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Author: Michael D Keeney

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Music & Murder is a true crime and music podcast. It intertwines real actual true crime murder cases, while showcasing some great music. The host Michael D Keeney is a total dick, and uses profanity, and talks very graphically about gory details that depict the crime scene or scenes that are featured on each episode. The dick, I mean, the host, is a criminology graduate student, and a professional recording artist and song writer for ASCAP. Most episodes are about murders that involve musicians, but not all of them, and most are about murderers that kill in a serial manner. There is also usually a guest that appears after most episodes for an after episode discussion. Music & Murder is rated R, and is for ADULTS ONLY. Parental advisory is definitely recommeneded.
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The Dick (Michael D Keeney)
34 Episodes
Dean Corll owned a candy business in Houston in the late 60s, early 70s. His body count was high, and he was known to the FBI as one of the founding serial killers of the gold age a serial killers. He was also thought to have insipered killers such as John Wayne Gacey. This is gruesome and graphic episode, and it comes complete with a very suprising end.
Host - Michael D Keeney Special Guest - Samantha Davis Music by - Samantha Davis Wt Caully Michael D Keeney Ozzy Ozbourne
This episode goes into great detail about the mysterious deaths of six huge names in the music world. Host - Michael D. Keeney Special Guest - Jordan Cohen,, Sponsored by - Morgan Wallen Music by - Ratt - Michael D. Keeney - Sons of Jupiter Mycopath
In July of 2011, Grant (The Dumb Fuck Killer) and amanda Haze killed 27 year old Ackerson, and tried to dispose of her body via Texas alligators. Host - Michael D. Keeney Co-Host - Anne Davis of Trashy Annie Music for this episode by - AC/DC Trashy Annie JT Sunrise Pharmacide Michael D. Keeney
The Love Slave Killers consisted of Charlene and Gerald Gallego. They were active in California, Nevada, and Oregon in 1978 to 1980. Host - Michael D. Keeney Special Guest - Heroine Honey featuring - Joe Exotic Music by - Heroine Honey Michael D. Keeney Kevin Turner Dan Hick
Edmund Emile Kemper III killed 10 people, including some family members. He did things to his victims that have never been done before. This is a very graphic episode, so please do not listen if you can not handle such things. Host - Michael D. Keeney Interview - with Tattoo Artist Ron Earhart Music - Tool, Symbiotic, Michael D. Keeney, Michael Alexander, Drowning Pool
I talk about my two of my favorite serial killers in gory and bloody detail! Host - Michael D. Keeney Music by Papa Roach Michael D. Keeney Slayer Insane Clown Posse
In 2018 Steven Pladl went on a murderous rampage after commiting unspeakable sexual acts with family. Host - Michael D. KeeneyMuisc by:Judas PriestMichael D.
This story tells the detalis of the murder of 9 year old Cindy Allinger. There were many obsticles, but the police, a phycic, and forensics finaly solved this case depsite of what some people say.
In 2015, Mitchelle Blair was chraged and convicted of murdering 2 of her 4 children. The bodies were kept in a deep freezer sitting next to the front door for 3 years in Detroit. Host - Michael D Keeney Special Guest - David Askew Music by - Michael D Keeney, Vultures Over Vegas, Mac Dre, Korn, NWA
This the sequel to episode 21.
Fred and Rose West were a serial killer couple that killed many women and young girls. The thing that sets this story a apart is the manner in wich they killed, mutilated, raped and disposed of the bodies. A good portion of their young victims were family members. Music by: Michael D Keeney, Pink Floyd, N.W.A, and Big Elk (
This is a sequel to eisode 19. Please see the shownotes for episode 19. Musis by: Michael D Keeney The Misfits Ellen Krauss Guns N' Roses Alice in Chains
In the late 80's and early 90's Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka terrorized the Toronto area. The two had no bounderies to what evil they could inflict on young women. Even family members weren't off limits. This story has been told many times, but never like this. Retraction from episode 9 - Dimebag Darrell was shot while performing Breathing New Life. Not New Found Power. Music by: Ammilli Michael D. Keeney Damage Plan Ted Nugent Tool
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In September of 2021, Damien Bandall went on one of The U.K.'s worst killing sprees in modern history. Bendall also raped and killed a minor that lived in his home. Retraction-the intro states 2022, but this was recorded in 2023 Music by: Bailey Zimmerman Michael D. Keeney AC/DC Chris Stapleton
Melissa Huckeby drugged, rqped and killed 8 year old Sandra Cantu on March 27th, 2009 in Tracey California. Her crimes shocked the nation and made proof that women can be pedophiles.
On July 22nd, 2013 in Broken Arrow Oaklahoma, brothers Robert, and Michael Bever Killed 3 of their younger siblings, and their parents. Music by: Aerosmith Michael D. Keeney Backseat Lovers Max Richter Joe Exotic #Oaklahoma #RobertBever #MichaelBever #Michaeldkeeney #aerosmith #backseatlovers #maxrichter
Music & Murder is a true crime podcast made for adults. It features adult material that is graphic and violent in nature. Parental Advisory is recommended. In July of 2020, well known Russian rapper Andy Cartwright was found in his apartment in multiple pieces. His body had been mutiliated, raped, and stored in multiple spots in the apartment. Music in this episode by: Black Sabbath Bad Company Michael D. Keeney Andy Cartwright #Truecrime #podcast #musicandmurder #Michaeldkeeney #Andycartwright #marinaKohkal #Russia #murder #badcompany #Blacksabbath
In April of 2002, Tynisha Ysias was found in her apartment that she shared with Antron Singleton, murdered, cut open, and partly eaten. Did they get the right guy? You decide. Music by: AC/DC Harry Styles Michael D. Keeney Big Lurch Interview with Big lurch by DJ Vlad
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amazingly entertaining. love all the episodes so far. always looking forward to the next episode ❤

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