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It’s now known there are other addictive qualities that can allow everyday activities to become habitual and even addictive. A psychiatrist describes her malady as well as discusses the unusual addictions she has seen. James discusses these and other 21st Century problems befalling us.
Our day to day lives require a great deal of security just to make things happen, and so much of it goes on behind the scenes. What encryption goes on around us and how we got to this point is detailed.
What happens when you are investigated for what you may have thought about, or your strongly held beliefs. George Orwell is now writ large, and why our friends’ thoughts can get us in trouble.
More and more parts of our daily lives can trip us up. You might think you have nothing to hide, but will the absolute truth keep you free? Maybe not. An author sets us straight on some things, and a Law School advises us on talking to the police – don’t.
This episode looks at why ABBA’s reuniting will mean more holograms, the reasons why China hates Boy Bands, the funny origins of excessive medical warnings, and the bad ideas of an Apple back door.Topic: : ABBA Reunites – as Holograms, Another Win for the Chinese Century?, Televised Medical Warnings and Happy Fun Ball, and Apple’s Back Door – the Problems of “just this much.”
Identifiers, tracking cookies, and product links are well known problems with being on the internet. But did you know about the level of social manipulation? More invasiveness than we realized is entering our homes and our minds every day. Here are some details, and a few solutions to the problems.
Having “eyes in the sky” has been a dream for centuries, and now it is a common thing, with reconnaissance satellites and the International Space Station, and much more is planned. How did we get to this point, and how far back has space intelligence been planned?
Recently, the president of one nation sent to another a list of critical items and asked that these be left alone. Was this serious? We examine Critical Infrastructure along with the trustworthiness of governments and hackers.
The soup of electromagnetic frequency that constantly surrounds us is invasive, but did you know how many medical problems it can cause? New findings, the true impact of the Havana Syndrome, and why you maybe don’t need that new 5G phone.
VR and AR are landing on us. Soon. But we have been shown the way by some excellent past examples, courtesy of Hollywood. See how some retailers could soon be pitching us the gateway drugs of Virtual Reality. Will we need to coach someone on how to pull us out?
History tells us the US and the West won the Cold War. A deeper look gives a different impression. How did we get so far behind the curve if the USSR went out of business in 1991?
Partly due to Covid, partly due to technology, and a great deal due to governments exploiting Covid and technology, were are moving toward a full fledged totalitarian society. But hey, we have broadband and good running water. This podcast shows us how far we’ve moved to this level.
Terraforming has been discussed often in science fiction and movies, but the baby steps to getting there have started. The tech, background, and problems we will face. Is there a payoff?
Submarine bots, the 3 Laws of Robotics, and why Hawaii is a nightmare to Naval Planners explained.
What direction is combat taking, so far as robotics? The current robotic tools, the background of how we got here, and likely deployment scenarios are discussed.
How to Go Gray; Are You Carrying Around An Infestation?; Theaters of War; Attack of the Internet of Things; Space Junk.
There are several types of data storage and distribution centers, making sure we have our backup files and we can archive what we do. Here’s an explanation of what goes on behind the scenes, and how data is safeguarded and stored.
Have you noticed all the rich guys spending huge sums on their own space programs.? Notice how far some have gotten without bureaucracy and government procurement? We’ll explore private space programs and what they mean.
The Earth has just been brushed by 3 near-miss CME - Coronal Mass Ejections. Huge solar flares powerful enough to escape from the Sun's gravity well. This has already caused anomalies with the internet, cellular networks and electronics in general. More seem on the way. This is a brief summary of what's happening and how to reduce the damage to you and your electronics.
There is a new type of technology that can completely fool us now. The Deep Fake is here, and it can change the news, alter the perception of what’s real, as well as start wars, rob banks, and have the dead speak to you. Let’s look at what’s in store in the very near future.
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