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Author: AISAP

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Real Conversations for Admission & Enrollment Professionals

Experience the power of belonging as AISAP’s Janice Crampton connects with independent school professionals over their experiences in admission and enrollment. Listen to this podcast to be empowered to go out there and Admit!

56 Episodes
As she moves into a new era of her personal and professional life, Cierra Rickman shares about the importance of a personal mission statement, balancing work with the responsibilities of motherhood, and the incredible impact that women leaders and mentors have had on her journey through admissions and into her newest role as director of advancement.
Debby Murphy responds to this question from an AISAP member, "How do you communicate with families regarding a withholding of an invitation to return?"
Susan's dedication to her mission, vision, and values has enabled her to forge her own path through the world of admissions, enrollment, and beyond. Listen and learn how she carved out a career that includes a healthy dose of reflection, multiple memorable mentors, and a little bit of Shakira.
Chuck English answers this audience question: A parent of a student is caught up in a media crisis that is causing a great deal of concern among other parents at the school. What should the school say to address these concerns?
Effective enrollment marketing requires mastering the art of conversation between school and parents. Chuck English pulls from decades of experience consulting for independent schools to help clarify the difference between marketing and communications and the impact they make on the enrollment process.
Pam Safford fills us in on the trends she's seeing among families and the challenges facing parents and children. How can our admissions process evolve to best support the post-COVID generation?
After returning home from a stretch of world travel, Pam Safford chats with Janice about the realities of working in admissions, providing insight into the commonalities she's noticing during interviews with parents and students.
Debby Murphy answers the question on everyone's mind: Should I be using A.I. or ChatGPT in my work in admissions and enrollment?
From the use of AI to the timing of application deadlines, Janice and Debby talk industry trends, professional triumphs, and the challenges that admission and enrollment professionals face as we move into a new calendar year.
Krystal Clark answers this audience question: As the second in my office, every project that I work on runs through my supervisor who ends up getting all the credit. How do I talk to my supervisor about sharing credit where credit is due?
Season 4 of We Admit! kicks off with a candid conversation with Krystal Clark, Director of Employee Learning and Engagement at Vanderbilt University. Through her energetic honesty and optimism, Krystal equips employees and leaders to thrive by focusing on their strengths, highlighting what makes them uniquely capable for their roles.
Eight months into his role as Executive Director of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, Anand Mahadevan feels like he's still learning the ropes, but leads with humility, authenticity, and vulnerability nonetheless. Learn how his unmitigated hope for the next generation inspires this award-winning educator to continue to grow and evolve.
Anand Mahadevan responds to audience question, "I'm struggling to integrate my teachers into my admission and enrollment process, and yet I don't want to default to paying them for their work. How do I get their buy-in and understanding?"
Through two decades of experience in independent schools, Ray Diffley recognizes the importance of forming, creating, and improving upon a child's character throughout their K-12 years. Learn how a series of "go to grow" moments led to his meaningful work at RD3 Education & Advising Center.
Scott Schamberger answers this audience question, "I'm at a new school as Director of Financial Aid and my predecessor ran things ineffectively. What should be the structure of my role and how should I best interact with the finance department?"
On his journey from admissions to head of school, Scott has learned that taking “little risks” is pivotal to achieving bigger goals.
Michelle Ulland gives her authentic take on the question, "My head of school was just terminated. What should I say to applicants concerned about future leadership?"
Join us for an honest and authentic conversation with Michelle Ulland where she talks about the rollercoaster ride that is the admissions and enrollment cycle and how openness and transparency, even at low points, can prove beneficial for schools.
Ray Diffley answers this audience question, "What career paths should I consider after a successful decade in admissions work?"
From Division 1 college athlete to Director of Admissions, Davion Fleming has an established career of crafting the future of independent school communities by focusing on WIN (What's Important Now). As a member of AISAP's Board of Directors, Davion offers insight into the tremendous impact of admission and enrollment professionals and how this global association can better support them.