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Series One Trailer

Series One Trailer


Series One of The Family Histories Podcast is coming! If you make sense of the census, go potty for parish registers, or gaga over gravestones, then this is the show for you.  Our host - author and family historian Andrew Martin - will be meeting the quiet army of family historians who are tirelessly breathing life back into our collective family and social history.Each episode we'll meet a genealogy addict, find out how they got hooked, hear about one of their most fascinating relative's good, bad, or ugly life stories, and then try to solve their research 'brick wall'..... and they'll find out what exactly Andrew has in his garage, and how it might help.Subscribe now for free to ensure you can get the latest episode.Find out more about our show at or follow us over at Twitter @FamilyHistPod.
In this first episode, host Andrew Martin talks to his guest Daniel Smith-Ramos - a genealogist with Spanish, English, and Italian-American ancestry. Daniel will explain how he got hooked on researching his family history, the challenges of researching in Spain and the Spanish language, and we'll find out about how his new venture Revista Descendientes hopes to help make it easier.  Relatively SpeakingDaniel chooses to share the life story of his tyrannical 5x Great Grandfather Alonso Martínez (1765-1837) from Galicia, Spain, whose hypocritical and calculative ways ensures he alienates his entire family.The Brick WallFinally, Daniel will introduce us to his current research Brick Wall - Mary Elizabeth Vickress - a Victorian woman who seemingly outlived her entire family, only to go missing in 1886 in Birmingham, UK. Can you help find the next clue in this mystery that could bring that brick wall crashing down? If so, you can message Daniel via his twitter @DSRGenealogist, or alternatively you can head over to our contact form and we'll pass your message on to him.In the meantime, Andrew offers Daniel some help with solving this puzzle using something he keeps in his garage....- - -Episode creditsSeries One, Episode One:Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)Daniel Smith-Ramos (Guest)Eliot Lees (Foley)Show notes: familyhistoriespodcast.comFollow us on Twitter at @FamilyHistPod
In this episode, host Andrew Martin talks to UK genealogist Jane Hough about how she got hooked on researching her family tree in the 1980s, and her impressive DNA deciphering tactics that is getting her closer to solving an illegitimacy mystery. Relatively Speaking - Mary Stone Jane chooses her 5x Great Grandmother, Mary Stone, as the life story to share with us - detailing her life in Stourton, Gloucestershire as a laundry worker, through to an error of judgement that saw her being transported to Australia as a convict.The Brick Wall - Thomas Edwards Jane's Brick Wall sits right at the beginning of the Victorian era, with the origins of her 3x Great Grandfather Thomas Edwards. Jane is fairly sure the evidence points to his family having come from Wales, but with a mixture of theories and a name that is fairly common in Welsh records, it's over to you listeners to help solve it.If you have a clue or a research idea, then you can head over to our show contact form, and we'll pass your message on. Jane jumps at the offer of research help from Andrew, but it doesn't go completely to plan....- - -Episode Credits Series One, Episode Two:  Andrew Martin (Host/Producer) Jane Hough (Guest) Eliot Lees (Foley) Show notes at: familyhistoriespodcast.comFollow us at Twitter at @FamilyHistPod
In this episode, host Andrew meets George Hall - a fairly recent convert to researching family history, who will talk about how he got into researching as a Generation Z genealogist. He'll  explain what it's like to be a younger researcher, the tools he uses, and the work of The Hidden Branch, and his One-Place study.Note: There is a background sound throughout this episode that was not detected whilst recording. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, we've not been able to remove it, and hope you will forgive us.Relatively Speaking - Henry Hopkinson George chose to tell the life story of Henry Hopkinson, his 4x Great Grandfather, from Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK. Henry made it somehow from the textiles industry to becoming an empire-building Butcher, whilst doing his best to raise his family with his wife Agnes. This came with plenty of challenges, often seeing Henry falling foul of planning laws, fines, and money troubles.The Brick Wall - James Conley It's off to census night 1871 in Sunderland, UK, where we hear about George's attempts to discover the origins of his 3x Great Grandfather James Conley. James seems to have origins in Ireland, but with a lack of clear evidence, a place name that doesn't seem to exist, and a mystery Catherine Collins, it's left George with a puzzle.Can you help George demolish this brick wall? If you think you have a clue or a research idea, then you can contact him via our show contact form and we'll pass the message on. - - -Episode CreditsSeries One, Episode Three:Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)George Hall (Guest)Eliot Lees (Foley).Show notes at Follow us on Twitter at @FamilyHistPod
In this episode, host Andrew is joined by family historian, author, lecturer, and podcaster Lisa Louise Cooke (Genealogy Gems). She talks about how she got hooked on researching her own family history as a child. Relatively SpeakingLisa chooses her husband's entrepreneurial grandfather Harry Cooke as her life story. We follow him from his beginnings in mid-19th century rural Huntingdonshire, to Kent in England, before a double family tragedy sends the family off for a brand new life in Canada. The Brick WallThe hunt is on for Lisa's great grandfather Gustaf Sporowski, born in Kotten in Kreis Johannisburg, East Prussia (modern-day Poland). Do you have any research ideas or clues that could help her demolish her research Brick Wall? If you think you can help, then head over to Lisa's website, or alternatively you can visit our contact form and drop us a message (we'll pass it on). Andrew offers to help with Lisa's research by using something special he keeps in his garage. How could she refuse?- - - Episode CreditsSeries One, Episode Four:Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)Lisa Louise Cooke (Guest)Show notes: familyhistoriespodcast.comFollow us on Twitter: @FamilyHistPod
In this episode, host Andrew Martin meets genealogist Valmay Young to find out how she got into researching her far-flung family tree. We'll also hear about what it's like to work for a county archives, and her work with the Families In British India Society (FIBIS).Relatively SpeakingValmay chooses her 3x Gt Grandfather, Richard Sheridan Wardley. As you'll hear, he sounds like a complicated man, with regular vanishing acts, trips to the USA, his attempt to publish someone else's work, and more seriously, posing as a medical doctor. In the process, Valmay also quashed a family rumour about Richard Brinsley Sheridan.The Brick WallFred Beckwith is Valmay's 2x Gt Grandfather, and he's proving to be a mystery for her. Aside from his marriage to Selina Woolf at West Ham Registry Office in 1882, and his death in 1939, there seems to be no other trace of him. Where was his father Henry? Why is he so vague about addresses? Is Fred the link to Valmay's rumoured Romany ancestry?Andrew tries to help Valmay with her breakthrough, but they're not alone in the garage....Credits:Series One, Episode Five.Andrew Martin (Host, producer)Valmay Young (Guest)Eliot Lees (Foley) John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)Show notes: familyhistoriespodcast.comFollow us on Twitter: @FamilyHistPod
Host Andrew Martin is joined by David Ryan, an Irish family historian who discovered his passion for genealogy after studying for his MA in Medieval History. He'll be telling us how he made this transition, the challenges of researching family history in Ireland, and what it's like to work for Ancestry as one of their team of professional genealogists. Relatively Speaking: David has chosen to tell the life story of his Great Great Grandfather John Hyland. He'll explain the hardship that John was born into at the end of the devastating famine in the early 1850s, and the events that have since shaped Ireland in the 20th century - most of which were revealed by a chance discovery of a record in The National Folklore Collection.The Brick Wall: Family rumour has always said that David's paternal and maternal 3x Great Grandmothers - Honora and Bridget Williams, were sisters. They are both born in the 1820s, and both married in the 1840s, all in the village of Ballyporeen in County Tipperary, Ireland.  Were they sisters, or is it just a case of coincidence? Can you help David solve this old family story?David isn't sure whether Andrew's offer of help will come to much, but he's in for a surprise...- - -Credits: Series One, Episode Six. Andrew Martin (host, producer), David Ryan (guest), Eliot Lees (additional sound production).Show notes:
In the seventh and final episode of this series (sorry folks!), host Andrew Martin meets Pam Smith, a family historian who went from hobbyist, to professional genealogist, and then to local historian. We'll find out how she made those moves, how she ended up co-founding the research site, and her dual loves of North Yorkshire and heraldry.Relatively Speaking: Pam's choice of life story is that of her Great Great Uncle, Albert 'Ginger' Goodwin. Ginger left the collieries of Yorkshire behind and headed to Canada where he advanced his political activism until he met an untimely death. Pam will tell his incredible story, and his legacy that is still very much felt in the communities he stood up for even now, more than 100 years after his death.The Brick Wall: The hunt is on for Sir Richard Etherington of Rillington, North Yorkshire, England, as Pam explains her current Brick Wall. Aside from owning land and collecting his knighthood in 1603, it's his connection to other Etheringtons in the area that is baffling Pam. Do you have a connection to a Knight? Does he connect to the others? What are his origins?Pam agrees to Andrew's offer of help, but something is about to go very wrong indeed...Credits: Series 1, Episode 7. Andrew Martin (Host, producer), Pam Smith (Guest), Eliot Lees, John Spike, Meg Spencer-Thomas (Additional sound production).Here's the Episode Show Notes.Show site: 
In this little bonus Series One episode - The Epilogue, we rejoin Episode 7 guest Pam Smith, and 19th century Hungarian revolutionary and poet Sándor Petőfi, just as an explosion leaves them both in danger in the garage, and Andrew has suddenly vanished....Credits:Series One, Episode EightAndrew Martin (Host/Producer),Pam Smith (Guest),John Spike (Sándor Petőfi).More at: 
Series Two Trailer

Series Two Trailer


The trailer for Series Two of The Family Histories Podcast is here! That means only one thing - Series Two is imminent.Subscribe for free now to receive the first episode of the series as soon as it is released on 2nd November 2021.Keep up with the latest news at:, or join us over on Twitter at @FamilyHistPod.
In this first episode of Series Two - The Tailor, host Andrew Martin talks to genealogist and former-colleague Ruth Bramley about how she got hooked on tracing her Jewish family history, her passion for re-creating history, and how she traced the history of an object known as 'Alice'.Relatively Speaking: Woolf BernstockRuth tells the story of her 2x Great Grandfather Woolf Bernstock who was born in Warsaw, Poland in about 1844. By 1876, working as a tailor, he, his wife and family moved to Portsmouth, England to start a new life. The Brick Wall: Milly MattenburgRuth has been struggling to break her research brick wall, which is her Great Grandmother Milly Mattenburg (later Schneider), born about 1866. Whilst Ruth knows her whereabouts from 10th June 1883 onwards, when she gives birth to son Harry in London, UK, it's her earlier life that remains a mystery. She married Lipman Schneider in about 1882 (if the date on the 1911 census is to be believed), and her place of birth is given simply as 'Russia'. Ruth wonders whether Milly was born in Białystok (now in Poland), and knows that her Hebrew name was Malka. Her headstone from 1915 notes her father as having been Awigdor or Avigdor. Where was Milly born and did she have any siblings? If you think that you can help Ruth with solving her brick wall, head over to our show notes and send her a message via our contact form at Andrew offers Ruth some help to overcome her brick wall, but she seems rather too keen....---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode OneAndrew Martin (Host, Producer)Ruth Bramley (Guest)John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)Show notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast
In this second episode - The Granddaddy - Andrew meets genealogist True Lewis and discovers how she got hooked on researching her family tree, what challenges she faces when researching her enslaved African-American ancestors, her work to research her American Revolutionary ancestor, and she talks about her co-host role on the Black Pro Gen Live show.Relatively Speaking - Ike Ivery  True has chosen her 2x Great Grandfather Isaac 'Ike' Ivery for her life story.Ike was born into slavery in Alabama, USA, but when emancipation came, it is then that his family became the Ivery family - adding an 'r' to discontinue the name of their enslaver.Ike lived a long and full life, marrying 3 times, having 23 children, and becoming a chaplain and a farmer - and listening to this life story, you can hear just how much love and respect True and her family continue to have towards their granddaddy.The Brick Wall - Anna Maria Lambert  It's True's 5x Great Grandmother, Anna Maria Lambert that is giving her the biggest Brick Wall headache.Anna was born in 1764 in Albany Township, Pennsylvania, USA. Despite knowing this, and having done DNA tests that show a U5b1c2 ancestor group, True has not been able to find records that detail her parents, rumoured to be Dorothea Zimmerman and Nicholas Lambert, and she's been unable to confirm Anna's death too.She really is True's mystery, and it's one that True believes gives her a connection to European, perhaps German, ancestors. Can you help her find out more about Anna Maria Lambert? Do you know of records or research techniques she could try? If you think you can help True with her research, you can contact her at her website or via her Twitter account @MyTrueRoots, or over at's contact form. In the meantime, True is keen to accept Andrew's offer of help, but her enthusiasm might just cause a bit of a problem...---  Episode Credits  Series Two, Episode Two  Andrew Martin (Host, Producer)  True Lewis (Guest)  Show notes:  ©2021 The Family Histories Podcast.
In this third episode, host Andrew Martin meets genealogical crime mystery author, Nathan Dylan Goodwin to find out how he got into family history, how he keeps his ancestral reality separate from his fantasy worlds of Morton Farrier, Mrs McDougall, and the Venator Cold Case Team, and we'll get some teasers from the brand new Morton Farrier book.  Relatively Speaking - Silas Thomas  Nathan has chosen his ancestor Silas Thomas, of Sussex, England, and it's an unusual story featuring an unusual metal find that ends up earning him a fortune before landing him in prison.  The Brick Wall - Thomas Goodwin  Awkwardly, it's his own Goodwin line that provides Nathan with his research brick wall, so it's over to the listeners to try to help him find his 4x Great Grandfather Thomas Goodwin, born circa 1781, married in 1800 in St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, but Nathan needs to find out where he was born. His only clue is the scant detail of the 1841 census, that simply tells him it wasn't Sussex. Can you help locate more information and bring this brick wall tumbling down? If you think you can help, head over to our show notes for ways to make contact. Andrew offers Nathan some help in solving this mystery, but he'll have to tread carefully....  ---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode ThreeAndrew Martin (Host/Producer)Nathan Dylan Goodwin (Guest)John Spike (Sandór Petfői)Eliot Lees (Foley)Show Notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast.
In this fourth episode, The Pimp, host Andrew Martin is joined by writer and Mafia genealogist Justin Cascio. We'll be finding out about how he got into researching his Sicilian family history, and the challenges of researching there, He'll also tell us about how his ancestors lived as immigrants in the US.  Relatively Speaking - Giuseppe Longo  Justin has chosen his Gt Grandfather Giuseppe Longo (sometimes 'Joseph') for his life story, and we're straight into a life of crime and prostitution that's all set amongst some of the most notorious mafia gangsters. We'll find out how this impacted Giuseppe and his family.  The Brick Wall - Giuseppe Longo!   In a surprise turn, Justin's brick wall is also his Life Story choice - Giuseppe Longo. However, it's Giuseppe's parents and siblings that are proving hard to find, thanks to conflicting sources of information, and archives that are hard to view. Was Giuseppe baptised in Cefalu or Capachi, Sicily? Maybe you can help Justin unravel this mystery that allows him to trace another generation back.  Finally, Justin is happy to accept Andrew's offer of help, but there's a bit of an 'IT glitch'...  ---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode FourAndrew Martin (Host/Producer)Justin Cascio (Guest)Show notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast 
In this fifth episode, The Noble, host Andrew Martin is joined by professional genealogist Marina Brizhatova. She'll be explaining what it's like to research ancestry in Russia, what kind of records are available, and how she got into genealogy.  Relatively Speaking - Vladimir Udovenko  Marina chose her step-mother's great grandfather Vladimir Udovenko as her Life Story to tell, and this is a story of a secret identity, but not a voluntary one. It wasn't until many years after Vladimir's death, that the truth about his noble origins came to light - a complete surprise for his descendants.The Brick Wall - Aleksey Grigoryevich Sarychev   Marina's Brick Wall is actually mid-way through the life of Aleksey Grigoryevich Sarychev. He and his family had lived in Nyukhovets, in the Ryazan region of Russia for generations until 1812 when all of a sudden they left for another village called Chernobayevo. Then, when the next Revision Tale took place, they'd returned.   Can you help Marina identify why the family suddenly left their ancestral base, only to return later? Were they escaping something? Were they forced to leave?   Marina accepts Andrew's offer of help, but her nervousness might be entirely justified...  ---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode FiveAndrew Martin (Host/Producer)Marina Brizhatova (Guest)Show Notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast
In this sixth episode, host Andrew Martin meets family historian Steve Jackson, who not only traces his family tree, but also undertakes a One-Name Study for the Atcherley surname, and a One-Place Study too. We'll be finding out how he got into genealogy, and the challenges he's faced whilst researching.  Relatively Speaking - Captain James Atcherley  We're all at sea, as Steve tells us about his 2nd Cousin, 7x Removed, Captain James Atcherley. Captain James fought as part of Admiral Nelson's fleet in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar, against the Franco-Spanish fleet. Despite his successful naval career, his personal life was not quite as honourable.   The Brick Wall - Henry Atcherley  Steve has been bothered by the brick wall of Henry Atcherley for a long time. He was presented for baptism at Hinstock, Shropshire, England, in August 1822, but who were his parents? The baptism register names a 'Mary Atcherley, Widow', but was she really Mary? Was she really a widow? Why not at her home parish at nearby High Ercall?  Can you help him break this brick wall? Head over to the episode show notes at to find out more and how to contact Steve.  In the meantime, Andrew offers to help, but Steve has a few more questions...  ---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode SixAndrew Martin (Host, Producer)Steve Jackson (Guest)Show notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast
In this seventh and final episode of Series Two (sorry folks!), host Andrew meets professional genealogist and author, Emma Jolly. He'll be finding out how she got into family history, what it was like to work on TV shows Who Do You Think You Are? and Mancs In Mumbai, and ideas on how to encourage children to become interested in family history.Relatively Speaking - William Jolly  Emma has chosen her paternal Great Great Grandfather, William Jolly born in 1842 in Montrose, Forfarshire (now Angus), Scotland, as the life story to share with us.It's a story set against British military history, and sees William travelling around the world wherever his work and family took him - including Scotland, Ireland, Malta, Norfolk in England, and a few places in London that have coincidentally been significant in Emma's life too. The Brick Wall - Elizabeth Holmes  We're off to August 1832 during a cholera epidemic in Sedgeley, West Midlands, England, as Emma is trying to find clues about her maternal 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Holmes. What's been puzzling Emma for so long, is the identity of Elizabeth's parents. Elizabeth is believed to have married in 1797 and Staffordshire, England, and died in 1827. Her mtDNA results - haplogroup T2b - are not giving any clear leads yet, so Emma is keen to find evidence to confirm Elizabeth's family. If you think you have any clues that can help Emma with her brick wall, then you can send her a tweet at @EmmaJolly or head over to our Contact form, and we'll pass your message on.Emma is happy to accept Andrew's offer of help, but little do they realise that they're about to be interrupted by a very unexpected visitor.---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode SevenAndrew Martin (Host, Producer)Emma Jolly (Guest)John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)Father Christmas (Himself)JP Wright (Voice Actor)Show notes:©2021 The Family Histories Podcast
In this Series Two short bonus episode, we join host Andrew Martin in the garage, as he explains to Sándor Petőfi, why his gift has to be returned to 18th century London.However, they're interrupted by a long overdue guest returning to the present day, and she has clearly been having a wonderful time...---Episode Credits:Series Two, Episode Eight (Bonus)Andrew Martin (Host & Producer)John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)Ruby (Hodge)Ruth Bramley (Guest)Check out our news and show notes at, and join us on Twitter at @FamilyHistPod.©2022 The Family Histories Podcast
Series Three Trailer

Series Three Trailer


We're excited to announce that Series Three of The Family Histories Podcast is ready, and once again host and family historian Andrew Martin will be meeting 7 more genealogy-addicted guests, will be hearing about the lives of 7 more fascinating relatives, and there's 7 more annoying research brick walls that we'll be asking for your help to solve.We're also excited to announce the guests too - Chris Paton, Helen Parker-Drabble, David Mendoza, Jill Ball, Yetunde Abiola, and Sheldon K. Goodman, and we'll be starting with Denise Geelhart on 3rd May 2022.Don't forget to subscribe (it's free!) on your podcast platform of choice, and then you'll get each episode as soon as it's released. You can also listen and check out the show notes at our website, and you can follow us on Twitter at @FamilyHistPod.- - -Episode CreditsSeries Three, Trailer:Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)
In this first episode of Series Three, host Andrew Martin meets genealogist and fellow podcaster Denise Geelhart. He'll find out how she got hooked on family history, how she researches her American and German roots, and balances that with researching the family history of the perpetrators and victims of true crime for her Murderous Roots podcast.Life Story: Joseph Haberstroh Denise has chosen her German 3x Gt Grandfather, Joseph Haberstroh, who was born near Frieberg im Breisgau, in Baden, Germany in 1843. However, along with his parents and siblings, he left Germany during the 1848 Revolution, travelled to France, and then emigrated to the USA, where they arrived after many months (including a birth of another sibling) in 1850.Joining his uncles, Joseph and his family were able to start life a-fresh in their new adoptive homeland. After a few years serving in the American Civil War, Joseph married and raised his own family. The family's success enabled Joseph to make a donation to the Lutheran church in which he married his wife Elizabeth, and the bell still rings out to the residents of St. Louis today.Joseph's ability to start from scratch and build up wealth and property, earned him a legacy that still bears his name today, and it's something that Denise and her family are immensely proud of.... particularly an unusual family recipe for a 'German Christmas Cake'. The Brick Wall: Nancy Romines One of Denise's 2x Great Grandmothers - Nancy Romines - is her research brick wall.Nancy was born in Tennessee, USA on 11th August 1851, possibly in Putnam County. Whilst Denise knows mostly about what became of her, she has no clear evidence of her origins.Information that Denise has previously received, stated that a Thomas Romines and Phoebe were her parents, but she has since discovered this cannot be correct, because according to a probate record, Thomas Romines died in 1835 - 16 years before Nancy's birth.Was Nancy her real name?Was Nancy a child of Isaac or George Romines?What's the link between Nancy and Thomas senior, which the DNA seems to show?If you think that you can help Denise with a clue or research idea, then you can contact at on Twitter at @Jayhawkmommy, via the email address Denise gives in the episode, or alternatively over at the website. You can also just head over to our show contact form, and we'll pass your message on to her.In the meantime, Denise is curious of Andrew's offer of help to solve her brick wall, but she's concerned about its safety...- - -Episode Credits:Series Three, Episode One:Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)Denise Geelhart (Guest)Show notes and more at familyhistoriespodcast.comTwitter: @FamilyHistPod©2022 The Family Histories Podcast
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