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How do you show up for yourself?   In this episode, we’re joined by one of my amazing clients, Kristyn Koegel.    Kristyn has done extraordinary work on herself and succeeded on so many levels, so I wanted to share her story with you and give you an inside look at the coaching work we do together.    Kristyn Koegel is a mom, a writer, a speaker, a musician, teacher, trainer and coach, and most of all, a vibrant ball of energetic love here to serve through all of her heart, spirit, mind, and body.   At a young age, she began the battle with mental disorders resulting in suicide attempts and eating disorders that paved the way to delve into a lifelong search for meaning and purpose.   She used all of her traumatic experiences as the foundation to rebuild and renew her life through awareness, curiosity, courage, trial, and error, and most importantly, the constant self-renewal of her heart, mind, and body.   Kristyn is sharing how having a coach helped her reframe her thoughts, prioritize herself, and get her schedule back on track. She’s also sharing some of the most valuable things she’s learned about herself and her faith. Kristyn is someone who is willing to show up and do the work to get amazing results, and I’m so excited for you to hear from her.   Don’t miss out on this opportunity to look inside the life of one of my clients, and make sure you stick around until the end to get the most out of this powerful conversation!    Resources Mentioned   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
Why is it that we beat ourselves up for not feeling happy, grateful, or content 24/7?   Guess what? You’re human, and even when you’re experiencing success, you’re allowed to feel sad, exhausted, or frustrated… or anything else for that matter!    This episode is all about how to be human and have all the feelings that go along with that while also being successful. We all have times when we feel like we need permission to be human, and I’m here to give it to you.    I hope you get a quick burst of inspiration from this episode. It’s short and sweet and it means a lot to me.    If you need someone to tell you that it’s okay to feel the way you feel, you need this episode.    Resources Mentioned   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
Do you dream of running a business but hate making sales? Maybe you’ve already started your business but you’re struggling to spread the word because you don’t want to sound “salesy”?    You’re going to need to hear from Liz Rossilli if so!   She’s sharing her journey with us from starting a business as a mom who wanted more to running a successful sales consulting practice.    She knows how to manage the curveballs that come with being a mom and how to get sales savvy at the same time, so she’s sharing her wisdom with us in this episode.    Liz Rossilli believes in celebrating your wins! A sales expert with 28+ years of experience, Liz is the president of Sales Savvy, a sales consulting practice based in Cary, NC. Through this business, she helps women B2B service providers nationwide bring in consistent clients without compromising sanity or integrity. From the early days of her family’s business to working for startups, corporations, Avon, and her own enterprises, Liz has successfully sold everything from $1M of pens to $40 jewelry out of the trunk of her car!    Over the past three decades, she’s discovered how to sell from every angle, and more importantly, how to build the lasting, authentic relationships that bring in regular, reliable sales and create lifelong connections. Having turned thousands of “cold calls” into genuine relationships and repeat sales herself, Liz loves partnering with women in business today not only to guide them on selling with confidence but to celebrate all of their wins every step of the way!   If you want to get savvy with your sales and learn from one of the best, tune in to hear from Liz!    Resources Mentioned  Follow Sales Savvy on LinkedIn  Connect with Liz on LinkedIn  Join the Let's Get Savvy with Sales Facebook Group    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
How many times a day do you wish you could make your life easier?    Our special guest, Mridu Parikh, wants to help you do just that. Mridu, also known as The Stress Squasher, is joining us in this episode to share some of her best stress-squashing advice on how to simplify your busy mompreneur life.    Ready to get control of all your demands? Then you need Mridu Parikh, The Stress Squasher, on speed dial. Overwhelmed mompreneurs work with Mridu to prioritize and systemize so they can take control of their demands and distractions – at home and at work. She is passionate about getting women the results they want, whether it's doubling their revenue, losing weight, or increasing time for self-care. Mridu is a productivity coach, founder of Life Is Organized, and host of the Productivity On Purpose podcast.   Mridu and I have so much in common, so if you’re a regular on the podcast then I know you’ll love this episode, and if you’re just tuning in for the first time, this is a great one to start with!    In this episode, Mridu is sharing some amazing productivity tips as well as a little bit of her journey as a mompreneur who has built success over the last 12 years.    If you’re a mompreneur who is overwhelmed and overworked, this is for you.    Resources Mentioned  Follow @LifeIsOrganized on Facebook  Follow @lifeisorganized on Instagram  Connect with Mridu Parikh on LinkedIn    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
Do you feel comfortable and confident in your body?   Many women believe that weight gain and living with various chronic symptoms is just part of aging, but our guest, Elizabeth Girouard, believes that you can feel great at any age.    She’s sharing a little bit about her journey and how she helps women improve their lives through the choices they make. We’re talking about how to make choices that you are confident in and that make you feel good, and how to give yourself the support you need to succeed.    Elizabeth Girouard, the founder and CEO of Pure Simple Wellness, is a Health and Wellness Coach and Emotional Eating Coach. She helps women who struggle with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating take control of their relationship with food so they find peace around food once and for all. Her signature program, the Effortless 3-Day Reset, has helped over 350 people lose belly bloat, gain energy, increase mental clarity, and lose weight. Her Sugar Detox Program helps people to take back control of their sugar cravings to lead a more energized and balanced life, free from the ups and downs of the sugar craving cycle.   You will walk away from this episode feeling inspired to take control of yet another part of your mompreneur life. Don’t miss it! Resources Mentioned Get the Guide on How to Be a Healthy Chocoholic Follow @puresimplewellness on Instagram  Follow @puresimplewellnesswithelizabeth on Facebook  Join the Simple Healthy Recipes Facebook Group    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
It takes a village, and boy, do I know it!   We’re talking about that little piece of wisdom and more in this episode as we draw inspiration from fellow moms.    I’m sharing a couple of quotes from my book, Get All As in the Game of Life: Mother’s Edition. In the last episode, we talked BizLife, now it’s time to talk MomLife.    We’re also talking about asking for help and building toolboxes for our kids. These might be things that sound simple, but they are really important to us as mothers.    It’s time for some inspiration, motivation, support, invigoration, and more. I’d love to know your favorite quote from this episode or the last one, so tune in and join the discussion!    If you find comfort in the wisdom of other moms, you’ll love this episode.    Resources Mentioned   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
If you could use a little motivation and inspiration, I have something for you.    In this episode, we’re taking inspiration from other women entrepreneurs straight from my number one best-selling book, Get All A's in the Game of Life: Insights Along the Way, Entrepreneur Edition.    I want to spark some inspiration and conversation around these quotes, so join me for the episode and then find me over on social media and let’s chat about it!    The book that we’re talking about is full of useful tidbits to be a source of fuel, comfort, inspiration, advice, invigoration, and laughter. All of the quotes are from everyday women like you and me, so I’m excited to dig deeper into a couple of them in this episode.    If you love finding quotes that pump you up and motivate you in your business, you’re going to love this episode.    Resources Mentioned My Amazon Page Melanie Notkin:  Amy Marks-McGee:   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
What does resilience mean to you?    In this episode, you’ll hear the story of one resilient mama and her comeback.    Vanessa Flores is joining me to talk about her experience launching a business while relocating twice, surviving the pandemic, and being served papers. She knows what it’s like to have to drop everything and rebuild your business and self-esteem from the ground up, so there is a lot that we can all learn from her.   As a fitness coach, Vanessa has a few words of wisdom to share about getting started on your fitness journey, and how some of the principles from the fitness world translate to other areas of life too.    If you need to work out at home and love a sweat fest but don't think you can get a great workout and results at home, you need to check out Vanessa Flores. She is a beast mode personal trainer and health coach. Before starting The Strong Fit Life, Vanessa worked for 9 years as a fitness trainer in multiple gyms. Today, Vanessa helps people across the US become stronger physically and mentally with her signature Strong Fit Formula and her online program, Unleash the Beast, so that you can conquer your workout and your day! When she is not leading a sweat-fest, Vanessa enjoys a glass of Malbec and trying new restaurants with her hubby and two young kiddos.   Vanessa is a resilient Mompreneur. I know you will love the lessons and advice weaved into this conversation! Tune in to hear her comeback.   Resources Mentioned  Follow @thestrongfitlife on Instagram  Connect with @thestrongfitlife on Facebook  Connect with Vanessa Flores on LinkedIn  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
I used to ask a question on my voicemail that nine out of ten people would answer the same way. Can you guess what it was?   In this episode, I’m going to give you the details on that and also ask you a question that will take you on a journey of self-acceptance.    Self-acceptance is such an important part of finding your A-game. I have experienced this firsthand, so I want to help you with it too.   Listen in to learn why self-acceptance is so important and how this question will help you build your confidence and squash your insecurities. This work starts with you, so are you ready to do it?    Press play, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to find your A-game.   Resources Mentioned   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
29: The 40% Rule

29: The 40% Rule


Does your role as a mompreneur bring you happiness?   In this episode, we’re talking about the science behind happiness and how it impacts your success as a mompreneur.    There are three components to your happiness. 50% is genetics, 10% is circumstances, and 40% is your thoughts and actions. That means that you have control over at least 40% of your happiness, and I’m teaching you how to learn and live in that 40%. I like to call this the 40% rule.    Join me for this episode to find out how to find your 40% and stay there so that you can be the happiest version of yourself!    If you find it hard to stay positive but you want some more joy in your days, you’re going to love this episode.    Resources Mentioned Find "The How of Happiness" on my Amazon List    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
Are you in need of a boost of confidence? How about some excitement?   In this episode, we’re practicing an exercise that will give you a boost of confidence in less than five minutes. Doesn’t that sound awesome?   We can benefit from vocalizing power words, and the exercise in this episode is going to get you saying some of these words with energy and strength so that you can feel the benefits of them throughout your day.    I want you to listen to this episode somewhere you feel comfortable to shout and repeat yourself a few times so that you can do this exercise with me.    If you want an instant boost of confidence, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
How do you react when life feels out of control?   In this episode, we’re talking about what to do when your life gets hijacked. I want to teach you the mindset and approach that you can take when things get crazy.    This has happened to me pretty frequently throughout my life. Life has thrown curveballs, and I’ve had to learn how to respond to them. Do I throw a pity party or do I come up with a solution? It’s up to me.    We have so many choices to make in our lives, and it’s important to accept responsibility for those choices. How we respond to these moments is one of those choices.    Listen in to hear my suggestions for what to do when life gets hijacked.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
Do you ever take the time to appreciate your growth?   Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to stop and look at how far we’ve come. This episode is all about reflecting on the story of your sales growth and appreciating your sales growth.   In this episode, I’m talking about how to put together your sales story, celebrate your wins, and even do a little bit of self-evaluation.    You’ll walk away from this episode with an exercise that you can do to put together the story of your own sales growth. I think this is important for everyone to do because it shows you how far you have come and adds to your momentum to keep progressing.    I don’t want you to miss the opportunity to further your growth, so press play on this episode now!    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
What does success mean to you? If there was a roadmap to success, would you take it?    I might not have a roadmap exactly, but I do know the five areas of consistency every mompreneur needs to have for continued success, and I want to share them with you.    If you practice, conquer, and eventually build consistency in these five areas, you will ultimately experience success. You will feel more successful and you will be more successful in your MomLife + BizLife.    In this episode, I’m sharing the five areas of consistency you need to build to have success, and I’m explaining each one. The best part is that you’re probably doing some of them already! Now it’s just time to master them.    If you want to know how to reach success faster, you’re not going to want to miss this episode.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
Don’t you just love powerful women?    I do, and so does my inspiring guest in this episode. We’re hearing from a mom-to-be about her emotional IVF journey and what it was like to go through it as a business owner.    Ekin Ozlen is sharing her experience with IVF, the struggle, the emotions, the technicalities, and how she did it all while running a successful business.   Ekin’s story will inspire you to continue on your journey, find your balance, and hang on to your passion on your mompreneur journey.   Ekin is an entrepreneur, singer, and owner of the luxury beauty brand Keracell from Los Angeles. She was previously a model for Ford Model Agency, and she's now a mother-to-be.   If you want the chance to be inspired by an amazing woman in business, this episode is for you.    Resources Mentioned  Use code #RESULTS at checkout 10% OFF  Follow @ekin_ozlen on Instagram    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
Have you ever thought about publishing a book?   Now’s your chance to learn how to do it!   I know that there are so many mompreneurs who want to publish books but don’t know where to start. There are a lot of things to consider. Do I go to a publisher or self-publish? How do I self-publish? What platform should I use? Who should I hire?    Our guest for this episode, Jyotsna Ramachandran, has all the answers. She’s walking us through some of the basics of being a successful mompreneur, as well as how to navigate publishing your book.    Jyotsna is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build super-profitable author funnels with the help of their books. She founded Happy Self Publishing to help overwhelmed yet purpose-driven authors experience transformative journeys of self-discovery through the process of publishing their books and amplifying their messages. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 500 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing. When Jyotsna isn’t working, this mom of two kids also loves to dance, run, and plan her next solo trip. She is also a passionate advocate for educational rights.   If you're thinking about self-publishing an e-book or hard copy book, you’re going to want to listen to this episode.    Resources Mentioned  Listen to the Author Success Show Podcast Follow @happyselfpub on Instagram    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
What’s holding you back from investing in your business or yourself?    In this episode, we’re talking all about investing. We’re talking about investment remorse and any other uncomfortable feelings you have about past investments that could be holding you back from making future investments.    I’m also sharing an exercise that will help you break through your mindset issues around investing so that they can’t hold you back any longer.    I want to help you do this work because investing is what allows you to grow! You might not even realize that you have investment remorse until you take a look at your past experiences and reflect on how you feel about them. The good news is that once you do, then you have the power to change how you feel and shape the experiences that you have in the future!    If you think investment remorse could be holding you back from growing your business, this episode is just what you need.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
What if I told you that you could have it all?   In this episode, I am talking about all things mompreneur life with my amazing guest, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer.    Cheldin is a mompreneur who is checking all the boxes: self-care, family-and-friend quality time, being a mom and running a profitable business.    So many of us think that we can’t have it all, but we can! Cheldin is living proof of that, so she’s talking to us about segmenting mompreneur life as the key to having it all.    As CEO and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer has spent over two decades creating, managing, and executing strategic marketing campaigns for clients within an array of lifestyle industries. She continues her commitment to communication and marketing education by sharing entrepreneurial stories through her daily morning talk show THIS IS IT WITH CHELDIN.   Through this online program entrepreneurs and personalities have the opportunity to find their marketing voice while promoting their products, services, and projects. In addition to her talk show, THIS IS IT NETWORK, she produces and distributes 25 additional online programs highlighting captivating hosts and experts.   If you are a mompreneur and are wondering how you too can segment your life and have it all, you will get so much value out of this episode with Cheldin!   Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
How does the voice inside your head speak to you? Does it tell you that you can do anything, or does it tell you that you’re not good enough?   In this episode, I am revealing the mindsets of two mompreneurs, the common thought patterns, statements, and obstacles they face, and the different results that they produce.    The way that you think is important, especially the way you think about yourself. I want to make sure that your mindset is on track to take you where you want to go.    As I talk about these two mompreneurs, I want you to think about yourself. How often are you saying these things to yourself? Are you more like the first mompreneur or the second?    This is a supporting element of your A-Game formula, so you don’t want to miss it.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram!   Show notes are available at
Do you like to read your books or listen to them?   Either way, I’ve got five books to share with you to get your MomLife + BizLife ignited.    These books were game changers for me at the start of my business. They helped me get in the right mindset and scratch the surface of the entrepreneurial world.    I believe that reading is so valuable because it’s a way for us to learn from other people’s experiences. Other people provide knowledge and perspectives that we don’t have, and books give us the opportunity to access that.    These books will help you start out on the right foot if you are just getting your business started, but if you’ve already been running your business for a while, it’s never too late to expand your learning!    Tune in to find out my top five book recommendations.    Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at
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