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After a longer than expected hiatus, the co-hosts are back and joined by a third co-host, Isabel Sterling!  In this 2nd episode of season 3, Isabel and Erica (who miss Ciara a lot) are joined by their emotional support writing buddy author Vanessa Montalban to talk about her debut book A Tall Dark Trouble. Shenanigans 100% guaranteed.  About our guest:Fueled by the magic of espresso, Miami-born Vanessa Montalban channels her wanderlust for far-off worlds into writing speculative fiction for teens. She’s a first-gen graduate from the University of Central Florida where she received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing with summa cum laude honors. Follow Vanessa on Twitter & IG @VVMontalban mentioned in this episode: Co-host Isabel Sterling's coaching podcast:
Welcome to Season 3, Nerds. We have a GREAT first episode but Erica lost the recording.  There's still some cool stuff though. Stay awesome. See you in April. 
TRIGGER WARNINGS for grief, trauma, and PTSD.In the ninth episode of season two, Peter and Erica gush about happy news, rant about trauma-informed career choices, and rave about mashed potatoes. Come for the holiday joy and stay for Peter's first-ever tarot reading.  Mentioned in this episode:Here is Peter's article on Pipeline Artists: are Erica's recommendations:'s the Social Security Administration's disability application:
In the eighth episode of season two, Peter and Erica chat with author “Jessica” Hatch (and Erica's IRL BFF!) about her debut novel My Big Fake Wedding and what it’s like to sign a publishing contract without a literary agent. Tune in for the air-quotes and stay for Peter’s ill-fated attempts to keep Hatch and Erica somewhat on topic.Connect with Jessica Hatch:Twitter: @JessicaNHatchInsta: her books: her books: here is the link to her article: a special shout out to her editor: @wittywhitlum
In the seventh episode of season two, Erica and Peter talk with former Book Pipeline Unpublished finalist Samuel C. Spitale about his newly released nonfiction book How to Win the War on Truth: An Illustrated Guide to How Mistruths Are Sold, Why They Stick, and How to Reclaim Reality. Come for Samuel’s insights and stay for the cohosts’ not-insightful-at-all Halloween song. Here’s how to find Samuel and learn more bout his awesome work: Website: @SamuelCSpitaleFacebook:
In the sixth episode of season two, Peter and Erica chat with Dani Segelbaum of the Carol Mann Agency about her journey from political science to agenting, her querying preferences, and her vast personal collection of cookbooks. As always, come for the conversation, stay for the full-throttle tangents. Connect with Dani: On TwitterFor editingAnd more
In the fifth episode of season two, Erica and Peter talk with 1987 Crestwood Elementary Spelling Bee winner/Pipeline Media Group partner Matt Misetich about finding your authentic voice, the glories and pitfalls of pivoting from screenwriting to novel writing, and "Gilmore Girls" (with a visit from a very special guest). Come for the excerpt from Matt's superfluous, verbose, and thesaurus-y first novel, but stay for the staff meeting. See more about Matt's awesome work at: him on Twitter: @SPMJM or Instagram @SPMJM Listen to his podcast: @howthearts
In the fourth episode of season two, Peter and Erica talk with Afro-latinx author, poet, and photographer Jarrard Raju about leaning into a love of prose, being an author of color in the industry, and their experience as a contributor on the forthcoming anthology WHERE MONSTERS LURK AND MAGIC HIDES. Come for the honest query talk, stay for the amazing way Jarrard takes risks in publishing. Also joy. Lots of joy.Follow Jarrard on Twitter: @JarrardWritesJarrard's LinktreeBuy their poetry collection!
TRIGGER WARNINGS: trauma, abuse, sexual abuse.In the third episode of season two, the Erica and Peter talk with 2021 Book Pipeline Unpublished manuscript  winner Melissa Duge Spiers about her upcoming memoir THE GLORY WHOLE, writing through trauma, dark comedy, escaping purity cultures, and procrastisnacking. Come for the rouge foot massager, stay for the deliberate rejection of writing rules. Read more about Melissa at her website: @MDugeSpiersInstagram: mdugespiers
In the second episode of season two, Peter and Erica get real with author and literary agent Linda Epstein about Jewish representation in books, equality for BIPOC industry folks, and how to be direct while maintaining kindness. Come for the publishing situation chat, stay for Linda's amazing show notes:All about Linda!Buy her book!The New School Gotham WritersThe Highlights FoundationLINDA IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO QUERIES however BIPOC folks are welcome to ask general questions and advice about publishing and writing at: All are welcome to ask her publishing related questions on Twitter: @LindaEpstein
In the first episode of season two, Erica yells at Peter for not caring for and/or liking Jurassic Park, Peter discusses his decision to take a step back from the film/TV industry (for the time being), and why Matt Misetich is (apparently) a Gilmore Girls fanatic. Come for the tease of our next episode's AWESOME industry guest, and stay for Peter's usage of the term "Hey Gang"---which no one else has said...well, ever. 
In the Season One finale, Peter and Erica geek out with Jessi Honard & Marie Parks—the 2020 Book Pipeline Unpublished Sci-Fi/Fantasy category finalists. And this episode has EVERYTHING: Animorphs, setting and maintaining boundaries, and details of publishing their co-written debut novel, Unrelenting. Come for the talk about queer rep, stay for the inevitable tangent about stickers.Their book! company! social media contacts!
The One with Romi Moondi

The One with Romi Moondi


In the twenty-first episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica get candid with author Romi Moondi about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, the glories of Seinfeld, and how copywriting helps dialogue. Come for the professionalism, stay for a rant/rave about Michael Crichton.@RomiMoondiRomi's articles mentioned in this episode:
Erica rants at Peter about the glory of Michael Crichton.
In the twentieth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica are untethered. Listen to them rant, rave, and reminisce about all the things, including but not limited to:  Petee's Pie Company, the Taylors (Sheridan and Swift), impostor syndrome, the toxic positivity surrounding Jim and Pam’s relationship (don't @ us), how to take notes, favorite childhood television programs, Erica’s Dwight Schrute fanfic, and Peter’s deep understanding of and concern for Paul Giamatti’s bladder. Come for the singing and stay for the theme song.
In the nineteenth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica talk with award-winning audiobook narrator Elizabeth Wiley about points of entry into the industry, the unsinkable audiobook community, and the case for authors to read their work out loud. Mentioned in this episode:ACX.com APPConnect with Elizabeth here:
In the eighteenth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Foyinsi Adegbonmire gives the cohosts a deep dive into the acquisitions process, her manuscript wishlist, and the truth behind superstitions. And, as a bonus, enjoy the detailed ramblings about an upcoming Festival of Mouth Pleasures (like snacks). Follow Foyinsi on Twitter at @Foyinsi_Pub Check out her Pipeline Artists Symposium, "From Acquisition to Publication: The Editor/Author Relationship," available on-demand.See her manuscript wishlist at: Learn more about Pub Workers For Justice here:
In the seventeenth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title the cohosts have the distinct pleasure of talking with author and filmmaker Camryn Garrett about the ups and downs of film school, how she knows when a manuscript is READY-ready, and her upcoming book Friday I'm In Love (winter 2023). Come for the discussion about New Adult as a valid age category, stay for a twelve minute tangent about (wait for it) snacks. 
In the sixteenth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica chat with Erin Clyburn of The Jennifer De Chiara Agency about putting your best foot forward with a rep, how to avoid an instant pass in a query, and much more—all the while Peter and Erica try not to overwhelm her with their pent up New Year energy. Come for the self-care tips, stay for the cowbell.Check out #schmagent and #WriterBeware hashtags on Twitter for alerts on scam agents and agencies.
In the fifteenth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica scream into each others' voids about revision habits, critique partners vs. beta readers, and coping with grief through the holidays. Come for the new segue theme song, stay for two or three half-assed Christmas carols.Episode 1 of The Screenwriting Life: Getting Notes on Your WorkUse #JoinIn on Twitter whenever you're feeling alone.
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