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Author: Vance Neudorf

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A new, award winning, epic length, young adult fantasy audiobook. 3 volumes, Ages 10+ and 100% free. Read by the author along with stories about the writing of the Cor Series. More info and pictures on facebook and instagram @corseries.
65 Episodes
A duffle bag, an accusation and a severed claw.Support the show (
A  roll-top desk from Maylasia and new recording booth are now a part of  my attic studio. Alyssa's appealSupport the show (
Jake, white ghosts and two sticks of dynamiteSupport the show (
A break-in, a long claw and an escapeSupport the show (
Backspace #17

Backspace #17


The Lord of the Medallions. How a grade 3 teacher in Creston, opened the door that eventually led me into the Cor Series. Click below to see the Kickstarter project on my daughters new children's book.'s appealSupport the show (
A blizzard, a gunshot and a duffle bag. Support the show (
An argument, a seed and fresh hope.Alyssa's appealSupport the show (
Kate, a scar and a green glowSupport the show (
One week to go to the launch of book two - The Medallion. Take a listen to the new theme music. Support the show (
Editing of the Medallion is going well the first chapters will be out this fall. Drop me a line at I would love to hear from you. Alyssa's appealSupport the show (
Spoiler Alert - Todays podcast has a short section from the opening chapter of Book II - The Medallion. Corvan is packing up to return to Kadir and Tsarek tries out some of his new supplies. Support the show (
The convoluted path that has brought the Cor Series to this place of being a free audiobook podcast .  I would love to hear from you - or message me on facebook. Book II will be out next month. Click for a picture of my print book display at Chapters.'s appealSupport the show (
A deep wound, a hospital and a warm fall evening. This is the final chapter of The Hammer.Book II, The Medallion starts this fall.Email me at Thanks for listening!Support the show (
A preview of what is upcoming in the second book of the Cor Series - The MedallionAlyssa's appealSupport the show (
The Rakash, a white scarf and the ultimate sacrifice. Support the show (
Farewells, regrets and a way of escape. Support the show (
How my personal love of nature impacts the Cor Series.Movie of may last 5 trees of 500,000 planted is here -'s appealSupport the show (
Darkness, a betrayal and a devious plan. Support the show (
A council, a black cloak and a long journey. Support the show (
Lost love, a raw deal and a final farewell. Support the show (
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