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Some of the things we've done that went well, some of the things that didn't go so well, and some of the things completely out of ours hands.
006 - Levers To Pull

006 - Levers To Pull


We established already that growing a business isn't the most important thing, but when you DO want to grow a business, what levers do you pull? Here's some of the things we focus on.
The best way to avoid losing money, is to diversify. What does diversification actually mean though? Can one business be more diverse than a dozen? Can you shoot yourself in the foot spreading too thin?
It's always good to grow a business, but that shouldn't make or break a successful acquisition. Here's our thoughts on the matter.
This episode is about what we see as the future of media companies, and our 3 phase plan for the next 3-5 years.
Over the years, we've evolved and adapted our acquisition strategy as the landscape has changed. This episode is all about what we focus on, what we avoid, and why.
This episode is all about the journey Onfolio has been on since inception, and why we chose the public holding company model moving forwards.
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