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In this very special episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard talks to Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist and Chief Scientist for the Nature Conservancy.She tells about her experience as a participant at the United Nation’s COP26 conference in Glasgow in November 2021, the significance of the conference, the outcomes and why it matters to the world.Katharine explains how Texas is the most vulnerable state in the US to climate impacts, “global weirding” and how climate change is supersizing the impact and frequency of climate events, including Hurricane Harvey. She also discusses how Texas is leading in solutions through renewable energy production and housing North America’s first carbon neutral airport in Dallas/Fort Worth. Katherine talks about her views on climate change and faith, the political polarization of global warming and how to have positive, constructive conversations about climate change. A thought provoking discussion with a world renowned leader on connecting faith, science and communication.
In this special follow up episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard discusses the Omicron COVID variant and comparing it to Delta with Dr. Peter Hotez, internationally renowned physician-scientist and Covid era media personality.Dr. Hotez talks about the possible twin epidemic of the Delta and Omicron variants, what people should be concerned about and how to prepare as we head into the holidays and winter season.He also discusses Corbevax, the COVID-19 vaccine created at the Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, partnering with Indian company Biological E to quickly produce 300 million doses in India; and his efforts to raise funds (including a $1 million donation from Texas-based Tito’s Vodka!) to develop this prototype patent free, easy to produce vaccine. Dr. Hotez speaks to why links with the UK have been so valuable to his career and how he was inspired by UK universities, research organisations and schools of tropical medicine in building the Baylor University National School of Tropical Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.A timely discussion on a subject affecting us all with one of the world’s leading COVID-19 and vaccine experts.
For the Season 1 finale of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard chats with Rodger Randall, the former Mayor of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma Tulsa Professor and British Honorary Consul in Oklahoma.Rodger discusses his time as mayor of Tulsa, making an impact as a public official and the evolution of politics and media.A native Tulsan, Rodger reflects on what it means to be an Oklahoman. He discusses his family history, recounting how his ancestors came to Oklahoma in the Land Run of 1889, and Oklahoma’s history, covering the excitement of the ‘last new frontier’ to the horror of the Black Wall Street Massacre.He also discusses his 16 years as the British Honorary Consul General in Oklahoma and the cultural significances and differences between UK and US sports.A fascinating interview with a true statesman and Oklahoman icon.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard is joined by Ron Oliveira, CEO of Revolut USA, a global Fintech company headquartered in London. Ron illustrates how Revolut, a digital banking and payments start-up launched in 2015, has grown rapidly to become the UK’s most valuable tech company ever. He discusses engineering Revolut’s official entry into the United States and choosing Dallas, TX as the company’s largest US office. Ron discusses UK versus US consumer technology in financial services, changing consumer habits and practices, and why Revolut is so competitive against legacy and digital banks.He also details Revolut’s crypto-exchange and the future of cryptocurrency, notably now that Texas has passed the “Virtual Currency Bill” which recognises the legal status of virtual currencies in the State of Texas.A can’t miss conversation about the future of finance.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard is joined by Chris Cassidy: Navy Seal, Astronaut and star of Disney+’s documentary series “Among the Stars” that airs this week. He talks about his experience as NASA’s Chief Astronaut, filming his final mission for Disney, the life threatening situations he encountered and being in space while the world was in COVID lockdown.Chris also details his experience as a US Navy Seal, what it takes to make it in the special forces, and how this prepared him for life as an astronaut. He illustrates how his fascinating career was a journey to his current role as President and CEO of the National Medal of Honor Musuem Foundation (NMOHMF) in Arlington, TX. He talks of his pride in leading this project to preserve and commemorate the stories of the US Military’s most courageous service people, recipients of the Medal of Honor, the US’s highest award for valor in combat.A powerful conversation with an awe-inspiring leader and true American hero.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard talks to Garrett Finney, the founder and CEO of TAXA Outdoors, which designs and manufactures innovative, forward looking mobile habitats. He talks about the inspiration for designing his pioneering trailers and the design considerations that underpin it.Garrett discusses his experience as a furniture and home designer and space architect at NASA working on the International Space Station and Lunar habitats, how his work designing for small spaces became principles intrinsic to TAXA Outdoor trailers and why each model is named after an insect.He and Richard discuss the TAXA Outdoors Mantis camper that Richard used on his recent GREAT British Tour of Texas, a two-week, multi-city tour, to promote investment opportunities between Texas and the UK that covered approximately 2,300 miles – nearly 3 times the length of the United Kingdom.Garrett reflects on his time living in London in the 1980’s working as a Blacksmith and his failed attempt to be a part of the London punk scene.An insightful conversation about the great outdoors and why we are at our best under the open skies.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard is joined by Ambassador Jeanne L. Phillips. Jeanne talks about her position as inaugural chair of Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson’s International Advisory Council (MIAC), and her work to highlight Dallas’s international position on the globe.She talks about her time working for both Presidents H.W. and George W. Bush, including rescheduling her wedding to plan a fundraiser for Bush 41. She discusses serving as President George W. Bush’s U.S. Ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France and flying the Texas flag over the Ambassador’s residence. Jeanne also discusses organising back to back inaugurations as Executive Director and Chairman of the 54th and 55th Presidential Inaugural Committees, hiring 600 people in five days and feeding Eddie Deen’s Texas BBQ to millions of people on the White House lawn.She also chats about being mistaken as a cast member of the hit TV show ‘Dallas’ whilst visiting a small European town in the ‘80’s, naming her daughter after Margaret Thatcher and visiting London as a Girl Scout leader with her daughter and 20 other seven-year old girls.Don’t miss this brilliant conversation with a bipartisan businesswoman and public servant.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard chats with Dr. Heather Wilson, President of The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She talks about running a university during COVID, how UTEP students contributed to the success story of El Paso’s high vaccination rate and why the University is so vital to the development of the surrounding US-Mexico border region.  Heather also discusses her service as former Secretary of the United States Air Force, her 10 years representing New Mexico in the United States Congress (she was the first female veteran elected to a full term), and being the first in her family to go to college as a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s third class to admit women. She talks about earning her masters and doctoral degrees from Oxford University in England as a Rhodes Scholar and her time on the Oxford rowing team.She reminisces about her time in the US Air Force stationed in the United Kingdom, her Scottish immigrant grandparents and her grandfather’s service in the RAF. She discusses growing up surrounded by airplanes, including the memory of her dad building an experimental plane in her bedroom.An inspiring discussion with a true trailblazer and a leader of one of the fastest growing, vibrant regions in the US.
Today, August 3rd, is the 2nd anniversary of the horrific mass shooting in El Paso. We wanted to commemorate this event not by focusing on the terrible pain caused by an outsider, but instead by focusing on the vibrancy, determination and strength of El Paso and the surrounding border region.  This is a region of Texas that few from beyond the State get to visit; it is after all as close to Los Angeles as it is to Houston. It is unique in many ways and we explore some of its strengths in today’s special episode.  In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard talks to Jon Barela, CEO of the Borderplex Alliance, an economic development and policy advocacy organisation in the unique 3-state, 2-country region of El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM and Ciudad Juarez, MX.  He talks about why the Borderplex region is a gateway of trade for the Americas and other parts of the world, why companies relocating to Texas should look beyond the I-35 corridor to this area, and why the Borderplex is advocating in DC for a UK-US Free Trade Agreement.Jon explains why the region is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the new Space frontier, how this region embodies the shifting demographics of the US and the strong military link between this area and the UK. Jon also discusses how this resilient community has come back stronger from COVID 19 and the devastating 2019 El Paso mass shooting.He reminisces about rooting for GB in the 1980 Olympics from a bar in Mexico, his dad’s original Rolling Stones LP and his love of James Bond. And finally, this tequila connoisseur teaches whisky loving Richard how to properly enjoy the quintessential Mexican drink.A fascinating interview with a leader at the forefront of bringing jobs, investments and opportunity to this dynamic and diverse region.
In this episode of British Suits & Cowboy Boots, Richard talks with Zella Palmer, Chair & Director of the Dillard University Ray Charles Program in African American Material Culture and one of New Orleans Magazine’s 2020 People to Watch. Zella discusses the rich cultural impact that African Americans have made to New Orleans, the United States and the world, specifically highlighting food. She talks about the legacies of slavery, her work preserving African-American culture and educating New Orleans youths about careers in the food and culture industries. Zella also shares the significance of being the third generation in her family to work at an HBCU and why these institutions matter so much.She shares the story of Ray Charles’ deep love for New Orleans, and how an offer for him to eat at McDonald’s led to the creation of his namesake program at Dillard University. In addition to sharing her recommendations for where to eat mind-blowing creole cuisine, Zella reminisces about her time as a teen in London eating fish and chips, catching a Jamiroquai concert, and pleading with her dad for some pounds to shop at Harrods.A must listen episode about understanding, celebrating and protecting the African-American experience and the diverse cultures that it produced.
In this episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, Richard talks to Dr. Peter Hotez, internationally renowned physician-scientist specializing in vaccine development and media personality; for many, he’s the man with the bow tie making COVID understandable.Dr. Hotez talks about COVID-19, his life’s work on vaccine development, the importance of global vaccination programs and overcoming vaccine disinformation and online hate.He discusses how he moved to Texas to “better his science,” his long time collaborations with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Imperial College London and why UK-US leadership on science matters so much. Shout outs too for Indian organisations supporting efforts to vaccinate the world (and a mention for Richard’s former home Hyderabad!). And we hear why eating Antone’s Banh Mi's and drinking Tito’s Vodka is actually helping to save lives.A can’t miss discussion with one of the world’s leading COVID-19 and vaccine experts.
In the first episode of British Suits and Cowboy Boots, your host Consul General Richard Hyde talks to Bill McKeon, the CEO of the Texas Medical Center.He talks about running the world's largest hospital during a global pandemic, how they managed the crisis, how they looked after themselves and what it was really like being at the heart of such an operation.Bill also explained how Texas more broadly coped with the crisis, what the vaccination roll-out looks like and the relief at a return to normality.He talks fondly about his time working in the north of England, what he loved about that part of the world and how the Texas Medical Centre is building bridges with innovative UK companies.A powerful interview with one of the heroes of the Covid pandemic in the US.



British Consul General Richard Hyde explains why he is launching British Suits and Cowboy Boots and what listeners can expect from his podcast.
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