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The BreedCast - innovative dairy breeding in your ears
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The BreedCast - innovative dairy breeding in your ears

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Get an insight into the future of cattle breeding. Learn from experts in beef and dairy farming. Listen to The BreedCast — your podcast series on innovative breeding. Are you running out of time to read all the stories and tips on innovative dairy farming? How about taking the latest news with you where ever you go — right in your ears? The BreedCast is a podcast series for dairy and beef producers around the world — produced by VikingGenetics. We invite experts to share their best tips on how to breed healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows. Get updated on:•Solutions that can help you breed for better fertility, healthier cows, higher production, and a greater quality of life•Technologies that can make your dairy or beef business more profitable•Future trends in innovative cattle breeding are on the horizon. We like to keep the vibe of The BreedCast warm and informal — just like a skilled advisor visiting your farm. Do you have a topic in mind for a future BreedCast episode?We'd love to hear from you! Enjoy the BreedCast - innovative breeding in your ears.
26 Episodes
Holstein Friesian cows are one of the symbols of dairy farming; nearly 75% of dairy cows worldwide belong to this breed. However, many Holstein farmers who used to select traits to boost production now struggle with herd health, fertility, and cows too large to be efficient.So, how can dairy farmers effectively balance health, fertility, and longevity with milk production? And what can you do to make your Holstein herd more profitable and efficient?To take a deep dive into the breed and get management tips for having healthier, more fertile Holstein cows, we invited a dairy farmer and a breeding expert to share their experience and knowledge on all things Holstein cattle.Guests:Leo Hansen, Dairy Manager at Härjanurme Mõis, EstoniaHanna Driscoll, Product Manager for VikingHolstein at VikingGenetics.Host:Tomás De La Rosa
The world has put dairy farmers and cows under a magnifying glass. How our food is produced has never been under so much scrutiny from governments, media, and consumers.But what is the best way to inform everyday people about dairy farming? And how can journalists help by promoting the efforts of farmers?To learn more and hear great stories about dairy farmers worldwide, we invited two journalists with over 20 years of experience to share their knowledge of the press’s role in bridging the gap with consumers and boosting support for dairy farming in times of pressure.Guests:Christian Friis Hansen, Director and Senior Editor at LandbrugsMedierneChris McCullough, Freelance International Agri-journalistHost:Tomás De La Rosa 
The number of Jersey cows across the world is growing; more dairy farmers are switching from traditional breeds to Jerseys. As larger cows require more space and management costs increase, the smaller yet high-performance Jerseys provide a sustainable alternative.But how can switching breeds be beneficial for your dairy business? And what makes Jersey the ideal breed for this purpose?To learn more and get tips on making the transition go smoothly, we invited two Jersey cow experts to share their experience and knowledge on how to breed healthy and profitable Jersey cows.Guests:Peter Larson, Senior Breeding Manager for VikingJersey at VikingGenetics Lauge Jakobsen, Herd Manager at Gram & Nybøl EstatesHost:Tomás De La Rosa
Arla has opened its first innovation farm in Denmark to accelerate the development and demonstrations of new solutions for animal welfare, biodiversity, and the transition to more sustainable farming. VikingGenetics is collaborating in this, helping identify and breed more climate-friendly cows with fewer emissions.But does an Arla innovation farm do differently from other dairy farms? What opportunities will this offer to future-friendly farming?To learn what innovative dairy farming looks like and what developments are critical for a transition to be more sustainable, we are joined by an organic dairy farmer with over 25 years of experience and two innovation experts in the studio.Guests:Tatiani Bula Sundgaard, Agriculture Innovation Manager at Arla FoodsTorben Sønderby, dairy farmer, owner of Klink ØkologiJan Lassen, PhD, Senior Project Manager at VikingGeneticsHost:Tomás De La Rosa
The majority of dairy cows in New Zealand are crossbred. This “national herd” consists primarily of Friesian x Jerseys. However, over the last four years, VikingRed has become the number one option for farmers looking to boost their crossbreeding with healthier, more robust genetics. But why is crossbreeding dominant in New Zealand? And what are the main traits farmers aim for?  To learn more, we sat down for an informal, improvised chat with a local expert on New Zealand’s unique dairy farming industry, crossbreeding and genetic trends, and other things Kiwi farmers should be on the lookout for. Guests:Jim Bruce, Country Manager for Australia & New Zealand at VikingGeneticsHost:Hielke Wiersma
When it comes to dairy farming in the Nordic countries, we are always talking about the NTM – the Nordic Total Merit Index. But what makes the NTM one of the most progressive breeding value systems in the world? How can using the index boost the health and profit of your dairy herd?To explain the index simply and practically, we’re joined by a leading veterinarian with more than 30 years of experience and an expert Holstein cattle breeder.Guests: Kaj Abrahamsen, Chief Veterinarian, at VikingGeneticsHanna Driscoll, Product Manager for VikingHolstein, at VikingGeneticsHost: Hielke Wiersma
Consumer trends are constantly changing. What consumers think and want impacts the food supply chain and, as a result, your farm and cattle breeding. But how will societal and consumer trends affect cattle breeding in the future? What will farming look like in 2040?To discuss the trends and technologies that will define the farming of tomorrow, we invited an expert geneticist and cattle breeder and an international, award-winning journalist specialising in all aspects of agriculture.Guests:Lars Nielsen, Chief Breeding & Production Officer, at VikingGeneticsChris McCullough, Freelance International Agri-journalistHost: Hielke Wiersma
Farmers in Europe are under pressure. Governments begin to introduce plans to reduce livestock numbers to curb greenhouse gas emissions.This has led to protests by farmers in The Netherlands and highlighted the conflict between environmental policy and the needs of agriculture and food production.But how do farmers adapt to these new policies? Could choosing smaller, more feed-efficient breeds be the solution?To discuss this, we’ll be talking to a cattle breeding expert and farmer from the Netherlands, and a senior breeder and product manager with more than 30 years of experience with Jersey cows.Guests:Walter Liebregts, CEO and Owner of Koole & LiebregtsPeter Larson, Product Manager for VikingJersey, at VikingGeneticsHost:Hielke Wiersma
A new study shows that cattle emissions in the Nordics can be reduced by approximately 20% by 2050 by investing in feed efficiency. To support this, VikingGenetics is installing the CFIT system in more dairy farms and investing in the Saved Feed Index.But what opportunities does this bring to you as a farmer? How does having access to more feed efficiency data benefit you financially and environmentally?  To learn how to breed more feed-efficient, future-friendly cows, we invited two experts on feed efficiency and sustainable farming into the studio.Guests: Coralia Manzanilla-Pech, Pd.D. in Animal Breeding & Genetics, Assistant Professor at Aarhus UniversityJan Lassen, Ph.D. in Agronomy and Crop Science, Senior Project Manager at VikingGeneticsHost: Hielke Wiersma
Inbreeding herds with insufficient genetic variety can hinder cow health and fertility. Crossbreeding is increasingly becoming a solution to this problem, as the right mix of breeds can lead to significant improvements and profits.How does crossbreeding lead to healthier cows with better fertility and longer lifespans? What are some of the problems that come with inbreeding? To learn more, we invited one of the world’s most knowledgeable dairy crossbreeding experts. She tells us about the potential of crossbreeding, the limitations of inbreeding – especially among Holstein cows, and the benefits of the ProCROSS solution.Guests: Amy Hazel Loeschke, Ph.D in Dairy Crossbreeding, Product Consultant at ProCROSSHost: Hielke Wiersma
Introducing beef genes to boost low genetic parts of dairy herds is a growing trend in the cattle industry. This benefits farmers, consumers, and cows alike, as it optimizes profitability, minimizes climate impact, improves animal welfare, and more. How does the Nordic Beef on Dairy Index (NBDI) use data tell us what preferable breeding values provide these benefits? And why is Danish Blue a top-performing breed in this index?  In this episode, we’re joined by two experts on beef-on-dairy. They give us detailed insights into its benefits and why it is a leading solution toward more sustainable future-friendly farming. Guests: Reni Hvam Nielsen, Product Manager for VikingBeef at VikingGeneticsAnders Fogh, Manager for Genetic Evaluation at SEGESHost: Hielke Wiersma
Polled genetics in cattle production is on the rise. Consumers, retailers and other parties are asking for better animal welfare. They're questioning the ethics surrounding the dehorning of beef and dairy cattle. But what is polledness in a cow or a bull? How can you use polled genetics in your breeding strategy — and be on the forefront of the future demands in the dairy industry? In this episode, a Senior Breeding Manager will share his extensive knowledge on polledness and dehorning. The focus is to get you equipped to make the best decisions with polled genetics. Guests:Jakob Lykke Voergaard, Senior Breeding Manager for VikingRed at VikingGeneticsHost:Hielke Wiersma
Seasonal calving is growing in popularity. In some parts of the world, up to 80% of dairy farmers are using this farming system but challenges with fertility and health can significantly impact their profits. How do you manage seasonal calving well? How do you get the optimum production and profit as a pasture-based farmer? We're joined by a seasonal calving expert from the UK who shares his perspectives. He also reveals why seasonal calving can be a smart farming system for the future. Guests:Chris Stone, Senior Account Manager for VikingGenetics UKHost:Hielke Wiersma
We're facing a serious situation with food supply and food security around the world. How can you be prepared for the new demands as a dairy or beef farmer? What tools are available to strengthen your milk and beef production in a new, uncertain world? We've invited a Senior Breeding Manager and a dairy farmer, who's also a member of the EU Parliament, to share their perspectives. They also share their predictions of what challenges might be next.  Guests:Jakob Lykke Voergaard, Senior Breeding Manager for VikingRed at VikingGeneticsAsger Christensen, Member of the EU Parliament and dairy farmerHost:Hielke Wiersma
Inbreeding can give high, hidden costs in your dairy herd — and be quite difficult to spot. How can you manage inbreeding well? How can you ensure a healthy herd with sufficient genetic variety? In this episode, you get to hear from a Breeding Specialist who's doing a PhD on inbreeding. We're also joined by a Breeding Manager with decades of experience in breeding for health and performance. Both of them share their best tips on how to manage inbreeding in your herd — and reveal why some inbreeding can actually be good.  Guests:Saija Tenhunen, Ph.D. student and Breeding Specialist at VikingGeneticsPeter Larson, Product Manager for VikingJersey, at VikingGeneticsHost:Hielke Wiersma
When one of your cows is struggling with poor hoof health, it impacts not only the cow's well-being, fertility and milk production. It also has great consequences for the bottom line of your business. So how can you maintain good hoof health and spot the signs early?In this episode, you get to hear from a vet and a breeding advisor on how you can improve the hoof health in your herd.  Guests:Kaj Abrahamsen, Chief Veterinarian, VikingGenetics. Also a member of RepVet, an advisor to the European Union. Jim Bruce, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, VikingGeneticsHost:Louise Rønn Svane
As many other dairy farmers, you may have experienced mixed results with artificial insemination of your cows. A successful pregnancy depends on a number of variables, so what can you do to get the best possible results?We've invited an insemination expert and a vet to share their best tips — before, during and after an insemination. Learn about the cow, the heat, the environment, the semen, the equipment and the timing. Guests:Niels Haulrik Kristiansen, Head of Training Division for Artificial Insemination Technicians, VikingDanmarkKaj Abrahamsen, Chief Veterinarian, VikingGenetics. Also a member of RepVet, an advisor to the European Union. Host:Louise Rønn Svane
VikingRed is one of the fastest growing breeds for crossbreeding around the world. But why has it become the secret ingredient in successful crossbreeding today?In this episode, you get to hear from dairy farmer Hayden Ferriman who recently added VikingRed to his herd in New Zealand. We're also joined by two breeding experts who will tell you more about VikingRed and how this breed can help you breed healthy, fertility and long-living cows. Guests:Hayden Ferriman, dairy farmer, Three Leaf Farm, New ZealandJakob Lykke Voergaard, Senior Product Manager for VikingRed, VikingGeneticsJim Bruce, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, VikingGeneticsHost:Louise Rønn Svane
Feed-efficiency is one of the hottest topics is cattle breeding right now. But how do you actually become more feed-efficient as a farmer? How do you save feed costs, reduce climate impact and improve the welfare of your animals? A high-tech farmer and a feed-efficiency expert will give you latest news on feed efficiency. They will tell you all about the new CFIT Technology and Saved Feed Index — and how these tools can help you breed for a more sustainable future. Guests:Jan Lassen, PhD and Senior Project Manager, VikingGeneticsAnders Levring, Chairman of the Board, VikingDanmark and owner of two dairy farms Host:Louise Rønn Svane
Crossing different dairy breeds can give you an up to 9% higher daily profit. You get healthier, more fertile cows and a higher lifetime production. But what do you need to watch out for before and after you start crossbreeding?In this episode, you get to hear from two breeding experts as they share their experiences and tips from helping farmers crossbreed around the world.  Guests:Jakob Lykke Voergaard, Senior Product Manager VikingRed, VikingGeneticsHielke Wiersma, Product Manager Cross, VikingGenetics Host:Louise Rønn Svane
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