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The Whisky Investment Podcast by VCL Vintners
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The Whisky Investment Podcast by VCL Vintners

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The Whisky Investment Podcast from VCL Vintners ( is the podcast for all whisky investors - new or experienced. Alwynne Gwilt (Miss Whisky) invites guests from the whisky and investment world to discuss pressing topics and news each month. Look behind the numbers and explore the factors influencing the market performance and broaden your investment horizon with VCL Vintners.
11 Episodes
In this episode, Alwynne is joined by Benjamin Lancaster, VCL co-founder and Tommy Major, Head Cask Broker. Looking back at the stories that hit the headlines in 2022 and had an impact on whisky investment.
In this episode, Alwynne is joined by Max Vaughan, co-founder of the White Peak Distillery. This craft distillery based in the Peak District is making waves in the industry and shows that exceptional whisky isn't only made in Scotland.
In this episode, Alwynne is joined by VCL's Ben Lancaster to discuss the impacts of whisky trade tariffs and bi-lateral trade agreements from around the world.
In this episode, we're heading to the United States to understand more about the impact that tariffs from the UK and EU had on whiskey exports there and what changes we'll see on these shores now that tariffs have been removed in June. Rob Maron from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) joins Alwynne.
One of the main draws for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with Whisky Casks is the tax-free status of profits. Alwynne is joined by Simone Lyons, a tax specialist from top 50 accountancy firm Gerald Edelman, and VCL co-owner Ben Lancaster.
John Laurie, the MD of Scotland's oldest distillery, The Glenturret, joins Alwynne to discuss the challenges faced in the light of Brexit, COVID and US Tariffs. Find out why the outlook for the future is still incredibly positive for smaller distilleries like Glenturret.
VCL's Head of Stock and Logistics, Martin Meldrum, joins Alwynne to discuss his role in the management of our cask holdings and the launch of VCL's Independent Bottling range.
VCL co-owner Ben Lancaster joins Alwynne to discuss how whisky cask sales can be modernised with the help of NFTs & find out about VCL's world record-breaking whisky cask auction from 2021
Insta-famous whisky influencer Nate (@whiskywithaview) joins Alwynne to talk about his incredible journey.
VCL Founders & Co-Owners join Alwynne to talk about VCL and the whisky investment market. They talk about their roles at VCL and the returns that our clients made in 2020. Discover the real reasons that Macallan casks are the best performing in the market- and how well other distilleries can perform too.
Alwynne is joined by David Thomson, the owner of Annandale Distillery in Annan, Scotland.