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This is a podcast for and about risk-takers—people who aren’t afraid to make it happen and go get it. Every week we talk with local Milwaukee leaders who are taking big risks to grow our economy and improve our community. The GoGedders will introduce you to emerging entrepreneurs, established business figures, and civic trailblazers who open up about their path to success and why it’s important for more people to create, make, and innovate. These are the GoGedders.
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Tyshun Wardlaw, a Milwaukee native, comes on the podcast to give us an inside look at her documentary "Growing Up Milwaukee", it's importance to the city, how it got picked up by HBO Max and shares her inspiring entrepreneurial story! 
Podcasting had another big growth year in 2021 with several more acquisition from industry giants, overall listener growth, celebrities and influencers getting big payouts and the evolving ad landscape. In this episode I break down: The growth of podcasting in 2020 and 2021 projections Review big acquisitions in 2020 and what it means for the future of the platform Should you or should you not start a podcast in 2021? Our top 5 tactics to monetize a podcast in 2021 and how we have made over 900k off of this show. 
It has been absolute chaos these past few weeks in the stock market. We have seen stocks like GameStop, AMC, and Koss surge, driven up by certain Reddit communities and threads. This has led to some investors making huge returns on their investments, sums that are in the billions for some; Ryan Cohen, co-founder of Chewy, who owns 13% of GameStop shares, made $1.3 billion!These events have led many of us to wonder -- does the stock market accurately represent the market and its trends? Or is it just a mirage?We are joined on this episode of The GoGedders Podcast by CJ Krawczyk, a partner at Kravit, Hovel & Krawczyk and a securities litigator, as well as Joe Taylor, founder of Penrod, where he made the inc 500 and won best place to work 3x in a row in Wisconsin. He is also an an experienced day trader, growing $30K into $250K during the pandemic through high-risk trading. They help break down how this all started, what’s happening, where we could go from here, and what restrictions could be put in place to help make sure stocks accurately reflect the value of their companies.
While working at home after getting blood work done the week after Thanksgiving, Rich was napping on his basement floor  due to fatigue at 4:30PM. Forty-five minutes later, he woke up to his phone going off-- it was his doctor, “You need to go to the hospital right now.” The next day after getting transfusions, Rich was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He then heard the word “cancer”. Following our episode about Dry January (listen to the episode here→, my friend, Rich Tennessen, reached out to me about how he appreciated my openness in sharing my love-hate story with alcohol.  He let me know that this year he was participating in “Dry January”, but not by choice, and he let me know about his recent diagnosis; he was battling cancer and wanted to come on the podcast to share his story while also putting out a PSA to anyone who might be experiencing symptoms to get checked ASAP! 
Steven Olikara joins us for his third appearance on The GoGedders Podcast. Steven is the founder of the Millennial Action Project, was named Forbes 30 Under 30 for Law and Policy in 2017, and is the GoGedder’s unofficial political correspondent. We discuss headliners like the January 6th raid and attempted insurrection on The White House by a Pro-Trump mob, what policy the Biden administration might try passing during his time in office, and what the results from the Georgia runoff elections mean. We also discuss what we as Americans should be doing to bridge the divide between left and right, and what certain big players, like social media and political leaders, can be doing to help unite this divide.
Justine Sloan and Ambrose WB give advice on what small changes can make a huge impact and lead you to have your best year yet. Justine was one of the top female bodybuilders (bikini division), amassing a following of 1.9 million Facebook fans, landing sponsorship deals, and getting flown all over the country. However, it wasn't a sustainable lifestyle for her and led to massive burnout. She has since reinvented herself as a health and mindset coach at is the founder of MISPIBO, a virtual health and wellness lifestyle company. They create personalized paths to well-being through exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness coaching. Ambrose is also a mental performance coach who used to be a personal trainer and college athlete.
As we head into a new year, many of us are wondering what to expect from the financial market in 2021. Will the rally continue? What industries will do well in this “new”, post-COVID world? Will crypto keep surging? Is this a reflection of the economy that most of us live in? How do you navigate this and make smart investments?On this episode of the GoGedders Podcast, we were lucky enough to sit down with Brian Andrew, a local finance expert; Brian is the President of Johnson Wealth and  Chief Investment Officer for Johnson Financial Group with over 26 years of experience in the financial services industry. In the episode, we go over the trends the stock market has been experiencing, including the COVID dip and how that is projected to recover at all time highs, how certain current events may affect the market, as well as areas of the market to keep an eye on. 
Are you looking to cut back, learn more about alcohol or just hear some buffoon-ish as well as inspiring stories involving alcohol this is the episode for you. Erik Kennedy, Sarah Hofman and Mark Palazzari join the podcast. PS: Erik Kennedy is back in the game as mentioned in the intro #ModusLife 
Going into 2020, the stars were aligned for the city of Milwaukee to shine in the national spotlight. Highly anticipated events like the DNC, Ryder Cup, Summerfest, a long Bucks playoff run, and more were all on the horizon. Then, the pandemic hit and it changed everything. Instead of experiencing an economic boom, local businesses had to picot and adapt to survive. Additionally, we saw a prevalent BLM movement in the city of Milwaukee, where protests lasted for weeks in light of the George Floyd tragedy. We went through the most polarizing election of all time, but on the bright side, the Hoan Bridge finally got lit and, just this week, Giannis signed his extension, ending the year on a positive note and leaving the city feeling good about its future! I've been lucky to cover all of these topics on the GoGedders and in this episode we look back on everything that unfolded. Guests in this episode include: DJ Hines, Christine Specht, Ian Abston, Khalif El-Amin, Judge Derek Mosley, John Burke, Mike Malatesta, Michael Hostad and Greg Marshall.
Karen and Julie Ellenbecker discuss starting and growing a family business, visionary and integrator relationship dynamics, what has made them successful and what they have overcome, the importance of giving back to the community and more. 
What a week it’s been. Joe Biden has been declared winner by several media outlets and currently leads the popular vote by 5M, but this could be far from over, and with Trump’s reaction, it leaves several questions. Was there voter fraud? How did the polls get it so wrong? What if he refuses to leave office? What will the transition of power look like? Are we as divided as we seem? What does the future of the Democratic and Republican parties look like? Did Trump make a big mistake by telling his base not to vote by mail? Is the Trump campaign’s reaction discrediting potential lawsuits? And how did they end up throwing a presser at Four Seasons Total Landscaping? We dissect it all on this “Election Recap…. And update!” episode.
Jackie Hermes, Jenny Weeden and Christina Haidemenos are the Founders of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week in Milwaukee and join us on the podcast this week! We discuss going virtual this year, what people can expect, the state of women’s entrepreneurship, what it is like being a woman in business and more! 
Adapting a global company, the Ryder Cup postponement, running a family business, and the importance of companies being an environmentalist as well as capitalist are all things we talk about on this episode with David Kohler, CEO of the Kohler Company. This podcast was shot live as part of The Milwaukee Rotary Club's Thursday programming. 
 Last February the Young Guns made a very successful debut with an event in Milwaukee, then COVID hit. Since then they have adapted, launched YGTV and have their first online event coming up in November. On this episode I sit down with Paul Neuberger and Andy Weins to talk about the rise of the Young Guns movement, entrepreneurship during COVID, the importance of daily routines, being yourself, building a strong network and much more! 
Steven Olikara joins us today to talk all things election! We go over How Trump rose to power, how COVID has affected his campaign, why the Democrats chose Joe Biden as their candidate, how these last few weeks could play out and what will ultimately happen. Also- remember to go VOTE! 
Hear from Ian Abston and Michael Hostad on the journey to get the Hoan Bridge LIT after four years, how it will help shape the future of Milwaukee and more! 
In a time when every company is grappling to define the feel of their new virtual workplace, we talk to two extremely accomplished CEOs to find out how they are building and maintaining culture, overcoming obstacles and still growing their organizations during COVID.We talk to Hector Colon, CEO of Lutheran Social Services and Michael Victorson, CEO of M3 Insurance. They have great insight into how to manage remote teams, how to keep morale up, what job searchers should be doing right now, how to build a great team, and their path to leadership.
The presidential election is less than fifty days away, and our country is more divided than ever. On this week’s podcast, John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle, comes on to discuss eye-opening facts that neither candidate is talking about. His new book, The Presidential Playbook, presents sixteen nonpartisan solutions to complex problems The United States is facing right now. In this episode, we face those problems head on. We also talk about what it's been like running Trek during the pandemic, their "All In" plan and more! 
As we all know, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the financial markets right now, and that raises a lot of questions. Is another stimulus package coming? How can the markets be at an all time high despite businesses struggling and unemployment staying at more than double the typical rate? And, of course: How will the November election affect the financial climate? Like many small business owners, I had several questions of my own. What’s the right way to approach the initial process surrounding PPP loans? Will there be loan forgiveness, and is there going to be another wave? Luckily for us, Jim Popp, CEO of Johnson Financial, came on our most recent episode of the GoGedders podcast to answer the questions above and offer expertise on more financial topics. You’ll learn a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes of the financial industry during COVID, and the info Jim provides is useful for just about anyone.
Looking past everything we’ve all  seen and read in the news, Richie talks to three residents and community leaders of Kenosha about what really happened there, the reactions of the local community and what they’re doing to rebuild Kenosha.We’re joined by Richie’s good college friend and Kenosha resident Justin Whitehead (Tiger), Nicole Thomsen, Director of 1Hope, and Pastor Roy Peeples. 
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