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Freshly Brewed: The Coffee Podcast for Home Brewers
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Freshly Brewed: The Coffee Podcast for Home Brewers

Author: Brian Renshaw

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Each week in Freshly Brewed Brian sits down with a coffee enthusiast to discuss all things coffee, creativity, and everything in between.
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This week Brian sits down to talk with Alex Wallace, who is a barista at The Mixer in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Alex has an uncanny ability to describe and talk about coffee in ways that few do. I always love reading about the different coffees he is trying and how he describes each one. In our conversation we take the deep dive into tasting notes and how to better develop your palate, how he talks with customers about brewing coffee at home, and his entry way into the world of tea. We talked about a variety of topics and you can always find links to everything we mention in the show notes.Alex Wallace on Instagram Brian Renshaw on InstagramLeave a review: MixerThe Well Coffee HouseLog your coffee with The Coffee Brewer’s LogbookFellow Stagg X Pour OverCometeer CoffeeVoila Specialty Instant CoffeeFinca Meirisch - Aware winning and internationally acclaimed coffeesKoppi Coffee RoastersBlendIn Coffee Club - China MeiZiWhat is Gongfu Cha?Mirror Coffee RoastersMirror Coffee Roasters on YouTubeApril Coffee Roasters (Patrik Rolf)Nashville Coffee Shops: Sump Coffee, Living Waters, Crema CoffeeHow Alex dials in a new coffee18 grams of coffee188 grams of waterBloom then three even pours
Today I have the privilege of sitting down to chat with Nükhet who is from Turkey and has done just about everything in coffee including being a barista and a roaster. She has a fascinating story of how she overcame many challenges and found her way into the coffee industry. In addition to being an avid coffee lover she creates beautiful design work for coffee companies including Comandante. I absolutely loved getting to know Nukhet a bit more and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.Follow Nükhet on Instagram: @blckhoneygirlFreshly Brewed on Instagram: @_freshly_brewedLeave a review: am Not a Barista interview (link)Mordy and Spotty (link)50percentarabica (link)Comandante Grinder (link)Orea Brewer (link)The Right Roast (link)
Today's guest is my friend, Arian who lives up in Montreal and working on his doctorate in computer science. He is also an avid coffee lover who take beautiful photos and showcases all things coffee on his Instagram.Follow Arian on Instagram: @arianxFreshly Brewed on Instagram: @_freshly_brewedLeave a review: Coffee WorksDragoXrisJerneyJohanAlexCalebLelit BiancaMokha Bunn Yemen CoffeeDaniel Shiffer YouTubePeter McKinnon YouTubeCanon EOS RRF 35mm 1.8 (Arian favorite lens)Niche Zero GrinderEthica Coffee 
Today's episode is with Lance Hedrick, who is the head of wholesale of Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas. I first met Lance on Instagram where his knowledge of coffee and humor gave me an instant follow. Since then he has also started a YouTube channel where he takes many complex topics and breaks them down so the everyday home barista can understand.This show was a lot of fun. We dive right in talking about the Chemex then his fascinating backstory of how he learned to love coffee while a barista at a coffee shop and some of his thoughts on coffee. I hope you enjoy the show with Lance Hedrick.Leave a review: WAY TO USE THE CHEMEX: How to Hack and Brew Incredible Coffee on the ChemexOnyx Coffee LabThe Pen Addict Podcast (fountain pens)Maxwell MooneyCoffee FestUS Brewers Cup ChampionshipsWhat is "Fresh" Coffee? by Elika Liftee and Lance HedrickV60 methods: James Hoffman, Scott Rao, Tetsu Kasuya, Lance HedrickFellow Stagg X (Lance's favorite brewer)Lance Hedrick hack for Stagg XOnyx Coffee  Ethiopia WorkaOnyx Ethiopia Wush WushColombia Inmaculada Sudan Rume
Welcome to Episode 5 of the Freshly Brewed podcast. My name is Brian Renshaw and I am the host of the show and today I sit down with Xris Tjakra to talk about his passion for espresso, coffee gear, and coffee content creation. Xris started a YouTube channel a little over a year ago that is really fun to watch and you can learn a ton about coffee gear, especially the art of espresso. As one that started getting into making coffee at home recently, he is able to uniquely help others share the learning process.I would encourage you to subscribe to the podcast so you can get updated each week with a new conversation with a coffee enthusiast like yourself. Be sure to share this podcast episode with a friend.Leave a review: on Instagram: @itsxrisXris's YouTubeBrian's Instagram: @_freshly_brewedXris's Flair Espresso 58 ReviewRocket Appartamento WorkflowMorning Routine of a Coffee Snob
In this episode I sit down with Josh Cook to talk about his passion for brewing coffee at home, a recent experiment using only the v60 and Niche Grinder for a week, his journey into espresso, and his unique foray into serving coffee to his local community via the Coffee Service. Josh absolutely loves coffee and sharing that love with others.If you haven't, subscribe to the podcast so you can get updated each week with a new conversation with a coffee enthusiast like yourself. Leave a review: on Instagram: @brewcoffeebetterJosh's WebsiteBrian's Instagram: @_freshly_brewedFlair EspressoAeroPress GoBrian's AeroPress RecipeThe Coffee ServiceJosh's interviews with different coffee shops
Today I have the privilege of sitting down to chat with Alex Smith, also known as the Kitchen Guy. If you've been following Alex on Instagram you know that his personality is infectious. He loves brewing coffee at home with both espresso and pour overs. One of my favorite things about Alex is his creativity showing how he brews outside and in the cold. Its always fun to watch. I hope you enjoy this episode as we talk about his coffee journey, some things he has learned along the way, and his approach to creativity.Links:Alex on Instagram (@thekitchenguy_)Instagram Reel that hit 2.7 million+ views Brian on Instagram (@_freshly_brewed)Leave a Review:
In today's episode I sit down with Jerney. He is one of the best photographers and creatives that you will find in the coffee Instagram world. In addition to his passion as a photographer, he also loves brewing coffee at home. Listen in as we discuss his process for both photography and coffee.Links:Jerney on Instagram (@jerney)I am a coffee influencer (post link)Jerney's WebsitePre-Order the Orea BrewerBrian on Instagram (@_freshly_brewed)Leave a Review:
Today I have the privilege of sitting down to chat with Kyle Rowsell. Kyle has been creating coffee content for about a year now on Instagram and YouTube but has been helping others brew wonderful coffee at home way before that.Kyle is one of the most open and enthusiastic people in the coffee social media world. I loved hearing about his passion to teach others about coffee, his creative process, and some things he would like to see in the future of the coffee industry.Links:Kyle on Instagram (@kyle.rowsell)Kyle on YouTubeBrian on Instagram (@_freshly_brewed)Leave a Review:
Welcome to Freshly Brewed: The Weekly Coffee Podcast for Home Brewers. My name is Brian Renshaw and each week I'll sit down with some of your favorite coffee content creators, people in the industry, and those that just love the process of brewing coffee at home.I've been into coffee for 10+ years from roasting my own beans to trying out the newest pour over methods. I love the process and journey of coffee. I'm also fascinated in people and the content they create. So I hope you join me in these conversations as we talk about coffee, creativity, and and everything in between.You can follow me on Instagram at @_freshly_brewed
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