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Since 2005, LTAD has been talking about, visiting and enjoying all Disney Destinations! This podcast has a clean palate, we wiped out all the old Seasons and we are starting fresh! We LOVE to hear from YOU!! Listen in, call us with your comments on our topics, questions or your own Vacation announcements! We will play those on the show and reply to you! 615-246-LTAD!

12 Episodes
Brace yourselves, Disney fans: prepare to be transported on a magical journey as we reminisce about the evolution of the LTAD podcast, share some personal life updates, and dive into a deep discussion on the latest happenings at Disney parks!  And boy, do we have a lot to unpack! The recent D23 event has caused quite a stir amongst us Disney aficionados, and we're here to discuss the bittersweet announcements, from the anticipated makeover of Dino Land USA into a Ecanto and Indiana Jones. If you thought that was all, hang on tight as we venture further into the universe of Disney theme park expansions. Will the Muppets Theater be replaced with Star Wars theming, or is there a more fitting tribute in the works? And let's not forget about the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie starring Jared Leto as the Hat Box Ghost. How does this align with the iconic attraction's history and what could it mean for the future of Disney parks? Pour yourself a cup of tea, or perhaps a swig of rum from the newly introduced Pirates Lounge, and join us as we navigate through these exciting prospects.Finally, we're expressing our frustrations and disappointments with Disney since March 2020. Despite this, we keep our Disney spirits high and look forward to the future, discussing the possible additions to Toy Storyland and the concept art for the next Avengers campus attraction. Wrapping up, we cast our eyes toward the horizon, excited about our upcoming fall trips and eager to keep bringing you more captivating content. So sit back and get ready for a wild ride through the wonderful world of Disney on this episode of the LTAD podcast!Support the show
Tune in to listen as we take you through our unforgettable journey to Jamaica and the unique attractions that left us enthralled.   We'll  share our experiences at Sandals Resorts, highlighting the importance of Club Mobay at airports, and why tipping baggage handlers and drivers can make all the difference.As we reminisce about our adventures, we'll take you through the culinary delights we experienced at Sandals Ocho Rios such as Neptune's and Kimono's, and our hilarious encounter at the Silent Disco. We'll share our exhilarating golf cart ride experience and the joy that the right music brought us on the dance floor at the Rabbit Hole. From the relaxing escape at Sandals Royal Plantation,  to the incredibly gorgeous Sandals Dunns River, we're sure to leave you wishing for a trip to Jamaica as well. So, sit back, relax, and join us as we relive these incredible moments.Support the show
Ready for a Caribbean adventure? We're ecstatic to bring you a delightful conversation with Amanda Funk, the Business Development Manager from the opulent Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Together, we unearth the fascinating journey of the resorts' founder, Butch Stewart, and his transformation from an air conditioning seller to a luxury hotel owner in Jamaica. We also navigate through the unique offerings and traditions that make these resorts extraordinary, such as the touching tradition of bidding farewell to planes soaring above the Montego Bay location.Our exploration doesn't end there. We separate Sandals and Beaches Resorts, highlighting how each cater to different clienteles, from couples seeking an escape to multi-generational travelers. We also get an insider's view of the adventurous dining experiences available at these resorts, where guests can revel in the luxury of all-inclusive dining without fretting about additional costs. With Jana's trip insights, we learn about unique offerings like soothing sounds of Peenie Wallies in the Caribbean nights. As we conclude, we shift focus to the wide variety of land and water sports that guests can enjoy. Hear the tales of the kid-friendly offerings that are sure to put parents at ease, knowing that their children are well taken care of. We unravel the extraordinary no-tipping policy that honors guests and makes them feel appreciated. And finally, get ready to join us on our upcoming trip to Jamaica and find out how you can follow our journey through our lively social media updates. It's a Caribbean expedition you won't want to miss!Support the show
We're taking you on a magical journey, no pixie dust needed, as we recount our thrilling experiences with Adam from and our favorite Disney vacation transport service as we bid goodbye to the summer vacation season, we reminisce about the delightful Food and Wine festival.Cruising on the Disney Wish, anyone? Our special co-hosts, Dana and Erica, are here to share their exhilarating experiences, even including an unexpected evacuation due to bad weather. But don't let that dampen your spirits; we'll also spill the beans about the perks you can get when booking a Disney Cruise Line with Main Street Travel Co.  Jump on board as we weigh the pros and cons of cruising and whether it's the perfect vacation for you.We're not done yet! We're putting our Disney Wish cruise experiences side by side with other Disney and cruise lines. From the tempting food to the top-notch entertainment, we're going to dissect it all. Are you curious about spending Nassau Day on the Disney Wish cruise ship? We've got the inside scoop. Plus, if you've ever wanted to meet the princesses, we're discussing how Disney could improve its booking system to make dreams come true. Lastly, we're ready to debunk some myths and give you the best tips for those prone to motion sickness. Buckle up, it's going to be one fun ride!Support the show



On this week's episode, Jana, Mike, Erica, and a very special guest, discuss the differences between Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and what type of family should attend each special event. Erica argues why Oogie Boogie Bash is the best Disney special ticketed event, and our mystery guest strokes Jana's ego. the show
Guest Podcaster Lane from Disney My Way Podcast joins us today, Jana tells us all about the first annual U-Preferred Conference hosted by Universal Orlando and why it's always nice to have friends with minivans. Dana and Jana also fill us in on their first experience at Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney's a Hollywood Studios! Join us for Episode 7 to find out if it lived up to the hype! Call us (615) 246-5823  and leave us a voicemail and tell us what you think!Visit Lane at the show
Join us as we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, the movies, the rides and the experience! This one does go out into left field but join in our the fun! Call us (615) 246-5823 and leave us a voicemail and tell us what you think! Support the show
Today, we talk about Disney Dining Plans, RUMORS coming out of Hollywood Studios and CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Is it lacking?  Is it great?  What do you think?  Call us and let us know your opinion!  615-246-5823Also visit our friends at the show
Southern California

Southern California


Here we come. We pack so much stuff in only 4 days in Southern California. Jana,April, & Dana talk Disneyland, Honda Center, SoFi Stadium, Knotts Berry Farm and so much more.Support the show
Dopey Challenge

Dopey Challenge


While Jana is in Hawaii Erica and I talk about Run Disney and The Dopey Challenge.Support the show
New Voices

New Voices


And we're back with a 2nd show from the revived LTAD Podcast! We talk about the amazing survivor who fell from a cruise ship.  Introducing Dana & Erica, who will tell you a little about their Disney favorites so you can get to know them a bit better.  And we end the show talking about our 2 nights aboard Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Sea!Call in and leave us a Voice Mail 615-246-5823Support the show
Starting Over

Starting Over


Well it's time to start over LTADPodcast #1.Call in and leave us a Voice Mail 6152465823Support the show
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