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Startup Nation - where we celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship and delve into the future of business and technology driven by Irish entrepreneurs! Each episode we’ll have founders discussing the challenging journey of scaling a business, cutting edge start-ups and their concepts and expert guests exploring emerging technologies. Brought to you by Dublin BIC
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In this episode, we delve into automation.Work, including the processes that have fared us well previously, are undergoing the most dramatic changes in recent history. Contributing factors include  the pandemic of course, but also, technical advancements, digitally native employees and the shift in focus to work/life balance. Conversations have centred around where we work, but the interesting question posing itself now is, HOW will we work?Driving this change is Industry 4.0 - automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which can include capabilities such as cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence. We are joined by :Tim Crowe, CEO & co-founder of WrxFloRory O'Doherty, Founder of
This week on the show, we're talking about food and drink; two things that many of us associate with positivity. However, the research shows we are seeing an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease, driven by how the food industry, and by extension our own consumption habits, have evolved.We're discussing innovations and opportunities in the food and drink industries that could help unburden the economy from the strain of obesity and chronic disease, protect the environment and create a nation of healthy citizens.We are joined by :Aonghus Shortt, CEO & founder of FoodMarbleKaren O'Neill, CEO & founder of Beekon Batches
Episode 1 - Female Founders

Episode 1 - Female Founders


We're back with Season 2 of Startup Nation!Diversity in business, and particularly at leadership level is a topic that’s been more prevalently discussed over the last number of years. But what is it like for women founding and scaling their own businesses? What are the differences that women face in the world of start-ups compared to their male counterparts? This week we discuss Female Founders and are delighted to be joined by:Sheelagh Daly, Entrepreneurship Manager at Enterprise IrelandDeirdre Lyons, CEO & Founder of ExamflyCeline Dee, Founder & Director at RichardsDee
This week on the show, we explore challenges - the big breakthroughs in major challenges in health, climate and many more aspects of society. What major medical breakthroughs will save lives? Or surgeries that can be done more successfully due to the use of robotics and AI? Or solutions for carbon capture that will result in the sustainability of our planet?We are joined by:Feargal Brady of Blueface, VentureWave Capital and NoFrixionDr. Ruth Freeman of Science Foundation IrelandSuzanne Moloney of Hidramed Solutions
This week on the show we are talking Digital Transformation. From a business perspective, this is a really exciting area at a very exciting time. Every business is looking to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. It’s particularly exciting for startups – so much innovation is coming in the form of digital solutions designed to create value and drive revenue growth – all in tune with the more sophisticated consumer demands. We are joined by:Michael Culligan - CEO of Dublin BICMark Jordan - Chief Technologist at Skillnet IrelandKatie Farrell -  COO and Co-founder of SQUID
We'll explore what 'The Future of Work' really means; how employers and employees really feel, how it will impact our current jobs and indeed future prospects and of course how COVID-19 has propelled us to new work models sooner than expected.What opportunities have people seized as a result of the disruption COVID-19 has caused to the world of work – such as the use of digital meetings software and digitalisation of HR, and what role has innovation played in the way people work?This week we are joined by:Peter Cosgrove of FuturewiseDavid Burke of Hays IrelandCiara Garvan of WorkJuggle
Along with the launch of the 2021 Profit with Purpose magazine from Business Spirit Platform, Dublin City Council & LEO Dublin City, this weeks episode of Startup Nation focuses on just that - Profit with Purpose!We are seeing the emergence of purpose driven companies – companies that are trying to solve some of the world's largest problems such as food waste, carbon emissions and sustainability.This week we are joined by:- Faye Walsh Drouillard of WakeUp Capital- Aisling Kirwan of Positive Carbon- Ciara Feehely of Vita Ireland
Cyber Security is a massive global industry – $153 billion – and it’s growing at a phenomenal rate with demand for solutions escalating exponentially during the pandemic when more and more of our business and personal lives moved into the digital world.This week, we are joined by -Darren Sexton - CEO of GuardYooPaul C Dwyer - CEO of Cyber Risk International & President at ICTTF - International Cyber Threat Task ForceJohn Ghent - CEO of
There are huge changes and innovations in the food space in terms of what we eat and how that food is produced for example, lab grown meat, insects in our diet, personalisation in health and nutrition and the demise of our supermarkets to be replaced by farm to fork preferences.We are also  seeing big innovations in the world of packaging, storage and waste disposal and it is clear that as consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their actions have on the environment.This week, we are joined by - Alison Cowzer - Co - founder of East Coast Bakehouse and Dragon on RTÉ's Dragon's DenJohn Stapleton - The 'Authentic Entrepreneur'​Alison Stroh - Co - founder of Dr. Coy's Health Food
How are start-ups and founders raising funds to scale and grow? What funding options are available?In this episode, we'll look at the world of investment and funding for start-ups including debt funding, equity funding and crowdfunding and the science behind investing. This week, we are joined by - Chris Burge - CEO of Spark CrowdfundingEmmet Savage - CEO of MyWallStJohn O'Dwyer - Partner at Element Finance
How have the arts and creative world fared over the past year? What innovations have been discovered and what new trends are we seeing with consumer behaviours?In this episode, we’ll be discussing how the arts have suffered due to the pandemic, what new innovations are coming down the track to get them back up and running and how people will experience events and shows in the future.This week, we are joined by - John Rice - Founder & CEO of JAM MediaTroy Armour - Founder & CEO of Junk KoutureMaggie Matthews - Research Director at Behaviour & Attitudes
Climate change impacts will continue to increase in the coming decades and the big challenge for humanity, many will argue, is how effectively government, business and individuals can work together to reduce carbon emissions. This urgent demand has been the catalyst for the creation of many new businesses in the ‘sustainability space’ – creating what many refer to as the green economy.In this episode, we'll explore the issues and solutions with:Brian O' Kennedy -  Clearstream SolutionsDr. Fiona Edwards Murphy - ApisProtectMichael Phelan - GridBeyond
'Connectivity' - in our cities and homes, via our devices and wearables through IoT, but what is IoT? What will the future city look like? What is smart mobility?In this episode, we will explore our connected world and how new innovations are shaping the future city, mobility and many other aspects of our daily lives.This week, we are joined by - Jamie Cudden - Smart City Programme Manager at Dublin City CouncilAndrew Fleury - CEO of Luna SystemsPaul Glynn - CEO of Davra
What will the future of healthcare look like?In this episode, we will explore the healthcare innovations coming down the track, like the use of AI and robotics to perform routine medical procedures and surgeries, gene editing to prevent illness, on the spot full body scans to detect a multitude of disease and treatment of those diseases delivered remotely through wearable or injectable technology. This week, we are joined by - Kevin Darcy, PhD - General Manager of HealthXLSinéad Crowther - CEO & founder of Soothing SolutionsJim Joyce - CEO & founder of HealthBeacon
In this episode, we will be looking at how our world has changed since the pandemic began. COVID-19 has created uncertainty across society in so many ways but one trend has become clear: it has vastly accelerated digital adoption and our move to online retailing and consumption. Innovations that would normally take years to be get a foothold have taken just months or even weeks!This week, we are joined by -Damien McLoughlin - Anthony C. Cunningham Professor of Marketing at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School Sharon Keegan - CEO & founder of PeachyleanDevan Hughes - CEO & founder of Buymie
Are we living in a world of information overload? Is technology the problem or a potential solution?In this episode, we will explore topics such as misinformation and disinformation,  fake news and how we are consuming content across different channels, platforms and technologies.We will discuss the issues, the impact on society and the possible solutions.This week, we are joined by - Dr. Eileen Culloty - a post-doctoral researcher at the DCU Institute for Future Media and JournalismCamille Donegan - Creative Director for SolasVR, independent producer and founding member of Eirmersive Mark Little - journalist for RTE's Primetime, founder of Storyful and CEO & founder of Kinzen
Startup Nation podcast is brought to you by Dublin BIC. Tune in to hear from Ireland's most innovative founders, to hear the truth about what it takes to scale a business and to find out about the future innovations shaping our world.
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