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Keeping it Real with Dr. Anita

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Welcome to the "Keeping it Real with Dr. Anita" podcast"! This dynamic learning environment will provide a safe place for learning and for you to raise your awareness. I am here to help you experience life-changing perspectives and transformative change. Learn how to utilize your greatest strengths so you can live your best life and experience a SHIFT.
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The Derek Chauvin verdicts reminded me of the words of Dr. King, when he said, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a constant attitude.” I really can’t think of anything else to add to that statement, except that Black folks are constantly having to forgive… to live. We have to forgive the people who still don’t value our lives in order that we can go on with life and somehow overcome unimaginable emotional, spiritual, mental, and psychological stressors that are part of the everyday lived experience of Black folks.Links:
Shortly after the Derek Chauvin verdicts were read, Keith Ellison, the Attorney General of Minnesota, was giving remarks, extending appreciation, and making observations about the work of this coming generation. And I couldn't help but notice the team that was behind him. I think approximately half of the team were white males, and the other half of the team were men and women of color. And it just kind of stopped me in my tracks. This is what diversity, inclusion and belonging looks like and should be about.Links:
Unless we can all find the place where we belong, unless we can all find the cause that we belong to, and that we feel belongs to us, there's really no point. There's really no hope for any kind of justice unless we can belong to each other. And unless we can find the cause, to which we all belong.Let's Connect -
Wrapping up the month’s focus on mental health and wellness, In her “Real Conversations with Dr. Anita” she learns about the impacts of bi-polar disorder on those who manage it and the people who try to love them with subject matter expert Dr. Cheree MontgomeryLet's Connect -
Continuing the dialogue about Kanye West in this second episode of “nSanity Check with Dr. Anita” she and her crew explore the real challenges of managing mental health and wellnessLet's Connect -
Remember when Kayne West declared his run for president? In her “nSanity Check with Dr. Anita” podcast, listen in as she wonders out loud, “Is this crazy, or is it just me?”Let's Connect -
Introducing Dr. Anita

Introducing Dr. Anita


Listeners will be introduced to a new voice in podcasts: In her “Keeping It Real with Dr. Anita” hear how it all began, understand the intention for each week’s broadcast, and discover Dr. Anita’s passion for facilitating conversations that matter.Click below:Facebook-
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