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Carolyn Mobley, her son Alex Mobley and daughter Reshena Harris give their amazing Miracle testimony of the trials Carolyn and her family have gone through when was brutally attacked, shot in the hand and face, pronounced dead and brought to the morgue. She miraculously survived but it took 10 years for her to fully recover from the extensive injuries which included blindness. Her family and friends stuck with her and prayed unceasingly. God blessed them with many miracles and she is here now today in perfect health! Their testimony is inspiring and amazing.  For more information about Alex’s ministry subscribe to his YouTube channel The Body of Believers UnifiedSupport the show
This is an interview I never thought I would do on the miracle hotline. My mother has a debilitating form of ALS that has been progressing slowly. Over the past 10 years she has gone from working full time, helping to care for her grandchildren, hosting family dinners and parties for the whole family and taking care of her husband Bob, whose health had also been declining until he died in 2014. Her entire body has progressively become paralyzed starting with her legs and traveling to her arms and now she can only talk. We have been praying for her healing all this time and even though she has been under the care many specialists and healers, her condition continues to get worse. To me what has happened to my mother is the opposite of a miracle. But since my last interview with Alex Mobley, he has shown me that adversity is a miracle. So I interviewed my mother Mary Lloyd to find out if she could see her devastating health condition as Miracle.Support the show (
Here is my interview with Alex Mobley, he has had an amazing life and has witnessed and experienced many miracles.  His mother was shot in the head and was brought back from the dead when he was 11, she was bedridden for 10 years and Alex’s father was faithful and took care of her. Alex survived growing up in Jamaica Queens in the 80’s crack era, he was in the Army for 3 years and unknowingly suffered with Lupus the whole time. He almost died and had to spend a year in the hospital. He was in a rap group and was a concert promoter, had bipolar disorder and had to defend his family against an extortionist and spent a year in prison. He is recovering from a stroke which paralyzed the left side of his body, he can now walk and has faith that he will have a full recovery. He sees all of these adversities as a blessing which God has used to mold him into the person he is today. This interview is just a small introduction to Alex’s story. For more information subscribe to his YouTube Channel The Body of Believers Unified and look for his upcoming book “The Theory of Balance”Support the show (
The powerful story of Phil Abejar, his miraculous experience of nearly dying of COVID, giving his life to God, then receiving miracles of his own life, a baby granddaughter from a daughter who had previous miscarriages and sobriety for the first time in 45 years. Phil is very candid and brutally honest in the telling of his struggles with alcoholism and the challenges of a blended family. Finally with much prayer and surrendering to the Lord, he has gained life, peace and a purpose.Support the show (
The miraculous journey of Super Preemie Raymond who was born at 24 weeks, told my his mother Ginny. He had a 50% chance of survival, a great chance of being disabled but through the miraculous intercession of St. Katherine Laboure, he survived and is now 30 years old with no disabilities! Support the show (
The miraculous story of Father Bomukama Denis, who is from a small village in Uganda. His only prayer as a poor child was to be able to go to school, something we take for granted. His faithful prayer and persistence took him on a miraculous journey to follow where God led him. He was a boy whose father died of AIDS when he was 3, and he went on to defeat insurmountable obstacles of poverty, the AIDS epidemic, scarcity of the basic needs of food, water and clothing and not only went to school, but he excelled and become a priest and earned a Master’s degree. He has now built a school for orphans of any religion and has never forgotten his prayer to be able to go to school. His mission to help children in the remotest villages in Uganda is growing and continues to give hope and support to those who are most vulnerable. He was called to be a priest of Divine Mercy and now works with Pat Polachek at the Foundation of Jesus the Divine mercy who I interviewed in the previous podcast. You can be part of the miracle of helping poor children in Uganda by visiting the website for Father Bomukama’s Wind of Hope Initiative at WOHinitiativeUG.orgSupport the show (
This is an interview with Pat Polachek who is the President, CoFounder and Executive Director of Foundation of Jesus The Divine Mercy. She has traveled the world and has appeared on many radio and TV shows spreading the message of The Divine Mercy. This was recorded on Divine Mercy Sunday. You can find more info about Pat’s ministry at the show (
This is an interview with Dr. Kevin Elko, Championship motivational  coach. He recounts stories of miracles he has researched, miracles he is actively praying for and miracles he has experienced personally. For more info about Dr. Elko visit www.DrElko.comSupport the show (
This is an interview with Micah Hobbs. He is the inspiration for the Miracle Hotline podcast. He was crushed to death at his construction job, was dead for 25 minutes and was brought back to life. He survived many injuries, surgeries and infections and is now able to work again doing the same job he did before the accident. He is here to describe the miracle story he writes about in his autobiography, “Journey Beautiful.” You can find more info about Micah’s ministry at www.journeybeautifulbook.comSupport the show



Welcome to the very first Miracle Hotline Podcast! 412-446-0330This show examines miracles. It includes first person accounts, interviews and investigations of the most credible and amazing miracle stories. If you have a miracle story call in and leave a message! 412-446-0330 or visit www.miracle  If your story is compelling enough we will play it on the podcast and we may even interview you! The more proof, witnesses and evidence you have the better! Everyone has experienced a miracle at some point in their life. Maybe you have prayed for a miracle or maybe you were in desperate need of help. When a miracle happens, it is overwhelming, amazing and you are grateful for the gift God has given you. This podcast gives you the opportunity to share your miracle story, so that others may believe and have hope and it will encourage them to keep praying in difficult times.  You can tell us about your miracle by leaving a message at 412-446-0330 or visiting We may play your story or interview you on the podcast.The Miracle hotline podcast is sponsored by Imagine Audio and Media for all of your audio and video production, voiceovers and cd and dvd duplication needs visit by LiQWYD | https://www.liqwydmusic.comMusic promoted by Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License the show (
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