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The Kubby Cast - Marketing and Business Podcast
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The Kubby Cast - Marketing and Business Podcast

Author: Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

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Entrepreneur, marketer, and wearer of many hats - Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus interviews intriguing guests and discusses marketing, business, life and everything else in between.
13 Episodes
Are mentorships good? My opinion changes all the time on this topic. Today I talk about why I think mentorship can actually be detrimental. 
On Episode #9 I talked with Brian Coles about his upcoming sabbatical with his family backpacking through Asia. He returns and tells us what happened. We also talked about his new book and where he's headed next. Check out the video version here -
Increasing sales is really not that hard, it comes down to mindset. Do you want to be a value-adding partner or just another vendor? If you want to increase sales and be the best salesperson in your company, you have to think long-term and think like a value-adding partner. You have to be a counsel or a trusted advisor, otherwise, you're just another salesperson. - We're talking about sales today and how to actually up your sales game.  Find out more at
Content Marketing has been around forever, but brands are still making big mistakes when it comes to their content marketing strategies, even in 2019. In this video, I go through 3 key areas where brands need to focus when it comes to content marketing strategy, and how to actually fix mistakes they are making. I talk about using the data in content marketing, how to milk your content and how to make content that people actually want.
Brian Coles, email marketer extraordinaire, motorbiker, and world traveller stops by to talk about all sorts of stuff. Love. Life. Travelling in Asia for a sabbatical. Warning...this is a long episode but was a lot of fun to record.
Patrick Kitchell - tech nerd, social media pundit and all-around nice guy, stops by to talk all things media, marketing and life.
On this epsiode I talk about something that I think affects a lot of business owners.
On this podcast I interviewed Patrick Kitchell, a great friend of mine who continues to amaze me with his insights into social media, business and authenticity. He is like me - a skeptic. An extremely warm and friendly and down to earth guy. We get into all sorts of topics from life to business, from horror movies to data privacy laws. It's a long, crazy and fun podcast. Please take a listen.
On this episode I take questions on social media, business, getting your first clients, and how to use hashtags on Instagram.
Losing $100,000

Losing $100,000


This week I am talking candidly about losing a $100,000 project and why it's natural to fail and what to do after you fail. A must listen episode.
On this episode I talk about what I love about GaryVee and what I don't love about him.
Naysayers Are The Best

Naysayers Are The Best


People will not believe in you. That's fine. Use it to fuel your success. Prove those naysayers wrong.
Too many solo entrepreneurs are afraid of hiring. I breakdown why you should hire and how you can do it to grow your business.
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Adam Mallerman

I love you Kubby but dude....I listened to the whole thing to hear the emailing discussion. where was it? where was the marketing?

Jan 23rd
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