Join our guests: Mark Garrison, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), Focus: Hope’s Kevin Green, Manager, Machinist Training Institute, Focus: Hope students Terrick Thomas & Candace Jones, Tom Manganello with Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, Christine Roeder from the Detroit Regional Partnership GEM program, Kathleen Hickey of Auto/Steel Partnership and World Auto Steel, Jay Johnson , CEO of Behavioral Elements and Patrick Weldon, Director of Corporate Development & Strategy with Polaris. Also special thanks to MEDC team members Bob Metzger, Alexa Ruestman, Kyle B. Gilmore.  
VC & Entrepreneurs. From the University Michigan, to the University Of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, to University of Southern California, Korea and the London School of Economics, and back to Michigan, Trista has a Mission. Listen to Trista Van Tine, who currently serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Michigan Founders Fund, a nonprofit network of high-growth entrepreneurs in Michigan. This organization develops unique programming to help company builders succeed with their ventures while connecting them with community needs and providing them with a simple mechanism to ensure a portion of their success contributes to the continued growth and prosperity of Michigan. Since 2020, she has created and launched the state's first Social Impact Startup Pitch Competition, first and only Founders Retreat for early-stage companies, and the first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Internship Program to pair underrepresented college students with Michigan-based tech companies and VCs. Listen to Trista and Ed as she covers her crisscross of paths across the globe that ultimately brought her back to Michigan and the dynamic mission she currently serves. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called this organization “the best anti-poverty program of all”. Endeavor can be found in 41 growth markets, 5 continents, Detroit and the Great Lakes, with 2,300 selected founders.  Diana Callaghan is the Managing Director of Endeavor, leading the organization's Great Lakes efforts. Founded in 1997, Endeavor promotes economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the growth of entrepreneurs leading high-performing companies with the most potential to create economic impact. Headquartered in New York City, Endeavor currently operates in 41 growth markets throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. The company has over 2,300 selected founders in their portfolio, including the first $1B valued companies to come out of 12 countries. The team’s 500 strong staff acts as a concierge service to founders and help them access markets, mentorship, capital, and leadership development support. Additionally Diana and Ed discuss the University of Michigan alumni's global path to get to this key leadership position. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
Since 1902, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) have been a driving force in the states’ economy, hear from this week’s guest on their efforts.Join John Walsh, President and CEO of MMA. In the 21st century, the industry and the next generation of innovators are collaborating to drive Michigan into a future that will continue to shape our state’s economy, the communities, individual businesses, and families’ livelihoods. The modern manufacturer in Michigan is one part inventor, one part producer, one part experimenter, one part employer, and all things critical to our state’s success. John discusses his unique path from the legal world, finance, community college, and being a State Representative, State Budget Director and advisor to the Governor. Join us to hear John share his great career path.
Jeff Lambert’s 3 future trends and a new venture: Artificial Intelligence x factor, globalization and speed of technology adaption. Plus the Confluence of Wall Street and Mainstreet with TiiCKER.Jeff Lambert founded Lambert in his basement at age 26 (then Lambert Edwards & Associates) and has led the firm through 21 straight years of growth to become Michigan’s largest PR firm, a top-40 PR firm in the U.S., and a top-15 firm nationally in investor relations and financial communications.  Jeff and Ed discuss his varsity swimming career at MSU, his engagement with the downtown Grand Rapids, and his national & global footprint. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.
What do organizations like the NFL Draft, The Movement Festival, Grand Prix, Swifties, Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Detroit Opera House and the United States Football League have in common? Claude Molinari and Visit Detroit! Join Claude Molinari, president and CEO of Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, and host Ed Clemente as they discuss all the activities going on in Metro Detroit and the Bureau’s Visit Detroit initiative. Visit Detroit promotes the region locally, nationally and internationally as a convention, business-meeting and tourism destination. The organization works with the Detroit and Windsor business community, civic organizations and local government offices in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties.  There’s a lot going on, so tune in! You can also read the transcript from our conversation. 
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