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iuwe4good Creative World Changers

Author: Jane Cook, podcast host/ Music provided courtesy of Round Owl Music ©2021

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“iuwe4good Creative World Changers" is a podcast to interview inspired, passionate people who are following their heart dreams and using their creativity for the good of others and to inspire you to follow your dreams and change the world for good.
4 Episodes
How do you dig wells in Uganda with cake?! Danielle Boggs, the creator of The Overflow Cakery,  will tell you her story in this podcast. She makes beautiful,  tasty,  quality specialty cakes and with each purchase a percentage is donated to bring not only fresh water but the Living Water of Christ to thirsty people and hearts. #digawellwithcake #shoplocal
Ashley shares her heart and vision for giving back to the community and to those who are doing good in the world through her retail store, The Giving Tree. You will be inspired to take what is in your hand and use it for others.
Andrea Aasen, the CEO & Executive Director of Extreme Love Ministries, shares her heart and mission for justice for those who are being trafficked. Be inspired as she shares a part of her journey in changing the world by stepping out as she travels to Thailand and Cambodia and other countries to seek out the vulnerable. Be inspired to step out into your passion; into the life God has called you to. You can make a difference! 
Jane Cook, the founder of Empowered Women Create, shares the vision of empowering women who are vulnerable to oppression, poverty, sex work, and slavery around the world, to create sustainable income for themselves and their children through creativity. Jane will inspire you to go for your dreams and visions. She believes that we change the world for good together.
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