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Author: Fairing (formerly EnquireLabs)

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Question Authority helps DTC brands and marketers absorb best practices (or break bad habits) in the art & science of questions... be it zero-party data, the qualitative layer, ethnography, surveys, behavioral science, or other types of market research. Powered by Fairing (formerly EnquireLabs): zero-party data at speed & scale for Ecommerce brands.
10 Episodes
We ask about conversion rate optimization with Drew Himel, CEO of
We ask about post-purchase surveys, offline media attribution and consumer insights with Shane Pittson: Head Of Growth & Marketing at Quip.
We ask about customer experience with Alex Genov, Head of Customer Experience Research at Zappos.
We ask about zero-party data with Gen Furukawa of Prehook.
We ask about quantitative vs. qualitative data with Sam Deutsch of Anheuser-Busch InBev.
We ask about behavioral science with Lilly Kofler.
We ask about survey research with Sam McNerney.
We ask about offline attribution and podcast measurement with Krystina Rubino of Right Side Up.
We ask about ethnography with Allison Braund-Harris of Hardly.



A quick introduction to Question Authority, the marketing research show built to help DTC brands understand the art & science of questions.
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