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WeGlide Weekly Podcast about pilots and their flight stories
6 Episodes
What a number - 1500 km. In one flight in a glider. Unbelievable. Tom Wetzel succeeded in this feat on May 10 in the Alps with a southern foehn. You can find his 14 hours long flight across the Alps here on WeGlide: flight: 1518km, 110,42 km/h 14 hours 7 minGlider: Nimbus 4 Pilot profile: Tom Wetzel, 20 years youngLeave him some likes 🤙🏻Questions? Feedback? Write them to or comment on Instagram @weglide
Yes, we are a bit late - but it was worth waiting... (explanation at the beginning of the podcast) My guest this week is none other than Frerk Frommholz himself. If you have been active on WeGlide, you know him -  he has published a nice blog,  and is generally not unknown in the gliding world. Frerk has done an incredible flight on 25th April 2021 which he presents in the #5 episode of Flight Club. The flight: 1.247 km, 10 hours 15 Min, 123km/h - insane! Here you can see it: Flight profile on WeGlide: - Early start- His motivation to fly- Experience over result- North Germany flying techniques- Some Namibia stuff- the Ventus 3M 😍- Blockspeed- and many other interesting topics Thank you for your feedback so far - we really appreciate it and that is what we do it for. As always, if you have questions --> send them to or comment on Instagram @weglide Thanks for tuning in and listening to us babblers
Katrin Senne is a 2 times World Champion in gliding,  has won many competitions in her career and is a true inspiration for many female glider pilots worldwide. Katrin and Clemens talk about her key to success, how she became such a good pilot, as well as her adventurous flights into the Jura and Alps on 24th and 25th of April. Directly jump into the flights in minute 22:18 Q&A in minute 37:37 Her flight(s) from 24. and 25. April 2021: Explore more flights on www.weglide.orgWrite us your feedback to podcast@weglide.orgComment on instagram :) and leave some like's on Katrin's flights See you next week! 
Arne Röpling, commercial pilot and a very talented glider pilot from Germany is my guest in episode #3.  We are good friends, for Flight Club we switched to English to make the flight and Arne's story accessible for everybody interested in gliding and cross country flying. Will it be the flight of the month?   Arne's flight:, 1030km, 119,86 km/h  We start at 26:00 to talk about the flight.  WeGlide is a new online portal for gliding that has been online since January 2021 and uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide an interactive and social platform that offers pilots unimagined opportunities and will accompany the sport of gliding into the future.
Welcome back to episode #2 Flight Club takes you to the Netherlands. Compared to last week (we talked about ridge soaring in the Alps) this week is the total opposite. Hold your beer - 70 meter is called a mountain.  My guest is Lars Groot, 26 years old. We talk about his flight and interesting stories. Tune in and post your feedback on instagram @weglide or write us a mail to podcast@weglide.org750 km by Lars: His WeGlide Profile:
The first episode of Flight Club takes you to the Southern Alps, a beautiful area situated in between well known lakes like Lago Maggiore & Lago di Como and spectacular mountain ranges.Write us a mail to, add us on Instagram @weglide and leave a comment.Cheers! 
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