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Sit back and grab a cup of coffee or a cocktail, who are we to tell you what to have? Let's dive into all things real estate and mortgage!
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Here at Coffee Talk the Podcast, we are always wanting to keep you on top of newest trends of the market. You may have heard that the real estate market is on FIRE! But what happened to it about a month ago? Could we be seeing a cool down? Or was it just a little blip in time where activity was "slow." Take a listen and we will fill you in on how the Minnesota real estate market is performing!
In this episode of Coffee Talk the Podcast, we will be breaking down what an appraisal clause is and what are some perks to working with both Sam and Shane!
It's no secret that in real estate there are a lot of moving parts. Right now its moving faster than ever which can get very overwhelming for everyone! This is why it is important to have a well thought out plan and prepare for every situation that could come from a transaction in this market. Take a listen and see what you should be talking about and preparing for!
**A COFFEE TALKS THE PODCAST EXCLUSIVE** Yup...Sam and Shane are talking about it...again! But they are divulging everything that has been working for them and their clients to get their offers accepted. As Shane mentions, Sam got three offers accepted in the past weekend. So there is a method to the madness. It IS possible to win in multiple offers without being the highest offer. Just also know, everyone's situation is different. Some of these tools people will be able to use and others not. But adding in any one of these tools to your purchase agreement can help you WIN! I mean, who doesn't like winning?! Most importantly as Sam and Shane have stressed...HAVE A PLAN! A buyer with a plan is a winning buyer!
We are so excited that you're here to learn about all things real estate and mortgage. Grab yourself a cup of something and let's talk about how to win in multiple offers and what not do do during the loan process! 
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