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Comic Booked! The Podcast

Author: Matthew McLachlan and Katie Sexton

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If you're like Katie, the world of comic books is bewildering. Luckily, her overly geeky boyfriend Matthew is here to teach her AND YOU everything he knows about comic books, one character at a time.
4 Episodes
Episode 4 - Atom Eve

Episode 4 - Atom Eve


We talk crazy time travel questions you'd ask yourself from the future and Matt ends up talking about his middle-school not-girlfriend for some reason. We learn about Atom Eve, one of the coolest and well-written lady badasses to ever kick ass in comics. Katie teaches Matt about the Moon! Dang!
Episode 3 - Wolverine

Episode 3 - Wolverine


Snikitty-snikt! It's Wolverine, baby! Katie mentions meeting Hugh Jackman without knowing his infamous portrayal of the loveable little ball of berserker rage™ was our main topic for the day! Crazy! Katie teaches Matt about antiques. They're old!
Episode 2 - Bane

Episode 2 - Bane


Talk of travel quickly turns into shaming Katie for not knowing Lord of the Rings. We learn about Bane, why he so big, what the hell those tubes do, and Matt sucks at pronouncing Spanish words! Katie teaches Matt about Jim Carrey! He's weird and hilarious!
First episode, lovelies! We give you the sweet sweet lo-down of who we are and why we're here. We learn about Black Canary and why she yell so good! Get your leather jacket and fishnets ready, 'cause this is gonna be good. Katie teaches Matt about the band Hanson. They're still good!
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