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Welcome to the Plant Based Briefing podcast - the curated content podcast for those interested in healthy, compassionate and sustainable living in about 10 minutes or less every weekday. I'm Marian Erikson and I created this podcast for people who are short on time but curious about plant based or vegan living. As a voiceover artist with a home studio, and a person who likes to keep up to speed on the latest in plant based and vegan living, curating and narrating the content for you was a natural fit. Essentially, I save you from having to do the research - I curate the best content I can find, get author permission, and read it to you here. I'll cover a variety of topics including plant-based health & nutrition, the environment & sustainable living, animal rights and liberation, and plant-based food, travel and lifestyle. Most people go plant-based for one of three main reasons, either health, the environment, or animals. Whichever factor drove your decision, or drives your curiosity, here's where you can keep up to speed on the other facets as well - without a huge time commitment. We’ll also explore the ethics of animal use in general, not only relating to animal rights, but also relating to human rights, stewardship of the planet, infectious diseases and pandemics and a variety of other issues that continue coming to light. If you have a favorite blog or author you want me to include in the rotation, please leave a review for the podcast along with your suggestion. Or reach out to me on Twitter @PlantBasedBrief and tag the author you want me to include. You can also head over to the YouTube channel and enter suggestions in the comments section. Or you can always contact me at Subscribe and share with your friends! And of course, I’d really appreciate a review - it helps the podcast get more exposure and reach others. The Plant-Based Briefing podcast. Short, daily episodes. A variety of plant-based topics. Follow the podcast on social media: Twitter: @PlantBasedBrief YouTube:   Facebook:   Instagram: @PlantBasedBriefing



The 10-minute curated content plant based podcast. The best of healthy, compassionate, sustainable living. Most people go plant-based or vegan for one of three main reasons, either health, animals, or the environment. Here's where you can keep up to speed on all the facets - without a huge time commitment. Short, daily episodes. A variety of plant based topics. Visit to learn more.
A farmer explains her feelings about sending animals to slaughter.   Masa and Michael Ofei are best selling authors, passionate bloggers, youtubers and podcasters, exploring what it means to live with incredible intentionality. They create amazing content covering a range of topics including minimalism, veganism (and delicious recipes), zero-waste living, productivity, consumerism, and travel amongst other things. Check them out at where you can also find links to their podcast and youtube channel.   Here’s a link to the original post:   Please rate and review the show here, or on your favorite podcast app.   Follow the podcast on social media: Twitter: @PlantBasedBrief YouTube:  Facebook:  Instagram: @PlantBasedBriefing  
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