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In this months episode, Gemma and Geraint discuss the history of composite materials with Ignaas Verpoest, Emeritus Professor at KU Leuven. Fresh from his work with JEC tracing the 50 years of composites, Ignaas talks us through the early inceptions of polymer matrix composites to the present day, along with some thoughts on what the future may hold.
In this episode, the Material Evolution podcast host a special live International Women's day special in association with JEC. Geraint and Gemma are joined by Sue Halliwell of Composites UK, Marcy Offner from Composites One, Anne Bertherau from Owens Corning, & Claire Baker from Toray to discuss what it means to be a woman working in the composites industry in 2022, the challenges they face and what can be done to increase the number of women working in the field.
In this months episode, Gemma and Geraint are joined by Yannick Willemin from 9T labs, where we discuss all things additive manufacturing (3d printing) and Le Tour de JEC.
In this episode we continue our fascinating interview with Willem Toet, where he details the amazing material technologies currently used in formula one, his time at Ferrari and answers the question everyone wants to know, who would he invite to dinner?
In this episode we interview Willem Toet, former chief of aerodynamics at the Bennetton and Ferrari formula one teams and now Professor of Motorsport Engineering at the University of Bolton. Willem tells us about how he got into aerodynamics in formula one and lifts the lid on the controversial 1994 season from the Benetton perspective.
In this months episode, Gemma and Geraint are joined by Lucas Morgan from Multiply Components, where we discuss why carbon fibre is an ideal material for x-ray imaging components and how the industry needs to do more when it comes to training.
In this month's episode Jeroen Wats from the Ultimate Boat Company tells us about the environmental impact of the yachting industry and the steps he is taking with his DANU recyclable composite material.
In this episode Tom Greaves from Haydale joins us to discuss Graphene. Is it all just hype, or is the hype justified?
In this episode we are joined by Claire Baker from Toray, Gemma Christian from Alvant, Kelly Ellis from Composite Integration and Olivia Wilding from Arrival to discuss the current state of play for women working the composites sector and what we can do to get more girls into engineering.
Dr Andrew Limmack is Deputy Chief Engineer in the Aerospace and Defence team at the NCC with a specialism in the more unusual applications of composites, advanced materials and non-conventional testing. Having studied for a Masters degree in Aeronautical engineering from the University of Bristol he went on to undertake a PhD in the development and testing of nanocomposite materials for the protection of composite rotor blades in extreme environments. Following further research and teaching activities, Dr Limmack provided consultancy in reduction of defects and increasing the sustainability in composite manufacturing and assembly of civil aerospace and large wind turbine structures with a Bristol-based SME, in addition to playing an active role in European research council and UK Defence funded materials development programs including high rate, low cost composite manufacturing technology, multifunctional materials, testing and sustainable manufacturing processes. Alongside a lifelong passion for materials technology and propulsion systems, environmental responsibility and sustainability has become a fundamental driver behind his work.
Joe entered the composites industry in 1999 when he joined Gurit, or SP systems as it was then. After 4 years, he moved into business manager for the automotive section. Since then he has been involved in setting up a new factory in China and covered various roles from Business Development, to Head of Engineering, Programme Management to Managing Director.​Since 2017, Joe has been the Managing Director for Airbourne UK and became Commercial Director for the Airbourne Group in 2020. He has also been a director of Composites UK since July 2020. Find out what makes Joe tick, what has kept his interest in this exciting industry, and how things work at Airborne in the first of our podcasts.



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