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Author: Michael Kessler

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Florida defense attorney talks about defending the rights of Treasure Coast residents (and other Floridians), answers various DUI and criminal law questions and talks (sometimes with colleagues) about winning so-called "cases that can't be won".
18 Episodes
Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Kessler talks about his firm - who the different players are and what they're ready to do for you!
Criminal defense attorney Michael Kessler reflects on the passing of F. Lee Bailey, who was an inspiration to him (as well as a teacher, and so much more).
Attorney Michael Kessler talked to his friend and fellow defense attorney Cliff Barnes about his experience as a County Court Judge in Florida.
Attorney Michael Kessler talks about prosecutors, and why you can't always count on them to do the right thing.
Attorney Michael Kessler gives an update on jury selection and jury trials while Florida courthouses continue to deal with COVID.
While awaiting the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, attorney Michael Kessler talked about some of the cases that have been dubbed "trials of the century".
In this episode of the Kessler Law Firm podcast, criminal defense attorneys Michael Kessler and Cliff Barnes talk about self defense, and how it can be used successfully, and not so successfully, in trials.
Criminal defense attorney Michael Kessler says, "People ask me, 'Do you limit your practice to the courthouses in your neighborhood? Do you stay in Fort Pierce or do you go all over?'” I have briefcase, will travel. I love taking my show on the road.
Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief


Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Kessler talks about Post Conviction Relief - what it is, how it works and how to get it. 
Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Kessler talks about your right to a speedy trial - what it is (and isn't), how it works and why it's been suspended in Florida!
In this week's podcast, Michael Kessler helps you navigate Florida's Legal System. He tells you what you can expect every step of the way, from the point of arrest and arraignment all the way through jury selection and the start of the trial!
More people are wrongly accused of DUI every year than every other crime on the books.  In today's podcast, I'm going to talk about the reasons why that happens, and what you should know about getting arrested for DUI in Florida.
Recently, we’ve talked about cases that we’ve been told “could not be won”. Let me tell you a story about a case that I told the prosecutor she could not win. The case ended up going to trial and I was right. She could not win.
We’ve been handling some fairly serious subjects lately, so my good friend Cliff Barnes and I thought we’d talk about a couple of our cases that were the most fun.
I have people frequently come to see me that either have a Public Defender or are considering a Public Defender, and they want to air their grievances.They’ll tell me, “The Public Defender just works for the State.” Or they’ll say, “The Public Defender doesn’t care about my case, or doesn’t care about me.”Those things are not true. In this podcast, I'll set the record straight.
One of the main focuses on our work at the Kessler Law Firm is DUI defense. On this podcast, I thought I’d take some time to talk about Formal Review Hearings (some people call Refusal Hearings).  For this conversation, I’ll be talking to my good friend Joe Mancini. Joe was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1983, after spending time practicing law in Kentucky.  In years passed, he did a lot of these drivers license Formal Review Hearings.A lot of lawyers tell their clients those hearings can’t be won. Clients come to us and say, “I don’t want to do the driver’s license hearing because so-and-so told me they can’t be won.”We know that they can be won. 
I hear from lots of people, sometimes even lawyers, that criminal cases can’t be won. I’ve found that, most of the time, that’s not true. To further explore this, I talked to my good friend and fellow criminal defense attorney Cliff Barnes. Cliff’s been a lawyer in Florida since 1981. He’s tried everything from littering through capital homicide cases, and he also spent some time as one of our county judges.
People frequently come to me for help after someone else has told them, “This case can’t be won.” I like to talk about “cases that can’t be won” that we’ve won. 
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