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We’re black, twins and this is a really good name for a country music podcast!
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It's the season 3 debut! The Country Brothers took the summer off. They're on that teacher schedule, apparently. But it's back to school time and that means the pod is back! The Country Brothers chat about the fantastic new Croy and the Boys album "What Good's The Medicine?" They also talk about EVO 2023, The Five Heartbeats, and how damn sad that new Spanish Love Songs album is. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The summer has started and the Country Brothers are coming in HOT. This episode is a little all over the place but it's a good one. Dom talks about seeing Dylan Earl live recently and then dive into Clint Black's album Killin' Time. They also drop an interesting fan theory about the record that almost certainly has never been noticed before. They also chat about why Dom hates talking to strangers, 90s basketball, Bill Simmons giving off weird vibes with Ryen Russillo, and learning that Bad Bunny is actually a big deal. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers (plus the youngest brother Xavier) meet up with Bradley Palermo to discuss all things music and pro wrestling. We delve into his 2022 EP Golden Era, a rad collection of tracks centered around the stories of pro wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  We get into how he wrote the EP, what he got cooking up for the rest of this year, and then nerd out about pro wrestling! With Wrestlemania Weekend around the corner, this was the perfect opportunity! Check out Golden Era then follow Bradley on Instagram @bradleypalermo Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers catch up with Dylan Earl while he’s on the road in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They chat with Dylan Earl about his new record “I Saw The Arkansas” and how he and Judy Blank created the Country Brothers' anthem at this point Never Said A Word. They also dive a little into March Madness, Dylan Earl’s dream concert lineup, and a wild hypothetical about burgers and Jimmy Buffett. Preorder Dylan Earl’s new album here: Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
You know it’s a good one when the episode just starts mid-conversation. The Country Brothers got a good one for ya’ll this week. We’re welcoming on Pepper Darling (@wholesomesleaze) to chat about all kinds of topics from Arkansas country music, what she been listening to recently, and again trying to answer the age-old question: Where does the punk rock to folk/country pipeline come from? Then we round out the show by getting all three’s dream concert, and Pepper’s ended up being one hell of an eclectic lineup. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers take a detour from the country and sit down to discuss their top 5 favorite rappers. After Duwaun was blindsided by the question last week, he came correct with his definitive top 5 list. Dom refrained from doing further bits and also provided his top 5! Before they get into all of that The Country Brothers discuss their disdain for difficult walking and what they've been listening to.  Next week's episode will be SO country we promise. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers offseason is over. We’ve managed to keep the roster together with no major trades. We’re just looking to run things back and go for the title! The brothers talk about their summer of watching The Five Heartbeats every day and Dom goes in on the widely panned Hardy performance at this year’s Royal Rumble (editor’s note: AEW would never make us listen to Hardy.) Then they give their thoughts on the new Margo Price album. Since It’s the first day of Black History Month, Duwaun answers the age-old question “who’s your top 5 rappers.” Black History homework (if you've seen these...just watch them again!): Watch House Party (1990), Car Wash, and The Five Heartbeats Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
It's Halloween! The Country Brothers deliver on this spooky season by taking down the whole pop music landscape. They break down how to not be a racist dweeb when planning a Halloween costume. Which brother confuses Imagine Dragons, Tame Impala, and The National? Listen to find out. The pair also discuss Taylor Swift's new record, Black people loving Paramore, and what concerts they've gone to recently. It's an easy-going, laid-back episode that can fit (mostly) into a lunch break. Editors note: Dom didn't find me the lyric from Folklore that made him turn the album off. So just imagine I put in the whole album because really, it could have been any lyric. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
We got a fun one this week! The Country Brothers chat with San Antonio’s very own Garrett T. Capps. He's here talking about his upcoming album People Are Beautiful with his group NASA Country. The cosmic country vibes are immaculate and Capps brings his insight on the San Antonio music scene, running a honky tonk The Lonesome Rose, and what bands he's been rocking with recently! Make sure to check out Garrett T. Capps on social media @garrett_t_capps on Instagram and Twitter! Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Music Superstar (trademark pending) Dale Hollow is here on The Country Brothers! In true Country Brothers fashion, the episode is free jazz baybee with one of the best storytellers in the game. The pre-episode chat was so good we just had to hit record and roll with it. This is one of the funniest episodes yet. Dale Hollow goes into his time hanging out with LunchMoney Lewis and their strange connection with Ray Edwards; life in New York; breaks down the current slate of football commentators; playing at Tour De Fat; and Jameis Winston's workout videos. Go out of your way to check out Dale Hollow’s music including his EPs “If You Love Country Music…” and “Yourstruly” Throw Dale Hollow a follow on Instagram @dalehollowmusic and peep his website to keep up with all releases and tour dates! Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers chat with the homie Daedelus Hoffman from the Trouble Country podcast and Cattywampus Press. He’s here to chat about David Berman. From Silver Jews to Purple Mountains, the three reflect on Berman’s music and influence on the trajectory of the alt-country scene. Content Warning: There are discussions of suicide in this episode. If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health dial 988 in the United States to get in contact with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Catch Daedelus Hoffman on Trouble Country. Peep his publishing work with Cattywampus Press and awesome project Dirty Dark Place. Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
It's been over a month and The Country Brothers are recharged and back. Like Meatwad coming out of the time machine, so much has happened! The Boys and Stranger Things had their season finales and Dom went to a dope country music festival in Pasadena. Tune in to hear a conversation on why the adults in Stranger Things are boring, Dom's Controversial Take of the Week about The Boys, and a lengthy discussion on the Palomino Festival that Dom attended. Peep Duwaun's interview with Willi Carlisle on WASTOIDS wherever you find podcasts! Follow The Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers take some time to catch up and discuss what they've been listening to since the last episode. There are plenty of great recommendations in this episode so definitely check out the folks below! There's also some hilarious discussion on pro wrestling, Dom's new banjo, and why you ain't gonna win an argument with Black Hebrew Israelites in the street, Jensen McRae Albert & His Dreamboats Hannah Juanita A Wilhelm Scream Rebecca Porter Joy Oladokun Follow the Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
2022 keeps on keepin’ on for The Country Brothers. They are joined by a pair of special guests for the dopest crossover ever. The Country Brothers chop it up with TJ and Tanner from Views From the 615 podcast. What songs do they associate with the characters from Euphoria? Listen to find out. Also, the four almost talk about too much to truly sum up - dive in and get ready for a great time. Make sure to throw them a follow @views615pod on Instagram and hit them up at If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, peep the Black Opry Revue at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, California on June 30. Follow the Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
You hear his voice at the beginning of every episode of the podcast and this week the Country Brothers welcome Matthew Reveles on to talk about his music, punk rockers turned country artists, devious Tempe bars, and which Country Brother is the better person based on 6 songs. Check out Matthew Reveles on all streaming services and throw him a follow on Instagram and Twitter Follow the Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers give a review of Joy Clark and Tony Evans Jr., two artists from the Color Me Country Class of 2022. They'll make their way through the other four artists on the list in the coming weeks! They also touch on the listener-suggested Keith Whitley record L.A to Miami. Dominique also chronicles his rough weekend as a Buccaneers fan. Follow the Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
The Country Brothers kick off the new year with heavy-hitting songwriting legend Donahue Gephart (Frankie Griffen). The first return guest in Country Brothers history, Gephart gets deeper into a variety of topics like wanting to fight Morgan Wallen, his 2022 resolutions, and tells some more incredible stories. Check out Wiz World Live on Twitch: Follow the Country Brothers on Instagram @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
We're rounding out the year with an easy-going episode talking about sad movies, the best album of the year, and plans for 2022! Remember to leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts to help the podcast and follow the Country Brothers on Instagram: @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
Country Brothers are back with a Q&A episode and review of a dope new Dylan Earl track and [REDACTED]'s new album. Ever wonder if Dom still rocks with noodly jam bands? What group would the Country Brothers want to play live while they fish? The Q&A got all the answers Remember to leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts to help the podcast and follow the Country Brothers on Instagram: @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
Episode 17: No Skip Albums

Episode 17: No Skip Albums


The Country Brothers share six albums they believe are no skips. They also talk about the new Dave Hause record "Blood Harmony" and their plans for Holloween. Remember to leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts to help the podcast and follow the Country Brothers on Instagram: @CountryBrothersPod @Polecat_Supreme @TheDomJohnson
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