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Welcome to the RenegadeRetailer Podcast.
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Welcome to the RenegadeRetailer Podcast.

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This is the start of a whole ⭐New Era⭐ for the RenegadeRetailer. This is the first Podcast of many to come. I will be producing Weekly Podcasts dealing with everything about Retail and Mental Wellness in a 🔥Raw, 🔥Uncut and 🔥Real manner. So let me set your expectations now... DON'T HAVE ANY as there will be 👉Technical Issues, 👉Swearing, 👉Stepping over the threshold of being Politically Correct, 👉 Cancelling the Cancel Culture 👉and Me just being Me. I am always looking for Guests and if you would like to appear on this Podcast please feel free to contact me at: and let me know what you want to talk about and get off of your chest. Please Follow and Share my #Mentalhealth Journey and #Retail Madness Marathon by: ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at: 👉YouTube:👉Blog: https:/renegaderetailer.blogHave a PHENOMENAL day. #thatisall
12 Episodes
All alone in the moonlightI can smile happy your days (I can dream of the old days)Life was beautiful thenI remember the time I knew what happiness wasLet the memory live again⭐Barbara StreisandI have never seen the play or listened to the lyrics of "Memories" but I am living the above on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly basis to bring back some normalcy to my life and try to course correct the wrongs I have done in the past.Not knowing why I was expressing these certain "memory" behavours throughout the last 4 decades has led me on a road to where:👉A Smell,👉A Taste,👉A Sound.👉A Song.....delivered a flashback that slapped me in the face that brought me back to a point in the past.When one of the 3 above come to the forefront one of my several ticks (swearing, weird body movement, interesting noises) will come out and play defence; its your turn to figure out which one it is; as these ticks try to protect me from future harm.I wish Doc Brown from Back to the Future was around to help me out but he is not a connection of mine on LinkedIn.☀️Yes, the goal in life is to look ahead and forget the past, but these flashbacks come with speedbumps, to which I can accept and manoeuvre around.☀️Yes, I regret many things I did in the past but I continue to get past them by extracting lessons.☀️Yes, I would like to correct them as I hurt others, but the past is the past and all I can do is reach out and and have a coffee chat to explain my prior actions as I was not perfect back then or am I now.But with a BIG B .... life goes on and I know the flashbacks are there to keep me grounded and on my continued MentalHeath Journey.Please Follow my #Mentalhealth Journey and #Retail Madness Marathon by SUBSCRIBING to my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:👉YouTube:👉Blog:👉Podcasts:  Have a PHENOMENAL day. #thatisall
We all played this game when we were younger. The goal was to get up the ladder and not hit the head of a Snake that would bring us back down to a new starting point.So what does this have to do with #Retail? Well simple enough, alot of us start at the base of the ladder in Retail and unfortunately there are those out there who do not appreciate seeing individual progress (climbing the ladder) that were faster than their’s. Let’s call these types “Snakes”.These Snakes will at all costs try to stop the progress of talented individuals due to their phenomenal abilities and speed of progress; to which they were incapable of duplicating themselves.Jealousy is a bitch and these Snakes need to be called out by Management instead of continuing to encourage this behaviour by closing a blind eye and by having an anti-venom ready to use.This happened to me at an “ahem” Coffee Company where the Snake continued to try to strike at me on my merits but the Upper Management decided that this was ok even though my results continued to climb the ladder.If you are experiencing this and are not able to climb the ladder of success than there is something wrong and you may need to look towards playing a different game, where the rules are fair for everyone.The game is yours to play and NEVER EVER let someone else control your piece.Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:👉YouTube:👉Blog:👉Podcast: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
The OCD DEMON has returned WITHOUT permission.He has created HAVOC in my life by making want to check to see if the door is locked 10X.He has created HAVOC in my life by making me drive around the block several times to convince me that I closed my door.He has created HAVOC in my life by highlighting minor defects on electronic products and making them GLARE in my eyes like the brightest moments of the Sun to which destroys me as I fixate on them, unable to fix them.He has created HAVOC in my life by making repeat several phrases over and over again in my head.He has created HAVOC in my life my making the smallest dents on my car look like craters.He has created HAVOC in my life by blowing these behaviours out of perportions and eroding the basic foundations of relationships with other.He has created HAVOC in my life by having others not understand what I am going through as I just want to scream outloud as I can not control these thoughts.This DEMON almost made me admit myself to the ER as it felt like I was losing control.This DEMON has been with me as long as I can remember and likes to pluck my strings like an out of tune Musical Instrument.This OCD DEMON will NOT win.This DEMON will NOT catch me crying for help.This DEMON will NOT win as WE dont not play by the same rules.As I look at my reflection in the mirror, I question myself if I am the DEMON.Please Follow my #Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by SUBSCRIBING to my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.
It was back in the late 1990’s on a bus going to a Manager Retreat when the thought came to me, Retail is just another form of ☆ Acting.Who better to appear on a Reality Show than a Retail Manager who is able to STRETCH the truth on almost any opportunity thrown at them.After many years in Retail, I finally realized my one and only weapon, guide, potion is our Job Description. Hold on to that and know it if your life depended on it as it is basically the script of your role.If you: Go off the script and “Improvise”, you may get canned. Don’t remember the script “your responsibilities”, you may be booted out the door. Come into work as a “Grumpass and not willing to Listen or act along with your co-actors”, Ba Bye!Know your role and Job Description inside and out.This is your foundation to act out the part you are being paid for. Act with emotion and increase you listening skills to be able to predict the next line of dialogue. Ask questions to help define the scene and get to know your Audience. After filming (your day) is over, go home, shutdown, enjoy your evening and get ready for your next day of Acting your Role.Enjoy the Veal, take a bubble bath and be ready for your next performance.Please Follow my #Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by SUBSCRIBING to my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.
I refuse to be a statistic and this is why I am thankful today.Everyday.Every Hour.Every Minute.We take life for granted and live under a dome of our own perceived stress.This is how I was living my life until I was asked the following during an interview.“Where do I see myself in 5 years?Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathonby SUBSCRIBING to my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
👉Are you ready for the Annual Employee Evaluations? Before you start writing it please ask yourself:1. Are the notes I took throughout the year of the individuals wins and opportunities are clear, concise and have input from fellow Managers?2. Did the mid year Evaluation review have an impact on the prior year identified Behaviour?3. Is the date and time of the Evaluation set during a time that is convenient and in an private area so we won’t be disturbed.If you answered *No to any of these questions, well then why are you even wasting both of your time.1. An Evaluation should never be difficult to write if the proper Culture of Communication between your Management Team and getting out of your Office to work in the trenches.2. Let me guess, there was no mid year Evaluation because no one told you to do one. So, you are OK with having a 364 day gap between the time you have spoken (and documented) with your Employee about their performance and you still allow them to help run your Business? Ouch!3. Everyone looks forward to feedback and not only for financial reasons. So please ensure that the Associate receiving the feedback is not distracted and you both are able to have a meaningful conversation. This is probably the one and only time you will get that you have this individuals full attention. So, shut off the phone, computer monitor, and block off the time in your calendar.Sounds simple enough? Nope, it isn’t due to the time restraints we all have; but trying to accomplish any of the above will have an impact on both of you.Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathonby SUBSCRIBING to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
One of the thrills of being Bi Polar is that you get the highs of highs but alongside the low of lows.I wish I could count the number of times I was euphoric with sleepless nights, countless business ideas, calling friends with incohertent speech, dancing like a tornado and just wondering how I can bottle this power and energy.Unfortunately I could not to which led onto a slow decline of a depression to which I could not move, get up from a sitting position and led me to sleep more than 15 hours a day.Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy not only to me but my whole family and friends to who got to experience these swings first hand.This would continue on for years and dare I say decades until I sought help as I began to realize that these mood swings were not normal and had destroyed relationships, job opportunities and my health.The highs of being in a cycle were like free falling and nothing could hurt me. No idea was a bad idea. I did not need to sleep. I was the almighty. My incoherent calls to friends and family (at all times) made sense to myself and who cared what others thought. Spending money I didn’t have was ok because I would get it back through some force of nature. I was invincible. I was part of the X-Men and had super powers that no one else had…..I was The Chosen One (as I have tattoed on my knucles). …but guess what. That was all bullshit.Once I came down from the peak of this mountain top there would be a lull of a couple of weeks as to where everything would normalize itself in the valley. …but then the ground would fall out from underneath itself and I would stumble towards the gates of a depression that would not let go of its grasp on me; no matter how hard I fought. Everything was a negative. Everyone was against me. Sleep was my friend. Thoughts of running away were always present, but never a thought of suicide as I am wired to fight and never give up. It felt like I was fighting this constant battle against myself with no winner and no outcome to be seen and this was my destiny. I was to be forever in a whirlpool of a battle of thoughts and emotions that would eventually exhaust me to a point of no return.As I mentioned, suicide was not an option, but my body and mind giving out on me was always on my mind considering I am diabetic and due to the circumstances would some times not play by its rules. So where do I stand today?Better. The medications I am on (seroquel and valrpoic acid) have definately helped the cycling but it sometimes rears its ugly ahead as a unicyle.When this happens I now have the tools in place alongside friends and family who can lend me there support as they have a better understanding of what I am going through and are able to help and react accordingly.So, where am I at today in this exact moment? Half away in my Mental Health Journey in positive frame of mind.Will I ever come to the end of this Marathon? I don’t and I don’t actually think so. …but for someone who loves adventures, OMG this has been the ride of my life.Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathonby SUBSCRIBING to my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
30+ years in #Retail…. how things have changed.Back then: You called an Employee to come in on their day off, they would be there even if there taxi ride made them lose money…and no Uber wasn’t available.A handshake was the commitment towards getting things done and not having to write a plan.Letting the #Employee know that their performance is below par, you didn’t have to sugar coat it and got straight to the point.If something had to be said it was said in the moment and not 2 days later because you had to think of the best way to say it without hurting someones feelings.There was no sense of individual entitlement but a call to get things done as a Team.No one left their job incomplete hoping for someone to take it over.Human Resources was the last resort and not the first as it is today.No smartphones. Enough said.Cough, Cough your Boss may have invited you to there office on Friday afternoon to share a shot to get the weekend started…and guess what? No one got hurt.You may or may not agree with the above.What are your thoughts?What general changes have you seen in the last 30+ years?Please follow my #Mentalhealth Journey and #Retail Madness Marathon by SUBSCRIBING to all 3 of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:Let’s get this ball rolling and Subscribe. YouTube: day.#thatisall
iAnyone who has followed me knows that my life has been a #Retail Journey mixed in with some Madness of being #Bipolar....but I have yet to expose the innerworkings of my mind and what has kept me in this tempest of internal conflict.I hid these symptoms as far back in my daily life and in my career as far I can remember and the struggle was overwhelming on a daily basis trying to push them down just like the Whack a Mole game.Some days were good where the gift of having Manic Episodes (that come with being BiPolar) gave me extreme creative energy and the other days were fighting with myself trying to understand why I felt trapped in my own body, unable to move, unable to think and just wanting to bury myself....but it's all good for the most part. Oy!Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:👉YouTube:👉Blog: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
165,200 days ago this is the furthest I remember asking myself before falling asleep; is it really worth going on another day.Yes, there were influences and indications that there was something wrong that brought me towards this question in my early years and teens, but I have always been a fighter so therefore I am still here to tell the tale.During the 1980’s I was to young to know better or realize that these were not normal thoughts or my behaviours and actions when I look back ties into my recent diagnosis of being BiPolar. I was always different in the way I acted, the way I did things and the way I socialized. They went from the extreme left to extreme right but never in the middle. I was the class joker, I was the one who interupted classes to get attention and I was the one who would change relationships like no tomorrow, and my home life was shit.Then came the 90’s where everything was on hyper drive and I feet the need to apologize to every one that crossed my path as I may have hurt them in may ways that I regret today. I was unable to hold onto a relationship and the relationships that I was in hurt the ones I was with due to my erratic behaviour, selfishness and not being able to control my anger and being able to trust anyone. During this decade I also switched jobs 5 times just due to thinking that I was the Master of my Universe.Looking back now I just shake my head.This is where my thoughts ran even faster as to what is my purpose and if there will ever be a time that these thoughts will dissapear…they never did even though I met my Best Friend and my love Michelle.I tried to fight back these behaviours in front of her during the years before our wedding night, but that night I went outside and just started yelling to myself as every feeling I had bottled up came rushing in and I did not want Michelle to find out.Here came the 2000’s to which was a total blur up until the last couple of years.My daughters were born, money was tight, my depression went on hyper drive and I had NO idea how to handle it as I was exhausted.This is where the questions of being BiPolar raised it’s hand as I could not help control of the family finances, I could not focus in any job that I had therefore I went through 4 more jobs until 2010.After 2010 everything just exploded including keeping jobs again, no energy whastsoever and not being able at all to really be with my daughters as I should have been. To add more hot sauce to this adventure, I went bankrupt 3 years ago to which 80% of BiPolar people do overall.Only in the last two years has the sun start to shine, the stability of our lives are rebuilding and I am able to see a clearer path.Unfortunately this is all due to my medications (15 pills) a day, but at least I am able to function….but my depression has raised its ugly head again during the last couple of months and I only hope its due to the situation we are all in.I can tell you today that my thoughts from 165, 200 days ago (about living for another day) are still with me every night but I believe it is now just a habit to ask these questions, as once again I am not a quitter and will never give in to a battle with myself.I promise.Thou shall not fall.Thou shall not die.Thou shall not fear.Thou shall not kill.Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathonby SUBSCRIBINGto both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:YouTube: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
Making a Career in Retail is usually frowned upon as nobody understands the intricacies of what Retail can bring to one’s overall education.Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:👉YouTube:👉Blog: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
Hello and Welcome.This is the start of a whole ⭐New Era⭐ for the RenegadeRetailer.This is the first Podcast of many to come.I will be producing Weekly Podcasts dealing with everything about Retail and Mental Wellness in a 🔥Raw, 🔥Uncut and 🔥Real manner.So let me set your expectations now...don't have any as there will be technical issues, swearing, stepping over the threshold of being politically correct and just being me. I am always looking for Guests and if you would like to appear on this Podcast please feel free to contact me at: and let me know what you want to talk about and get off of your chest. Please Follow my Mentalhealth Journey and Retail Madness Marathon by ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to both of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:👉YouTube:👉Blog: a PHENOMENAL day.#thatisall
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