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ParAwareness is a collaborative effort by podcast titans and fellow conspiracy theorists Mr. Gates (Haterazzi radio) and Isaac Weishaupt (Conspiracy Theories & Popular Culture). Each week they get together to dig deeper into some of the worlds strangest occurrences and explore whether we’re all being paranoid or just aware.
4 Episodes
In this episode Mr. Gates and Isaac analyze The Great Reset and question whether its an innocent ambition to better humanity or the final blow in the Illuminati plan for world dominance.
In this episode we explore the possibility that what we call aliens may actually be the angels and demons of religion and folklore.
In part 2 of our exploration of the Manson murders we go deeper into the possibility that this may have been a psy-op and we learn how the legendary Bruce Lee gets tied into it all.
In this inaugural episode we explore the strange coincidences and connections between the Manson family and the cast of Hollywood celebrities and rockstars who will forever be tied to one of the most notorious mass murders in U.S. history. Are we just being paranoid or aware??Check out Isaac Weishaupt at: out Mr. Gates at:
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