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After their harrowing encounter with Grisleve, the interns return to Boulderay to seek out Dr. Ahem, who has a long-missing piece of information that will reshape what the interns thought they knew about Paralyte and the Infinights. Delving deep into the Boulderay mines, can the Interns unravel the mystery that began so long ago? Go to to see your monthly rate.
With the amalgamation of 2 infinights, Grisleve, bearing down on them, the party has to figure out a way to put a stop to whatever ritual is being executed on the ziggurat.  Go to to find the card for you.
The party continues the race to the ziggurat. Mudd grapples with a familiar creature while GumGum finally gets a hug.
The interns have made it to shore, tracking Paralyte toward the ziggurat on the island. However, acid rain, fish people, nightmarish creatures, and an unsettling jungle stand between them and their goal.  Subscribe to 30 Morbid Minutes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Go to to see your monthly rate.  Go to to get a free 14-day trial.
The Interns regroup after their harrowing encounter and search for Elleve and Grislee with help from an old friend. But when danger strikes again, can's Mudd's quick thinking save the day?
Caught in the trap set by Paralyte, the Interns are pushed to their limits to survive. But outnumbered and caught off guard, can they escape with their party intact? Listen and subscribe to Ship Hits the Fan at
The Interns have made their way deep into the Elderpine Village in the forest canopy. But are they really ready to face what’s waiting within?
Trapped in a memory of the Infinights, the interns are close to finding the origins of their powers, paralyte, and perhaps where to find their friends being held prisoner.  Follow us on Social Media!
The interns have chased off the Everguards, rescued the townspeople, and finally have two more Infinights returned. But with Dr. Ahem's Dreamery equipment lacking, can they dive into the memories of Slique and Spectril and find out what happened on that fateful night so long ago?  Follow us on Social Media! Go to for $10 in free Bitcoin! Get your RTX badge at
The interns have stumbled into the town of Boulderay under the control of the Everguard. Will they be able to free their allies and take back the town?  Follow us on social media: Get your RTX badge at
Finally, the only things standing between boulderay and the interns is a backflip to the docks and quick climb. Last one to the top is a stinky dragon!  Follow us on social media: Go to to get Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons! Go to to see The Batman in theaters.
It's a high sea adventure as the interns stock up on new gear and prepare for a journey back to Boulderay!  Sign up at for $10 in free Bitcoin!
The cast AND crew recap the adventure so far through the Wight Winter Arc, level up, and answer questions from the audience!  Check us out on Social Media! Go to and promo code DRAGON to get 20% off your first 4 orders!
The interns have a lot to handle - Kyborg squares off with a mighty hunter, Bart tries to calm a heated fight, & GumGum & Mudd attempt a water search and rescue. All this and more in the final episode of the Wight Winter arc!
It seems the interns have been granted divine insight on how to end a century of war. Now all that stands between them is a horde of undead polar bears, an army of hulking Valrossians, and a Planar Wraith out for revenge
The interns have caught up to V-King Nyve Gørn, but someone else has more devious plans for his royal highness! Between a quick sidebar with a deity, a royal conspiracy, and an Ishbjorn invasion, when will the party finally get some shuteye!?
The Interns have finally made it to the big time- A party/dinner with the great V-King. But when called to perform with lacking spell slots and a looming warden, can they even start the peace talks with the king? and more importantly, WTF IS PRESTIDIGITATION?! Go to and use promo code DRAGON to get 20% off your first 4 orders. Go to to catch Peacemaker on HBO Max and tune into the official podcast, Podly!
In this mini-adventure filmed LIVE at RTX 2021, the interns deal with some unexpected consequences of their earlier actions, deep down in Dr. Ahem's lab. Check out Getting Better: Stories of Mental Health wherever you get your podcasts!
After playing their way through an array of arcade games to win back their missing items, it seems a more frightening fate awaits our interns’ friendly fauna, as Gumbo and Hannibal face off with the infamous Snøbeist! Who will stand up to the massive monstrosity and win access to an audience with the venerable V-King Gørn?
Time is running out for our fugitive interns! Can they save a suffering Slique, uncover their missing equipment, and beat all the high scores at the Hundrefest arcade? Go to and promo code DRAGON to get 20% off your first 4 orders!
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Mud's a Potterhead!

May 6th

Jeff Shermak

so Christopher can be a subclass from a Tasha's but Blaine can't pick a feat? make it make sense Gus!

Feb 16th


I think this episode is my favorite so far.

Oct 29th


What a good song. Gumgum is innocence personified. Love him.

Oct 15th


This episode was absolutely hilarious.

Oct 12th


love the show it's kinda what I look forward to when I'm at work every week.

Aug 31st
Reply (1)

Dennis Mayo

Heck damn I love the theme music

Aug 29th


Absolutely nothing was accomplished this episode. 10/10

Aug 24th


RIP to the hamster 😞

Jul 17th


This was a lot funnier than I expected!

Jul 15th
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