DiscoverWe Admit! True Stories from Admission & Enrollment Professionals
We Admit! True Stories from Admission & Enrollment Professionals
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We Admit! True Stories from Admission & Enrollment Professionals

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Join AISAP’s Janice Crampton as she hosts honest conversations with admission and enrollment professionals, highlighting the trials and triumphs of working within the independent school community. Listen to this podcast to be educated, elevated, and empowered to go out there and Admit!
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Expert Caryl Frankenberger and legal counsel Janice Gregerson answer several audience questions on how to manage conversations around diverse learning profiles with parents and students before, during, and after the admission process. Want to learn more on this topic? Sign up for AISAP's Understanding Diverse Learning Profiles Certificate Program here: This podcast is intended to provide educational information of a general nature. It is not intended as, and should not be viewed to be legal advice with respect to any particular situation. Schools are encouraged to seek counsel for specific advice.
With boundless optimism and curiosity, Ted Fish encourages us to drink regularly from the well of our strengths, stresses the importance of prioritizing school culture, and discusses what makes a good leader in the world of admission and enrollment.
Reunited and it feels so good. Janice is back to reflect on the past year of conversations she's had and lessons she's learned as AISAP's Executive Director and CEO. Listen to learn what excites her most about the year ahead! 
Natasha Estey answers this audience question: When a student includes their email address in the application process, should I direct communications to the student or the parent(s)?
Today's guest identifies as a thinker with an artist's soul. That’s evident in her ability to translate raw data into engaging stories that compel school boards and prospective families alike. Learn how Natasha Estey tapped into her marketing research background to create and launch a podcast that offers a high-touch, intimate connection with the school even when there is little opportunity for in-person engagement.For more information about how to get your school's podcast up and running, read Natasha's free whitepaper here:
Erwin Wong answers this audience question: How does an admission professional know when it's the right time to change schools?
Through extensive and varied experience as an admissions professional, Erwin has seen the tools of the trade evolve, but still argues that nothing replaces the importance of relationship building and connecting with students and families on a human level. Learn how Erwin embodies the motto of "Living Aloha" on this episode of WeAdmit!
Bill Diskin answers a tough audience question: What if you enter a new role in an admission and enrollment office following a predecessor who left on bad terms?
Today’s guest is the AISAP 2019 Vision and Values Award winner, Bill Diskin. Learn how Bill transitioned from English teacher to poet laureate to athletic director, and finally to Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Cannon School. Through his journey, Bill’s greatest lesson learned is treating everyone with dignity, and he remains committed to passing on the wisdom of his career mentors while also conveying a sense of belonging to new students and families at his institutions.
Debby Murphy & Janice Crampton answer audience questions on this first installment of Ask AISAP! Should your school provide military discounts? What's the best way to project enrollment given the uncertainty of the past two years?
Season 3 of WeAdmit! kicks off with state-of-the-industry insights from AISAP's own Debby Murphy. As Director of Learning and Member Engagement, Debby utilizes over 25 years of admission and enrollment experience to develop programming geared toward your professional success. Tune in for her advice on the new school year and adjusting to the post-COVID independent school landscape.
Today’s guest is Tricia Roos, a Dallas native who has built a winning career in sports and admissions. Tricia is the author of “When Wishes Change,” the true story about her journey through the devastating loss of a child. Listen to hear how Tricia perseveres with hope and grace to build the life, family, and career she’d always imagined.**Content Warning** Please note that this episode contains discussion of child loss & grief which may be a difficult topic for some listeners. Please take care of yourself, and if you need to, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.
At Truth Tree, Trevor Waddington is a megaphone for a great match between schools and students, and the key to his success can be found in a yellow pad of paper. Several, in fact. Join us to learn what empowers Trevor to be a better leader for his team and a better version of himself.
Whether you’re new to the profession or a seasoned veteran, leading an admission and enrollment team to success is an ever-evolving challenge. No two years are the same. Listen as Kristen Mariotti & Susan Emery chat about their leadership experiences, how they’re continuing to grow and learn, and why it is essential for admission and enrollment directors to carve out their seat at the decision-making table.
The post-pandemic feeling of exhaustion among enrollment managers isn’t going away anytime soon, and today’s guest is no stranger to the unique pressure of being her institution’s “Chief Revenue Officer.” Join us as we talk work-life balance with Ingrid Palmisano, and unpack her secrets for maintaining sanity through the familiar grind of admission season.
Overwhelmed. Stretched too thin. Chaotic environment. Many independent school professionals are familiar with the feeling of investing so much time and energy into the lives of students and families every admission season. This episode of WeAdmit! is your opportunity to pause… breathe… and recalibrate. Yoga studio owner and teacher Petra Haynes shares her approach to achieving balance in life, teaching us that in order to show up fully for others, we must first show up for ourselves. 
Taking on a new role at a new school is an overwhelming but necessary step in the pursuit of professional growth. On this episode of WeAdmit!, Janice chats with three admission and enrollment professionals moving up in the industry. They share their unique perspective and expand on the importance of personal goals, quality mentors, and well-timed pep talks.
Mark Mitchell knows first-hand the transformative power and value of access to high-quality education and the impact that financial aid can have on a student's life. Now as the Vice President of NAIS, Mark has dedicated his career to making more opportunities available to families and students by challenging schools to be intentional and strategic in their affordability efforts. 
'Go find more diverse applicants' seems to be the implied responsibility of every admissions team. But shouldn’t we first ask why those kids aren’t applying to begin with? In this episode of WeAdmit! we unpack "The Diversity Contradiction" with Shuja Khan, Director of Enrollment Management at Rowland Hall, and learn about his firsthand experience with DEI work.
Caryl Frankenberger has committed her life's work to helping students maximize their learning potential. Caryl has over 30 years experience in assisting families in identifying and understanding their child's cognitive and education profiles. In today's episode we learn some of the challenges faced by parents of students with complex learning profiles and how independent school admission and enrollment professionals might interpret the nuances of psychoeducational evaluations.
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