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Rob interviews for a job. 
Rick gets into some trouble at work.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
There is a spider on the porch.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
An extra stocking appears at Christmas. Who hung it?Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Tale #33: The Wall

Tale #33: The Wall


Young Rob learns about the Berlin Wall.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob stays up late waiting on the cable guy.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob tells some thanksgiving tales sent in by Sandy. Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob takes the same walk pretty much everyday. Then one day he discovers a new trail.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Todd attempts to open a chicken wing restaurant. Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob decides to run a half-marathon.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob encounters a ghost while at work.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Tale #26: The Log

Tale #26: The Log


A mysterious log appears at the ski lodge where Terry works.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob encounters a gentleman named Henry with a passion for metal detecting.Instagram: @robtellstales and @benicetofrogsFacebook:
Rob attempts to answer questions sent in by listeners. Also, he tells a tale he heard while standing in line at the grocery store.
Marcella and her family meet a new friend.
Rob messes up his order at a restaurant.
An unexpected guest pays a visit to Rob and his friends.
Rob is unexpectedly impacted by some magnificent beings.The Puddle, a short film I made that features some American Toads - videos we shot on our phones on the toad night mentioned in this episode - also post lots of frog photos on my Instagram account -
Rob tries his hand at being a whistleblower.
While telling a story to his friend Gordon, they hear a mysterious sound coming from a tree.
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