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Listen to industry leaders share about their careers and get tips on your job search. Discover what employer's look for from a in-house Hiring Expert.
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 David Jeter is the Owner of Acceleration Physical Therapy.  He studied Biology at Eastern Washington University. Dave earned his COMT certification from the North American Institute of Manual Therapy.   Dave specializes in: manual therapy, pain management, rehabilitation, and vestibular rehabilitation.   His practice provides outpatient orthopedic physical therapy and physical capacities evaluations and focuses on manual therapy, strain/counterstrain, and functional exercise.  PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS:1:25  -  Introduction of David2:42  -  About David on a personal level3:45  -  Why he chose Physical Therapy (PT)5:07  -  How  PT came to be developed6:06  -  Understanding  PT9:51  -  What too much sitting does to the body11:19-  Educational requirements to be a PT18.11-  Addressing the why of patient pain21:03-  Why patients should try PT as their first step in the healing process24:03-  How to contact David
Christian Espinosa is a cybersecurity engineer, certified high-performance coach, professor.  He’s also an Air Force veteran and Ironman triathlete. He used to value being the “smartest guy in the room,” only to realize that his greatest contribution to the fight against cybercrime is his ability to bring awareness to the issue through effective communication. Christian is also a speaker, coach, and trainer in the Secure methodology, helping to make the smartest people in the room the best leaders in the field.  For more information, visit Highlights02:30 - Christian growing up & career overview05:19 - Why cybersecurity & an explanation of cybersecurity10:50 - Attributes needed for cybersecurity and career options12:52 - A kick-in-the-butt and dealing with personal challenges22:54 - 7 Steps in the Secure Methodology 24:14 - Monotasking27.10 - Christian discusses his book "The Smartest Person in the Room"References: 16  Contact info:
Lisa Hughes Berge is a licensed and Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.  She is a passionate Leader and Medical Director over a team of Medical Science Liaisons.  In her extensive career she’s been a Vice President, Medical Director, Field Director and Head of Internal Medical Affairs and has transitioned easily between hospital and pharmaceutical roles.    PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS:02:30 - Lisa discusses her educational training06:49 - Getting into the Pharmaceutical industry07:00 - Pushing for change, Women in leadership roles15:56 - Discussion of career opportunities for RN's in hospital and other industries20:22 - Dealing with job loss23:45 - How she stayed marketable24.25 - Pandemic effects on healthcare33:29 -  The difference loving your work makes
This week's guest is Brenden Kumaraswamy.  Brendan is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become the top 1% communicators in their industry.  If you want some timely tips on improving your communication skills, you'll want to hear his advice.  Brenden also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world.   ** Brenden can be found on MasterTalk on UTube.  You can sign-up for free communication webinars at Highlights:03:49 - Why we fear speaking before a group08:21 - 3 Tips -- To speak up in meetings13:06 - 3 Tips --To improve your speaking skills17:53 - Do better video interviews20:43 - How to improve on your own22:54 - Book Recommendations26:09 - Contact Brenden
 Anna Runyan is the creator of CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System and CEO of Classy Career Girl International. She’s a former corporate consultant turned entrepreneur and her website was picked as one of Forbes Top 100 Websites For Women and one of Forbes 35 Most Influential Career Sites. She’s been featured on Fox, The Wall Street Journal and People StyleWatch magazine. Anna was nominated as San Diego Magazine’s Woman of the Year and her podcast was named as Yahoo’s 10 Best Podcasts. She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses, and lives through her website, online courses and social media channels.Podcast Highlights:07:03 - Laying groundwork 07:30 - Starting the side hustle16:20 - Making a plan to quit the day job23:00 - Creating products that solve customer needs 25:00 - Planning the annual business plan
In this podcast Sindy covers 9 Traits of Exceptional Leaders.  If you know you need to improve your leadership skills, stay tuned.  Even, if you are a very good leader, don’t you want to be an exceptional leader?  Podcast highlights:06:14 - Being humble in your leadership 07:15 - Talks about being accountable08:29 -  Don't do this 09:07 -  Leading by example09:50 -  Anyone can be a leader.  Are you?10:50 -  Being a Visionary11:33 - Caring as a Leader16:02 - Victory for you
Get this season's best career advice from:  a TV Broadcast Journalist; VP of HR, Bolt Therapeutics; CEO of Search Engine Optimization; CEO of the MBL Program; a Certified Public Accountant & Certified Financial Planner; a TV News Producer;  a Professional Musician and Teacher; and a Career Coach as they share their tips for a successful career.  
Our guest today is Robert Persichitte, CPA, CFP.  He says if you're good with Math or Algebra you have the makings of an Accountant.  Robert has worked closely with business leaders and individuals guiding them to make sound financial and investment decisions.  He'll explore career options for Accounting/Finance, talk about investing; and share how to prepare for a recession.  You can reach Robert on his business website: Join us!
Been hearing a lot lately a about a possible recession?  Your best defense is a good offense.  Sindy did research and created a checklist together so you can get prepare.  All the tips are right here in this podcast.  It’s only about 15 minutes.  You’ll be glad you listened, so you’ll be ready if a recession hits. 
Brandon landed a digital marketing position and fell into specializing in SEO Marketing in 2007 right out of graduating college.  His company SEO Optimizers specializes in:  SEO Optimization; local SEO; Social Media Marketing; Key Word Search; writing and releasing Press Releases; and online Reputation Management.   They help small & medium sized businesses grow an online presence.  Take a spin around his career roadmap and hear how he managed his career while creating his own small business.   You can find his gift to listeners at: 
Did you know setting goals is the best way to take control of your life?  That's why it's so important.   But there are many other factors to know about setting and achieving goals that you probably are not aware of.   This podcast discusses the how & why it’s important in our daily lives.  To do this I'll share research-based information that sheds light on the whole mystic of setting goals.  So, stay tuned, I find this fascinating and think you will too!   
In this episode I speak with Wesley (Wes) Burwell VP, HR for Bolt Therapeutics.   Join us for the details of how his career as an Accountant diverted into an HR career.  Wes' passion is building companies from the discovery & development stages into mid-size commercial organizations.   He's also the best networker I know and will share a secret or two about networking.  Take a listen!
Got a new job or looking to do a transfer?  Kickstart Your Career.  This episode is for anyone wanting to breathe some new life into a stalled career.  Sindy shares the reasons new hires fail.  Join us and get tips on how to successfully kickstart your career.  
Sonseeahray Tonsall joins us to explore the busy life of a Broadcast Journalist.  She's travelled all over the world for work:  to a field cluttered with debris from the space shuttle Columbia crash; to New Orlean's 9th ward after Katrina; and to the Great Wall of China.  She's also been in a sparse living room to hear someone share their family's story. Insider’s Stay tuned.
Have you working remotely because of Covid-19 and discovered you really like it?   Did your yearly review suffer because you weren’t onsite in the office?   Are you grappling with the dilemma that you may be falling behind career wise because you’re not as visible as before?   Hear this---working remotely doesn’t have to have this effect on your career.    Take a listen to this episode and get some effective tips for staying visible at work.
Stress, to me stress is a 4 letter word.   Everyone's got it.  We get overwhelmed at work, home, in our social lives and we have the effects of long-term stress from the never-ending pandemic.    This episode gives listeners several quick and long-term ways to effectively get your stress under control fast .   This can cancel or minimize the effects of stress in our daily lives.   Do something just for you today.   Take a listen!
Pop goes the tablet that gives the fizz.  No Alka Seltzer or Aleve can't relieve the headaches or hangovers from 2020 and 2021!  There's a lot shaking in the world of work.  It did a 180 and it's still in influx.   Let's talk about the events, resulting changes and what is evolving now.   Listen and get a handle on the swirl at work.  You'll get some timely Insider Career Tips too.   Join us!NOTE: The unemployment rate is now 3.9%.  When the podcast was recorded it was 4.2%.  
Hey Insider's!  I’ve got the 9 best Insider Tips for you from Season 1 for both job seekers and modern workers.   Season 2 starts Sept./Oct.  Take a listen to this great advice.  Listen: .Or here:   Join us!   #career #quality #successfulcareer #careerstrategy #jobsearch #podcast
This week's podcast is with Marek Brezula, Head of QA/QC at InCarda Therapeutics.  Ever wonder how a drug gets approved?  Marek Brezula, shares his career journey with us. Your medicines go through multiple checks and balances before you can inhale, imbibe them or use topically.   Get first-hand scoop on the steps it takes to get approval from the FDA from a true quality professional.  Join Us!  
In lucky Episode #13, Sindy, your Insider, shares 8 manager styles.  After listening you’ll  recognize the different styles and determine which manager style  which will work best for you and allow you to thrive.  If you love your job, but hate your manager, or having problems developing a good relationship with your manager---stay tuned. 
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