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Chronic pain

Chronic pain


The thought of a never ending injury is an uneasy one. You likely know someone who suffers daily from chronic pain and have said to yourself, not me.Unfortunately more people today find themselves in this situation as any injury can spiral into this positive feedback loop.Today we tell you how to avoid falling into the cycle, how to adopt a mind set and strategy to break free from its chains and significance of training the nervous system.
If you've ever made an unfortunate trip to the hospital, one of the first line therapies used is the IV or "intravenous therapy". Now, what if we infuse that bag of salt water with critically essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? Is it any better than simply taking supplements? What ailments can it be used to treat? Is there scientific backing? Could it be what you need to get your health back on track?Naturopathic Doctor Jatish Kaler is here to help settle our curious minds.
This is the ultimate pep talk for those who sit in from of a computer for multiple hours a day. You know it's the source of many of your aches and pains, and it's not getting any better on its own. It's time to switch it up.
Mobility Vs. Stability

Mobility Vs. Stability


Ever wonder why you stretch you hamstrings day after day and you never gain an inch of lasting flexibility? Like Yin and yang, mobility and stability are the core principles of how your body functions.Todays episode will fundamentally change how you perceive movement and recovery.
Are steroid injections an effective treatment or do they mask the symptoms?Today we talk about why this standard of care stirs up some controversy.
Pain vs Function

Pain vs Function


A paradigm shift is taking place in the field of conservative health care. The wear and tear model of injury is out-dated and function reigns over pain. What does that mean?Well it means a completely ruptured muscle hurts less than a partial tear. A 94 year old marathoner can give Dr. Uchacz a run for his money. And when executed probably, exercise does not wear out joints. It  regenerates them. 
Anton Joseph

Anton Joseph


Executive director of Strive Fitness, Alberta Sports Hall of Fame Inductee. Calgary Colts GM. Canada’s most sought after sport strength coach. Sport dream maker.Anton opens up about youth training and the formula for athletic success.Get started with Strive fitness Calgary:
CEO and founder of PX3 AMP; Brad Layzell has bucked the status quo in youth sports. Brad explains why Canada is behind the curve when it comes to athletic development, resulting in an alarming amount of burn out and injury in our youth.  Brad and his team of field experts and former elite athletes have created a movement by developing a program that accelerates youth learning in a way that is both empowering and fun... Could the answer really entail smaller rinks, shorter seasons, and less sports specialization?Find out more about PX3 AMP online at: see the facility for yourself at Calgarys own Canada Olympic Park.
Director of the Calgary Canoe Club, Lynda Roberts, shares her passion for paddling sports, unique challenges these athletes face, and the breathtaking facility that overlooks Calgary's beloved Glenmore reservoir.
Known for his aggressive yet technical style and powerful knockouts, Scott is a professional Muay Thai fighter, strength and conditioning coach, nutrition coach, Muay Thai and boxing instructor,  and speaker. He owns and operates Fight Fit YYC which runs out of Vision Sports Centre in Calgary, Alberta.He is a two time WKA USA Nationals tournament Champion (2015, 2016), the 2015 IKF World Classic Champion, the CMTC-A Western Canadian Champion, and was a member of Team Canada 2014.Learn to protect yourself while getting fit at: follow him at #scottsmashmackenzie
Canadian winter Olympian, Skeleton Gold Medalist, Founder of Dark Horse Athletics kids multi sport program, firefighter and family man; Duff Gipson joins us on the show.He opens up about his passion and vision for kids sport, the problem of early sports specialization,  and to reminisces with the infamous Sports Chiropractor Dr. Greg Uchacz about the 2006 Winter Olympic heydays.Get your kid enthusiastic about fitness and check out Darkhorse Athletics: Definitely take a look at Duffs jaw-dropping  Gold medal run at:
Alberta Yoga College President and author of The New Yoga",  Rob Walker shares his transition in Yoga.  Moving away from a misguided emphasize of flexibility and showmanship, to core values that align with a nuanced understanding of movement science.Join Yoga classes or become a registered instructor at: out Robs latest book:
Melissa Benoit is one of the few Canadians accredited to use a cutting edge technique known as Redcord.  Redcord is revolutionary in its ability to permanently fix patient injuries.
Carolyn McRorie

Carolyn McRorie


Calgary based Olympic Curler Carolyn McRorie and the esteemed sports Chiropractor Dr. Greg Uchacz reminisce over the experience that brought them to the 2010 Vancouver Winters.
Chris Cederstrand

Chris Cederstrand


Chris Cederstrand is a former WNL athlete, Albertan Firefighter, PX3 AMP hockey program Director, Motivational speaker,  Founder of the Chris Cederstrand foundation, Canadian Paralympian sledge athlete, Father of two, and an above-the-knee amputee.
Did you ever thing it was possible to use menstrual cycle to your athletic advantage?Dr. Mandy Swinden, Naturopathic Doctor and female hormone enthusiast changes our perception of hormonal cycles and explains how women can optimize their performance by listening to their body.
Whether its sleep, physical health, productivity, social life, pain or injury; our mindset is pivotal. Naturopathic Doctor and mental health advocate, Dr. Ludovic Brunel joins us to discuss the mental health crisis and its far reaching effects on the body. His quarterback approach provides a clear cut solution to a comprehensive problem. 
The Devolution of Walking

The Devolution of Walking


Foot and Gait specialist Alex Paquin explains how the modern era of shoes and concrete have fundamentally changed the way we walk. The result? Deprived feet and a domino effect of biomechanical issues with far reaching effects. The innovation of the Rehab Orthotic may be our best chance to retrain our feet the way nature intended.
Imagine if you slept deeply 8 hours every night. Your productivity and career might flourish. Mood and social life will undoubtedly improve. Physical activity would become easier , along with countless other areas of life. In this episode we chat with Dr. Ludovic Brunel, Naturopathic Doctor and sleep expert, to identify the widespread problem of sleep deprivation and how to address it in life altering ways.
As the most mobile and least stable joint in your body, the shoulder complex is uniquely fascinating.  We discuss its surprising anatomy, how it overcomes it's instability, and what you can do to restore its biomechanics to prevent further injury and optimize sports performance.
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