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Author: Dr. Leslie Carr

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The Nature of Nurture helps us make sense of ourselves as human beings living during strange and stressful times. By using current phenomena as context (like covid, cults, and political polarization), this podcast delves deep into the nature vs. nurture debate by exploring how our minds and mental health are shaped by lived experience.
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Beyond Biology

Beyond Biology


Links from this Episode: Reuters article:“The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” by Jonathan Shedler: book about the DSM that some might find interesting: was recorded at The Battery in San Francisco on December 3, 2020 (@thebatterysf) Connect With The PanelJonathan Shedler, PhD:, @JonathanShedler on TwitterEmily Anhalt, PsyD: and @dremilyanhalt and @joincoa on both Instagram and Twitter Mahima Muralidharan, PsyD: www.cohearsf.comDr. Lesslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and Instagram
Dr. Sherrie Campbell: Instagram = @Dr.Sherrie, Twitter = @Dr_Sherrie, and Facebook = SherrieCampbellPhD.Dr Leslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and Instagram Links From This Episode:David Pelzer, A Child Called It: Myers Briggs Personality Inventory:, a memoir by Tara Westover: by Erik Greitens: It’s Your Family… (Dr. Sherrie’s book on the subject discussed today): Genetics of Bipolar Disorder: (please note that this articles shortens Bipolar Disorder to “BPD” which is highly unusual; “BPD” is usually the shorthand for Borderline Personality Disorder and they are not the same thing.)
Connect With The Contributors:Dr. Janja Lalich: Twitter = @Janja_Lalich, and Facebook = Leslie Carr: and @DrLeslieCarr on Twitter and InstagramLinks From This Episode:Some additional information about The Milgram Shock Experiments:,Results%3A,18%20variations%20of%20his%20study. Dr. Lalich mentions the NXIVM cult and there are two good documentaries if you haven’t seen them. There’s The Vow on HBO ( and Seduced on Starz ( Dr. Lalich also references the Heaven’s Gate cult and there’s also a very thorough documentary about that on HBO ( but (a note from Leslie): This is the stuff of nightmares so watch out if you’re extra-sensitive.We also talk about QAnon and HBO did a series about that as well: Cult of Trump  by Steven Hassan (for those who are curious):
Connect With The Contributors:Bart Magee: Twitter @bartmagee @accessInstSF Insta @bartmagee @accessinstsfBlythe Adamson: Twitter: @DrBlytheAdamson Instagram: @DrBlytheAdamsonLuis Perez: From This Episode:FAA Traffic by the Numbers: article about global air travel: Post - 96% of covid cases have been transmitted indoors: Pais article about how aerosols function indoors: impacts the latino population at three times the rate of white people: to Hug During a Pandemic (NYT):
Connect with Corey:, @coreytponder on Twitter and Instagram.Links From This Episode:Some pieces that Corey has written on confronting the idea of being Black in America: article about “centering” Leslie referenced: Corey mentioned The New Jim Crow by Michelle
Connect with Lisa: + @lisaaabramson on Twitter and Instagram.Links From This Episode:Giving Birth Landed Me In the Psycho Ward: on the link between sleep deprivation and psychotic experiences:,8%2C%2010%E2%80%9312)
Connect with Cuyler: Cuylerballenger.com @snake_ballenger  Connect with Lawdale:lawndaleartcenter.orgInstagram: @lawndaleartcenterLinks From This Episode:Crazy Like Us book: Like Us article: opioid overdose stats 1999-2019: covid data 2019-2020: research articles that address the relationship between stigma and the biomedical model of psychological suffering and information about the work of Nan Goldin: Goldin’s protest against the Sackler family: death and life of Dash Snow: supporting the idea that in monozygotic twins the rate of concordance is 30-40%: talk given by Eleanor Longden, where she shares how talk therapy helped her heal from a diagnosis of Schizophrenia:
Connect with Heather: @OneGreenThing on Instagram @MyOneGreenThing on TwitterLinks From This Episode:The book Leslie’s mother got for her when she was 19 years old that awakened her interest in physics was Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace ( Some of her other favorite titles are The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (, A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (, and Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein ( CNN - the Google satellite link, forty years of climate change time-lapse:  An article on the connection between climate change and covid: article about people deciding not to have children because of the climate crisis: work of David Quammen: Drawdown: Sunrise Movement: Scientific American article Leslie mentions: image Heather references about the koala that has “mental health issues” additional information about Freddie Gray: additional information about Eric Garner:
Thanks for listening to Season 1 of The Nature of Nurture! Tune into this quick bonus episode to hear a teaser for Season 2.
Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer


Season 2 of The Nature of Nurture coming Monday, January 31, 2022!
Connect with the Contributors:Leslie's website is lesliecarr.comErica can be found at TRISF.COM Links Mentioned in This Episode:
Connect with the Contributors:Erika's website is TRISF.comLeslie's website is Links From This Episode:
Connect with the Contributors:Alicia’s website is Leslie's website is Links mentioned in the episode:Brain Over Binge (book): Optimism (book):  60% of women have eating disorders:,Sixty%2Dfive%20percent%20of%20American%20women%20between%20the%20ages%20of,North%20Carolina%20at%20Chapel%20Hill. Facebook community Food Body Self: 
Connect with Contributors:Dr. Leslie Car: lesliecarr.comMichelle Masters: Mentioned in this Episode:Heart of the Mind - Engaging Your Inner Power to Change with Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingThe brain didn’t perceive the color blue and it wasn’t mentioned in early writing: Dispenza:’s book, Money Magic: Clear Your Path to Money, Time, and Happiness 
Connect with Contributors:Dr. Leslie Car: lesliecarr.comFatimata Sanogo: @fatimatayoga on Instagram and Links Mentioned in this Episode: Her book (31 Universal Spiritual Principles: A Daily Guide and Tool for spiritual growth, joy and empowerment, from the teachings of Michael Bernard Beckwith.): article about the knee surgery: outcomes paradox: Schizophrenia patients in developing countries seem to fare better than their Western counterparts non-profit:
Connect with Contributors:Dr. Leslie Car: lesliecarr.comRadhika Dirks: @radhikadirks on Instagram and Links Mentioned in the Episode:The Fabric of the Cosmos with physicist Briane Greene on PBS: Hoffman TED talk Do we see reality as it is?: by Michio Kaku (Leslie’s favorite book about theoretical physics and the magical nature of reality): and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science by Werner Heisenberg, Order, and Creativity: A Dramatic New Look at the Creative Roots of Science and Life by David Bohm article about the placebo effect and knee surgery: explanation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of linguistic relativity: explanation of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems:
Connect with Contributors:Dr. Leslie Car:
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer


Exploring the different facets of the human condition in Season 3. Some of those facets include, sex, drugs, and technology. Tune in now! Links: drlesliecarr.comThe Nature of Nurture is produced by Cassiopeia Studio 
Your host Leslie sits down with political scientist Dr. Caroline Heldman to discuss the role that female body objectification plays in sex and a woman’s role in society at large. Issues related to advertising, media, and culture are discussed. Warning: This discussion contains graphic discussions of pornography that includes descriptions of sexual assault. This conversation isn’t suitable for very young children, and survivors of sexual assault should listen with caution.Links mentioned in the episode:The release of the book has been delayed (as of 1/30/23) but you can follow Caroline on Amazon here to be alerted when it’s published.drcarolineheldman.comThe Nature of Nurture is produced by Amanda Mayo at Cassiopeia Studio.
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