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The SECEC Podcast provides you with the latest info and hot topics related to shoulder and elbow surgery. We report on exciting papers together with international authors who discuss their studies with SECEC experts and give us valuable background information. 

28 Episodes
How to master this terrible elbow fracture? Is it done with a Hemi do we need a Total-Elbow replacement? Difficult question - great answer from Fraser Taylor from Australia. Here we go with our SECEC expert Lars-Peter Müller from Germany to learn how the registry helps us. Happy listening! Music under CC Licence: Artist: Blue Wave Theory Title: Skyhawk BeachArtist: Jahzzar Title: Step on
Let make make our patient happy and take their pain away. The first author Eoghan Hurley (Ireland/USA) and our SECEC expert Tjarco Alta (NL) will enlighten us with a new idea to get better post-OP pain management for our patients - lets get higher!  Music under CC license: Artist: Jahzzar, Title: Take me higher Artist: Jason Shaw Title: Sailors Lament
Stemcells do it all. How to assess muscle and tendon healing in RC tears - Complex connections will be answered by Lars Frich (DK) the author of this study and Pietro Randelli who is our SECEC expert today. Enjoy! Music under CC license: Artist: Lolalty free music, Title: CoexistenzArtist: Jahzzar, Title: I need
Home trainer vs. personal trainer? In this one we discuss how to handle physiotherapy after a reverse shoulder implant. Greg Nicholson (USA) presents their study data that show how effective home therapy can be. Together with our SECEC expert Stefan Greiner (GER) we find out how to make it, enjoy! Music under CC license: Artist: Jahzzar, Title: No controlArtist: Jahzzar, Title: Fastest man on earth
The machine will do the job - Ryosuke Iio from Japan presents this interesting AI method of how an algorithm can detect RC-tears on a radiograph. Alex van Tongel (B) is the SECEC expert today to ask whether this can be the future of diagnostics. Lets check out! Music under CC license: Artist: Jim Hall, Title: ThumperArtist: mello C, Title: Fusuhunu
Game on folks - we know what to do in shoulder dislocations, but how to treat collison athletes who want to return to the field as fast as possible ? Edel Fanning (IRL) is here to present her study on how to make it. With me as SECEC expert is Przemyslav Lubiatowski (PL) who knows what it means to tackle this topic. Enjoy! Music under CC license: Artist: Slanite, Title: The crosses of AnnaghArtist: Jahzzar, Title: Anniversary    
How to fill the gap ? Dr. Charles Thery from Straßbourg (France) shows us a great idea in how to deal with difficult non-unions of the clavicle. Our SECEC expert Prof. Kerem Bilsel from Istanbul (Turkey) is on board and he helps to make this episode not only interesting but very joyful - here we go!   Music under CC license: Artist: Komiku, Title: Fouler l´horizonArtist: Jahzzar, Title: No control
Can we fix the LUCL arthroscopically? Does it make sense? This cadaveric study from Alfonso Vaquero-Picado from Spain questions whether this is possible. Our SECEC expert Roger van Riet (BEL) is on board today to find the details behind this new surgical option. Happy listening! Music under CC licence: Artist: Jahzzar, Title: "in the museum"Artist: Komiku, Title: "Le Grand Village"
What is the pace here? Prof. Philipp Moroder (CH) presents his study on the shoulder pacemaker. Prof. Emilio Calvo (ES) is our SECEC expert today on this topic and we start to understand when the pacemaker has its best impact. Enjoy!  Music under CC licence: Artist: Jahzzar, Title: "Italia 90"Artist: Dr. Turtle, Title: "The Void says Hi"
Who knows the best surgical way to the capitellum? Dr.  Frédéric Vauclair from Lausanne (CH) has found a clever way to access this region and he presents his anatomic study. With us is our SECEC elbow expert Michel van den Bekerom (NL) who will guide us on how to interpret these results. Lets go!Music under CC licence: Artist: Jahzzar, Title: "Scars"Artist: Broke for free, Title: "Our Ego [Feat. Different Visitor]"  
Infections in elbow arthroplasty - a topic all of us know how difficult this is to treat. Here we present a study from the Mayo-Clinic on spacers. Natalia Martinez Calatan (ES) and Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo (US) will give us some important facts from their study. Frank Gohlke as our SECEC expert enhances the discussion - happy listening!Music under CC licence: Artist: Tintamare Title: "La Fin des Haricots"Artist: Jahzzar Title: "Black Jar"
Shoulder Instability: Where to put the bone block? This episode covers a study from Germany by Prof. C. Katthagen who did an anatomic study on the optimal bone block position. Phillip Moroder (CH) is our expert today who helps to analyze the findings. Enjoy!     Music under CC license by: "Riots" Artist: Jahzzar"Chuuch!" Artist: The good Lawdz
Now we go fully magnetic - 3 authors including a radiology MRI expert give us insights to their study where they tested whether MARS MRI (magnetic artifact reduction) can be a new tool for diagnosing periprosthetic shoulder infections. Cave: Exciting!Music under CC license by: "Scream for a deaf man" Artist: Jahzzar"A Message" Artist: Jahzzar
The Juniors are back: Here we found a recording we took a while ago on our last meeting in Poznan in Poland. Dr. Matthijs Jacxsens (CH) from the SECEC junior committee interviews Dr.  Mark Frankle from Florida USA. Here you go!Music under CC license by: "Dans l'Hyper Déni" Artist: Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée"The Void Says HiMusic" Artist: Doctor Turtle"Modestly Rude" Artist: Rockit_Dogg
What to do in shoulder osteoarthritis with an intact rotator cuff - anatomic or reverse? This great paper from the USA brought to us by the author Richard Friedman has a clear winner. Find out together with me and our SECEC expert Alex Lädermann (CH) which implant seems to be preferable.  Here you go!Music under CC license by: "Endeavour" Artist: Jahzzar"Damned" Artist: Jahzzar
Here we discuss about SCR! Seung-Jun Lee (South-Korea) has done tons of it and he presents details on his SCR paper and we try to find out what makes the key to success. Today together with our SECEC expert Jean-David Werthel (France).   Music under CC license by: "Blueprint" Artist: Jahzzar"Fastest Man on Earth" Artist: Jahzzar
Ok folks - this one is a hot one: In the latest SECEC Podcast series the youngest of our society meet the giants among us. "Morning coffee with shoulder & elbow surgeons" is a new show on the SECEC podcast provided by the junior committee. In this first episode Marko Nabergoj from Slovenia interviews Prof. Bernard Morrey (USA). We will get some wonderful insights and take home some advice from a living legend. Music under CC license by: "Mount Fuji" Artist: B...
To patch or not to patch - An episode with british experts on RC augmentation. The author Priyadarshi Amit explains in detail his interesting work and is accompanied by the SECEC expert Prof. Andy Carr who has extensive knowledge and research focus on patch augmentation in rotator-cuff tears. My Co-moderator today is Gregory Cunningham from Switzerland - Enjoy listening! Music under CC licence: "bleu" Artist Monplaisir"Warm Up Suit" Artist: Broke for free"40:04" Artist: Monplaisir&n...
What to do with the Subscapularis in a Reverse? And what do you prefer ? Refixation or just leave it away? With Yacine Ameziane (Germany) and our SECEC expert Phillipe Collin (France) we discuss this controversial topic and present the data from this study on reverse shoulder arthroplasty. My co-moderator in this episode is Gabor Skaliczki, Enjoy! Music under CC licence: "Walking in the rain" Artist: Crowander"Lomuvaru" Artist: Mello C"40:04" Artist: Monplaisir
Together with Prof. Przemyslaw Lubiatowski, Dr. Michal Harasymczuk and Dr. Joanna Walecka we get inspired about the city of Poznan in Poland where the next 2021 SECEC congress will take place from September 15th - 18th. See you there!    Music under CC license and standard license: Chopin Waltz Op.70 No.1 "Mockingbird" Author: David Mumford
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