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In this episode Kisha Gallagher, author of "The Biblical New Moon: A Guide for Celebrating", joins us to discuss New Moons; what they are, what they mean, and their significance for believers today!
This is an episode you don't want to miss.  Listen along as I interview Josh Muglia, the author of "Idolatry: Journey out of Egypt" and be sure to grab a copy of his book afterwards!  
Sin, Love, and Torah

Sin, Love, and Torah


In this episode we dive into the bibles definition of sin, love and what the gospel is!  With the world and society trying to redefine it every day it's important we learn what God's definition is and live with that understanding!
In this episode we dive into Paul and some of his letters.  Not so much verse by verse but more how he is cited often by believers to justify not following God's law today.  What was he talking about, why is he hard to understand, and what did he teach?
In this episode we explore the fall feasts.  What are their implications, should we celebrate them today, will we celebrate them when our King returns and much more!  Special guest Brent Hanson helps us unpack a lot of the information!
In this episode I look historically and biblically at the timeline of Yeshua's death and resurrection and then compare this to both Passover and Easter, to try to determine which one we should celebrate as believers!
In this episode we don't dive into the history of widely celebrated holidays as much as we ask the question, is it ok to participate in them?
In this episode we set the direction we are headed for the next few episodes discussing traditional holidays and the Holy Days given in the bible!
Is it ok to eat bacon?

Is it ok to eat bacon?


In this episode we explore the dietary laws as well as the theme throughout the bible in support of God's Law and the implications for us today!
In this episode I discuss the history of the sabbath, what the bible has to say about it, and how my family celebrates it today!
In this episode I sit down with the creators of The Way Documentary, Luke and Kayte Abaffy.  We discuss the documentary, their journey of making it, and other projects that they have completed or may complete in the future!



In this episode get a quick overview of my history and what to expect from the rest of the series!



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