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Author: Kelsey K

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The Mamas Moving Mountains Podcast invites you in to listen to all things motherhood! The good, the messy, and the miracle. Where you can hear real and raw stories, feel no judgement, and connect. My hope is that we can all take on this motherhood journey together! We all know how beautiful motherhood is, and we all know how rewarding it is. But we also know that it can be lonely, difficult, and exhausting. Join me once a week to journey through all those things together. I want to help inspire you, build you up, share mama tips, and truly connect. So grab a drink, kick back, and let's chat! Instagram: @mamasmovingmountains
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It's been a while but we're back and both of us are announcing some BIG NEWS! We're so happy to be back recording and connecting with y'all. We also get into a juicy topic that is taking the world by storm right now! Kick back, grab a drink, and let's chat!Instagram:Host// Page//
Babies on the way, how do we prepare our kiddos!? Well Nikki Koch who has a degree in Child Studies with an emphasis on Children's Mental Health is going to give us some much needed pointers! Join us as she shares knowledge and what she's currently doing to prepare her toddler Mila for the new journey to come. When we prepare our kids before they have a new sibling it makes the transition much easier!Where you can find Nikki:Blog:www.mothermadeyou.comInstagram:, Pintrest:Mothermadeyou Podcast IG: Kelsey: Val:
Tiffany leverages her personal experience as a mother of three children 5 and under, her professional experience as a successful soul-led business owner (8 years and counting!), her extensive wisdom and application of spiritual healing work and manifestation, and her 5 years of epic world travel to nurture her clients and lead her growing team at Tiffany Marshall International.Her soul-led life and work prove you can truly have the most abundant, soul-fulfilling life as a woman and mother by prioritizing healing, support, balance, and your Highness.  You don't want to miss this tremendously enlightening episode! We get into all things mama healing and awakening!You can find all of Tiffany's links here:
We talk about love languages a lot in romantic relationships but we never talk about what that looks like with our kids! We dive into how we show love to our kids and the ways that they receive love! You don't want to miss this!IG//@mamasmovingmountainspodcastKelsey // @keepingitkimberlinVal // val_ericksonResources//Book:5 Love Languages for Children by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell
Our YouTube journey is starting!! Tune in on YouTube on Wednesday to see us live and in action. We're just catching up, talking Valentine's plans, and MOMentines self-care ideas! Instagram:Kelsey - @keepingitkimberlinVal - @valerickson_Podcast - @mamasmovingmountainspodcastYoutube:Mamas Moving Mountains 
Join us as we talk about pregnancy and all that comes with it, TTC, puking, and my gross morning lol! We're getting into all the in depth details this episode, grab a drink and let's get started!IG//@mamasmovingmountainspodcast@keepingitkimberlin@val_ericksonLooking for handmade boho clay earrings?  Head to;
Join us as we get into some BIG NEWS! We have some big things happening in our lives and we can't wait to sit down with you and talk about it :)Instagram:@keepingitkimberlin@val_ericksonEarring
Lydia is a global MUA,  military wife, and mom of three who has built a following of 152K on Instagram! She shares the honest truth of the struggles of being a military wife, being a makeup artist durning the pandemic, and trying to balance her time equally with 3 kids.IG//Lydia Arroyo/ @lyds_makeupHost:KelseyK / @keepingitkimberlin Co-Hosts:TayZ / @tayszylifestyleValE/ @val__erickson
We're talking about all the hopes we have for the future! Hopes for ourselves, hopes for our families, and more! New years coming, it's time to start manifesting! IG//@mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost@keepingitkimberlin Co-Hosts@tayszylifestyle@val__ericksonTikTok//@mamasmovingmountains
On this episode we talk about daily routines that work for us. How we implemented them but the importance of giving ourselves grace when we don’t know always do them. We give helpful tips like replacing the word “routine” with “ritual”. Our toddlers thought this episode was so amazing that had to pop on and say “HI”. InstagramPodcast//@mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost// Kelsey Lynn@keepingitkimberlinCo-Host// Val Eval__ericksonCo-Host// Tay Z@tayszylifestyle
This is the conversation that we know is coming whether it's a couple years down the line or now. Join us as we talk about the taboo subject of kiddos and cell phones!!IG//@mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost//Kelsey@keepingitkimberlinCo-Host//Val@val__ericksonCo-Host//Tay@tayszylifestyle 
Kris is such an amazing soul with so much wisdom to share! Join us as we talk mama self care,  what to do when you're burnt out, & children's mental health and how to recognize you need outside help. Not to mention, Kris shares about her FREE RESOURCES! The 60 second mama reset, 15 min coaching call, and a new masterclass called Unstuck! You are going to want to check these out!Where to find Kris Rice:IG // // www.krisricecollective.comPINTEREST // FACEBOOK // Gifts:Free 60 Second Mama Reset: Complimentary Coaching Call: 
Here are a couple of things we wish we would've known before we became moms! Our moms are amazing but there are things that we've learned along the way on our own motherhood journey's that we want to share with you. Join us as we get real.Instagram:Podcast:@mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost: Kelsey Lynn@keepingitkimberlinCo-Host: Val E@val__ericksonCo-Host: Tay Z@tayszylifestyle
We've been gone for a while but now we're back again! Catch up with us and find out what's been going on for the past few months! :)Insatgram:Host: Kelsey@keepingitkimberlinCo-Host: Val E@val__ericksonCo-Host: Tay Z@tayszylifestyle
We're getting into the nitty gritty of school starting again! It's good, it's messy, and it's sometimes ugly. Join us as we share stories and give some good advice!IG//@mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost: Kelsey LynnIG// @keepingitkimberlinCo-Host: ValVIG//  @valvesgaCo-Host: TayZIG// @tayszylifestyle
Dr. Tiffani Long has been a dentist for 21 years, opened her own practice, all the while being married and getting pregnant later in life after she had achieved her career goals.She is going to take us through her journey and share how she balances all the many hats she wears. She also shares her best advice on how to make it work!Dr. Tiffani Long:IG // dr.tiffanibotoxandblingPRACTICE // Epic Dental ArtsHost: Kelsey LynnIG // keepingitkimberlinCo-Host: ValVIG // valvesgaCo-Host: TayZIG // tayszylifestyle
Join us as we talk about our experiences with mom shaming and ways you can cancel it out.We want every mom to feel welcome and heard, it starts with pushing aside all the negative people and things that take a away your peace!IG // mamasmovingmountainspodcastHost: Kelsey LynnIG // keepingitkimberlinCo-Host: ValVIG // valvesgaCo-Host: TayZIG // tayszylifestyle
Join us as we listen to the IVF journey of Danielle Rottman. She is a mother through IVF and has two twin boys. She explains all the highs and lows. It gives a real look at IVF through the eyes of a mama who has been through it.Everyones experience will be different but any mama looking into IVF or already going through it can at least relate to one thing in this episode!Danielle Rottman:IG // daniellerottmann_BLOG // www.ivftwinmomma.comHost: Kelsey LynnIG // keepingitkimberlinBLOG // www.marchonmomma.comCo-Hosts: TayZIG // tayszylifestyleValVIG // valvesga
We're talking all about self-care today. We'll get into what we do for self-care, tips and tricks to make it happen, and the real honest truth about it. Follow along with us three crazy mamas and have a little laugh!Instagram:@mamasmovingmountainsHost: @keepingitkimberlin // Co-Hosts: @tayszylifestyle & @valvesga
Jaime Casey is a behavioral specialist who has been in the field for 10 years.  She has a masters degree in Psychology and a bachelor's degree in Childhood Education. Join us as we talk about breaking through challenging behaviors, using positive reinforcement to get through to our kids, and how we as moms can handle our emotions.Instagram:@jaimecasey828@behaveyourfamilysupportllc
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