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The Nature of Nurture

The Nature of Nurture

Author: Dr. Leslie Carr

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By helping us make sense of ourselves as human beings living during strange and stressful times, The Nature of Nurture explores some of the most pressing issues facing us today. Using current phenomena as context (like covid, cults, and the prescription drug epidemic) this podcast endeavors to address the nature vs. nurture debate by exploring relationships which explain how we all live in families, in cultures, and in a world that extends beyond our individual biologies.
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Connect With The Contributors:Dr. Janja Lalich: Twitter = @Janja_Lalich, and Facebook = Leslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and InstagramLinks From This Episode:Some additional information about The Milgram Shock Experiments:,Results%3A,18%20variations%20of%20his%20study. Dr. Lalich mentions the NXIVM cult and there are two good documentaries if you haven’t seen them. There’s The Vow on HBO ( and Seduced on Starz ( Dr. Lalich also references the Heaven’s Gate cult and there’s also a very thorough documentary about that on HBO ( but (a note from Leslie): This is the stuff of nightmares so watch out if you’re extra-sensitive.We also talk about QAnon and HBO did a series about that as well: Cult of Trump  by Steven Hassan (for those who are curious):
Dr. Sherrie Campbell: Instagram = @Dr.Sherrie, Twitter = @Dr_Sherrie, and Facebook = SherrieCampbellPhD.Dr Leslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and Instagram Links From This Episode:David Pelzer, A Child Called It: Myers Briggs Personality Inventory:, a memoir by Tara Westover: by Erik Greitens: It’s Your Family… (Dr. Sherrie’s book on the subject discussed today): Genetics of Bipolar Disorder: (please note that this articles shortens Bipolar Disorder to “BPD” which is highly unusual; “BPD” is usually the shorthand for Borderline Personality Disorder and they are not the same thing.)
Beyond Biology

Beyond Biology


Links from this Episode: Reuters article:“The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” by Jonathan Shedler: book about the DSM that some might find interesting: was recorded at The Battery in San Francisco on December 3, 2020 (@thebatterysf) Connect With The PanelJonathan Shedler, PhD:, @JonathanShedler on TwitterEmily Anhalt, PsyD: and @dremilyanhalt and @joincoa on both Instagram and Twitter Mahima Muralidharan, PsyD: www.cohearsf.comDr. Lesslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and Instagram
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