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Coach JPMD reveals his business and personal approaches to Medicare Advantage practices and strategies on how to decrease stress and generate a great income. As Baby Boomers turn 65, patients are turning to Medicare Advantage plans as health plans of choice. Discover how medical practice pitfalls can hinder your growth as a physician so that you can meaningfully care for patients and develop great relationships with your colleagues. Coach JPMD will interview thought leaders, fellow colleagues, and industry experts who will share inspiring stories on how to live healthy, balanced lives while caring for patients. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and healthcare administrators will understand how to manage profitable managed care practices by implementing specific marketing plans, hiring the best team members, and using the right technology. Physicians who learn and apply basic principles of population management will increase their chances of differentiating themselves from other colleagues so that they can decrease the chances of burnout and help their populations live long. You are not going to want to miss out on the mix of interviews and solo shows from Coach JPMD. Hit subscribe and get ready to transform your practice, live powerfully and practice impossible.
23 Episodes
In this episode, President of SFG Wealth Advisors, B. Don Snyder, and advisor Ryan Johns, MBA discuss what it means to build your financial future, the importance of creating margin to meet your financial goals, and the benefits of generosity. They share their personal financial plans, how they make money as advisors, and who their ideal clients truly are. They discuss how to get the most out of their expertise and how to apply that to a foundation that will remove the stress and uncertainty of the unknown as it pertains to retirement and financial freedom.Physicians can only Practice: Impossible if they have their financial lives in order and we hope that this episode helps you start your transformative journey.Show Notes
Wondering what you missed on the Practice Impossible Podcast in 2021? Here are Coach JPMD’s top picks for the most impactful podcast episodes in order to decrease stress and increase profits.Click below to find more information on the top rated episodes of 2021!Massage and Self-Care with Elena - Click HereRoadmap to Financial Freedom with Sonja - Click HerePreventing Burnout with Gabriella - Click Here Is Medicare Advantage Right for You? - Click HereCommercial Real estate with Dr. Singh - Click Here Religion and Longevity with Zach - Click Here Overcoming Shame with Dr. Shaw - Click Here Podiatry in Managed Care with Dr. Jude F Pierre - Click Here 
In this Money Tree Series Episode #4, Coach JPMD talks about the role of the Specialist and their influence on the Money Tree. He discusses how they impact the flow of funding within the insurance and within the IPA. He talks about the relationship between local Specialists and Primary care physicians. He discusses the importance of communicating regularly with the specialists in order to deliver the best patient care. The Money Tree Series Podcast episodes are geared toward helping physicians and other healthcare providers with the ins and outs of running a successful Medicare Advantage practice.  You can download the money tree diagram at’t forget that Coach JPMD helps physicians go from overwhelmed to confident while increasing their income and their time in 90 days or less. Book a call using this link to learn how you can decrease your stress and earn more.Sign up for your free course on Medicare Advantage for healthcare providers here.Show Notes 
Not too many people in this world can say that they are good friends with someone with the same name.  In this week’s episode Coach JPMD has a great conversation with Jude-Farley Pierre, DPM.  They discuss how they met and how Dr. Pierre combined forces to provide terrific care for their patients.  Dr. JF Pierre will help you understand the differences in podiatry training and how it has evolved over the years.  Podiatry can be considered a surgical subspeciality and Dr. JF Pierre describes the intricate relationships that podiatrists can have with negotiating groups such as Independent Practice Association (IPA).  You will not want to miss this fun episode.  Coach JPMD helps physicians go from feeling overwhelmed to confident while increasing their income and freeing up time in 90 days or less. Check out the show notes for more information or click here to schedule an introductory call.Show Notes
Planning or thinking about end-of-life decision-making can be daunting. In this episode, Coach JPMD has the honor of interviewing Joshua Keleske, JD, MBA on the importance of Estate Planning and Living Wills. Joshua, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, committed himself to provide exceptionally skilled legal counsel. Born in Racine, Wisconsin, Joshua is a member of The Florida Bar and The State Bar of Wisconsin. He is certified in Wills, Trusts, and Estates by the Florida Bar. Joshua helps us to define what we often tell our patients to do. Coach JPMD uses real-life scenarios to dissect a difficult subject for many. If you’re a physician or healthcare provider without an estate plan, you will not want to miss this episode.  Planning your exit is just as important as building a successful medical practice and will help you to Practice Impossible.Schedule your FREE consultation with Joshua to get your plan started by following this link here Notes
In this episode, Coach JPMD has the honor of interviewing his own business coach, Jay Puppo.  Most professional athletes and highly successful business executives have coaches that help them achieve things that they may not have done on their own.  Physicians and other healthcare providers perform job duties that require a high level of competence and expertise. Unfortunately, medical school and residency training programs do not train physicians on the business of medicine.  After seeking wise counsel from several coaches and mentors, Coach JPMD was able to accelerate his own growth with the help of Jay. Join the conversation in this episode and learn why the time is now for you to be a better you.  Check out the resources in the show notes.Don’t forget to leave us a review here. Show Notes
In this Money Tree Series Episode #3, Coach JPMD describes what Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) do for healthcare entities and Medicare Advantage practices.  IPAs are particularly helpful in bringing large multi-specialty groups together to help negotiate better contract rates.  The Money Tree Series Podcast episodes are geared to helping physicians and other healthcare providers the ins and outs of running a successful Medicare Advantage practice.  You can download the money tree diagram at’t forget that Coach JPMD helps physicians go from overwhelmed to confident while increasing their income and their time in 90 days or less. Book a call using this link to learn how you can decrease your stress and earn more.Show Notes
In this episode, Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, also known as Dr. Maria, guides us through her integrative approach to medicine using both traditional practices and naturopathic medicine. Originally from New York, and practicing in Hernando County, FL for the last 25 years, she discusses the development of her practice, Access Healthcare, alongside her husband, Dr. P Singh, and the lessons that Managed Care has taught them in regard to quality patient care. Brilliant as she is, Dr. Maria’s a teacher and a consultant at the WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center located in Spring Hill, Florida, that she founded in 2019. In addition to receiving a Telly Award and several Florida’s Top Doctors nominations, Dr. Scunziano-Singh is active in several professional and academic organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the Florida Medical Association and the College for the Advancement of Medicine. She is proud to serve her community, and looks forward to providing a broad range of supportive and integrative health care services for years to come. You will not want to miss this episode, as I explore with Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, the various holistic treatment methods and how we as physicians can stay educated. Show Notes
In this Money Tree Series Episode #2, Coach JPMD discusses 3 things healthcare providers should know about Medicare Advantage payments from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Private companies contract with CMS to provide medical services for patients enrolled in Medicare. These companies are entrusted with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and healthcare providers have the opportunity to care for patients and generate a good revenue stream in this practice niche. Coach JPMD uses information gathered from MedPAC and has created a free link to the resource document.  Enjoying the podcast?  Please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.  It only takes a minute, and ratings and reviews are extremely helpful in getting the word out about the show and are greatly appreciated by me! Keep Practicing Impossible!Show Notes
In this episode, Coach JPMD discusses how physicians can better understand how revenue is generated. He discusses the inspiration for his new Money Tree Series and how this understanding might better prepare you as physicians to ultimately increase profits and to accelerate growth. At the root of it all, he details three things that providers should know about Center of Medicare Services (CMS) and how revenue to providers of care is generated, how its monies are distributed to the insurance companies, and what can drive an increase in CMS funding. You will not want to miss the beginning of this financial mind blow!Don’t forget to subscribe to the Practice: Impossible Podcast on your favorite app.Show Notes
In this episode Coach JPMD interviews his younger brother Laurent Pierre, Jr.  The conversation focuses on what healthcare providers can do to encourage the best patient experience.  Having empathy towards your patient’s concerns can help create a meaningful experience and boost your practice’s ratings.  Laurent talks about how his team helps solve customer problems and the engagements that are necessary to keep his clients coming back and purchasing more services.  This episode was a fun one for Coach JPMD and we hope that this episode will teach you things that will help improve your patients’ experience in your practice.  You can follow or message Laurent on LinkedIn here.  Don’t forget to share this episode with a doctor friend or colleague.Show Notes
Originally from “Small Town” Nebraska, in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month, I invite Dr. Richard Shaw to discuss the challenges of overcoming Shame and helping people to speak their truth through Grace to be able to make significant changes in their most meaningful relationships. Dr. Richard Shaw discusses his new book, Shame No More - A Framework For Healing With A Message of Grace.Dr. Richard Shaw is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon. He has provided Professional Counseling Services for more than 25 years. In addition, he is an ordained minister in the Foursquare Church and an Associate Professor of over 25 years in the Graduate School of Counseling at George Fox University. He has been married for over 30 years and has two adult children. As shocking as this may sound, it is estimated that physicians end their lives 1.8x more than the general population. It is close to our missions and dear to our hearts that we discuss the definition of Shame and how we might ask for help in order to care for others. You will not want to miss this episode, as I explore with Dr. Richard Shaw, the ONE thing that we can do as physicians to overcome Shame in order to Practice Impossible.Show Notes
From big city training to a small town on Florida’s gulf coast, Dr. Georges Joseph describes his journey as a young Haitian boy to a successful interventional cardiologist.  Dr. Joseph is a Board Certified interventional cardiologist who has special training in structural heart diseases.  He completed his Interventional Cardiology fellowship at Albany Medical College and his cardiology fellowship at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He has numerous board certifications and in this episode, we discuss what he is doing in Hernando County Florida to PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE.  He has performed a number of complicated procedures in our local community hospital that have helped decrease the need for patients to be transferred to tertiary care facilities.  His story is inspirational to younger specialists who are looking to grow their careers while caring for managed care patients.Show Notes
In this solo episode, Coach JPMD celebrates his birthday with the release of his 10th recorded episode!  According to recent statistics, most active podcasts never release more than 10 episodes.  This episode serves as a time to pause and reflect on where the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE™ podcast stands now and what the vision is for the future. Coach JPMD is grateful for his production team, his guests, colleagues, and all his listeners who encouraged him to continue on his mission to decrease physician burnout, increase awareness, and to help populations live long. You will not want to miss out on this heartwarming celebration!Ranked Top 50 Medical Podcast for Healthcare Professionals HereShow Notes
Practicing medicine in 2021 has caused physicians to face many challenges.  Physicians are being confronted with increasing practice demands, billing stress, and increased patient loads.  In this week’s episode Coach JPMD has a conversation with Pariksith Singh, MD about purchasing and owning commercial real estate and how this could be another tool that can help you to Practice Impossible.  Dr. Singh is a practicing internist in Spring Hill, Florida, and is the founder and owner of Access Healthcare Physicians, LLC as well as many other successful real estate companies.  They discuss certain things that he did to amass the multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  This portfolio includes medical practices that Coach JPMD once leased from him.  As Coach JPMD grew his practice, he too understood the importance of owning the real estate that he practices in and this has helped secure a terrific passive income.  We hope that this episode inspires you to consider purchasing real estate at the right time for you and your practice.  We recommend getting the right realtor, financial advisor, and/or consultant so that you can be confident in making the best decision as you Practice Impossible.  For a complete bio on Dr. Singh click on the show notes here.
In this episode, Haitian-American physician Gabriella Dennery, MD, OMC shares her personal story about how she left medicine after burning out.   Dr. Dennery is a Life Coach at Doc Working who is also an ordained minister, composer, and musician.   She is now coaching healthcare professionals on how to create healthier ways to answer their calling to medicine. She partners with physicians to help create authentic action plans that work for them and engages physicians to take steps that are achievable, practical, and fun. She’s also passionate about looking at her client’s internal resistance to transformation with compassion and honesty. Physicians often do not seek help when they’re stressed. The shame and lack of support from other colleagues may make stressful situations even worse.  Dr. Dennery wants to help you overcome these obstacles by sharing her own personal experiences so that you can prevent burnout. You will not want to miss why she thinks a simple “Thank you” is an important key to burnout prevention.Show Notes
As many of us look for the secret to longevity, researchers have found that there is a link between living long and religion.   In this episode, Coach JPMD has a conversation with Zach J. Elliot.  Zach is a pastor, husband, father, author, and Jesus follower who helps us understand the reasons why he thinks spirituality and religious practices can help populations live long.  Coach JPMD has known Zach for many years and admires his passion for fostering relationships and preaching the gospel.  Physicians often do not feel comfortable discussing spirituality in the exam room.  What if this was one of the key aspects in helping your patient flourish and live healthier lives.  Research by Dan Buettner and his colleagues have found that religious practices in the infamous Blue Zones demonstrated a consistent correlation between this and longevity.  You will not want to miss this episode.  Please subscribe, follow, and share with your friends.  It takes a community of like-minded individuals aiming for the same goal in order to help physicians PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE™.Show Notes
In this  solo episode, Coach JPMD details some of the differences between fee for service plans and Medicare Advantage plans.  When he first started his practice in Spring Hill, he was often met with disdain from other colleagues in his community about who he worked for.  Many physicians do not understand the revenue opportunity in caring for our senior population.   Coach JPMD realized early on in his career that there was a tremendous opportunity to earn a great living seeing patients under a Medicare Advantage plan.  These practices are not for everyone and learning the differences between typical fee of service practices and Medicare Advantages practices can help you decide whether you are in or out.  You will not want to miss this episode.Show Notes
Healthcare credentialing is challenging for physicians and healthcare organizations alike.  Physicians graduating from training programs have little knowledge about the ins and outs of credentialing with insurance companies and often leave this process to others.  In this episode, Coach JPMD describes three necessary steps that physicians should follow in order to get paid.  He also details why it is important to not sell yourself short when negotiating with insurance companies.  Stay tuned until the end to get access to a free course and checklist.Don't forget to subscribe/follow the Practice: Impossible podcast on your favorite app.Show Notes
Elena Vans Evers, is a  Licensed Massage Therapist, yoga instructor, and owner of Urban Zen Bodywork in Tampa, Florida. She is a graduate of Florida Career College with a diploma in Massage Therapy and has been practicing since 2007.Elena specializes in deep-tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, Reiki/energy work, Thai-Yoga massage, Ashiatsu- Fusion massage, Reflexology, and Chi Nei Tsang.  Elena's clients include professional athletes,  physicians,  and those with chronic pain.In this episode, Elena shares her experiences with treating physicians and gives us three things that can help populations live long.Elena is a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body, mind, and spirit.  Her mission and passion are to support each individual to enhance their overall health and well-being. Show Notes
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