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Billy Ray Valentine started the Infinite Fringe in 2017 after spending a few years reporting on pro wrestling with, a site run by legendary wrestling and boxing reporter/ photographer Bill Apter. As a result of his pro wrestling podcasting, he felt he was ready to jump into the deep end of the pool with the Infinite Fringe. Billy has interviewed almost everyone in the alt media. Names like David Icke, Max Igan, Don Jeffries, Sam Tripoli and Ron Paul have all taken a voyage into the murky waters of the Infinite fringe. BRV does a live radio show every Sunday at 7pm eastern on Truth Frequency radio and does a show called “America Unplugged” for the Ickonic network created by Jaymie Icke. Join BRV here at Aftermath media every Tuesday for some thought provoking radio.
72 Episodes
BRV is joined by friend and co-host of America Unplugged Podcast Tony Arterburn.
BRV is joined by Kev Baker and Jimmy Gene. They discuss the current mandates, whether they are legal, and when will Biden make them an Executive Order.
BRV is joined by his brother from the west coast, Jimmy Gene of Into the Microcosm. They get into a discussion of how the alternative media has foreshadowed our current predicament world wide.
BRV is once again on his own
BRV is joined by Andrew Bellow. They discuss the recent Facebook outage, and ask, how safe is our data?
BRV is joined by good friends Jimmy Gene and Tony Arterburn. They discuss being prepared.
BRV is joined by John Brisson for a lively discussion about current events.
BRV rants about the police state the his hometown NYC has become.
BRV is joined by Tony Arterburn and Mark Ramsey. They discuss Alistair Crowley, and the posibility 9/11 was an occult ritual.
BRV is joined by Mr. Gates, and as always when they get together the conversation is interesting and riveting.
BRV is joined by John Brisson, to discuss the latest information coming out of Israel about current world events.
BRV is joined by John Brisson and Jimmy Gene. They discuss the current state of affairs.
BRV is joined by his friend Colin Wysong. They discuss current events.
BRV is on his own once again. He starts off talking about Joe Biden and his latest Mandate. BRV then talks about 9/11 and his chat with Clyde Lewis on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.
BRV is by himself once again. He rants about current events and 9/11.
BRV is joined by friend and fellow Aftermath Host Jimmy Gene. They discuss Little NasX's pregnancy.
BRV is once again on a solo mission. The first half he talks about 'those' friends, and then after the break, he takes it to Biden about the failed Afghan withdrawal.
BRV is by himself. He talks about his short trip, and what he saw in Florida.
Gareth Icke returns to the fringe to talk current events, a new kind of passport and the new normal
BRV is joined by Big Ray Hernandez and Tony Arterburn to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan.
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