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In this Episode, we sit down with Dr. Matthew Miller, a graduate of the Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry, multi-award winner for his work in cosmetic dentistry, and a clinical evaluator and consultant for The Dental Advisor. Dr. Miller discusses the benefits and challenges of group practice, how his practice has continued to thrive and grow throughout COVID, and he also discusses fee-for-service vs. insurance models for clinicians looking to establish their own business. 
In our first episode, we sit down with Dr. Sonia Chopra, board-certified endodontist, as she discusses how she has built a first-of-its-kind eSchool learning platform for continuing education in endodontics.   Dr. Chopra also discusses with us the early stages of her career and how that has shaped and formed her personal brand into the booming practice that it is today.
Welcome to KaVo Masters by KaVo Dental, join us as we examine with some of our nation’s top dental practitioners how they were able to break through and join the ranks of the most elite clinical professionals in the business. Each episode contains powerful insights and creative ideas to help you grow your business and Master Your Craft.
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