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What an exciting time to be a technology geek and a pet parent! There's a tech boom in the pet industry with innovative apps, websites and products, as well as cutting-edge scientific research and advances for fur kids.
Pet Lover Geek digs into 21st century pet product tech trends. New and established pet parents will learn about new innovations, important scientific developments, fun, quirky and definitely geeky tools, products and services for their furry family members.
Digital lost pet prevention and recovery tools help get missing pets home quickly. Robots, gadgets and gizmos are for you, your home and your pet. The science behind why what's good for you can be deadly for Fluffy. We feature websites and smartphone apps that are worth it, or are a waste of time and money. If it's geeky, techie, doggie and kitty, we'll be talking about it.
Join Lorien Clemens and a menagerie of innovators, experts and pet enthusiasts as they talk tech on Pet Lover Geek.
57 Episodes
Launched in 2016, the Pet Care Innovation Prize is a competition to support and connect innovative early stage companies that have products and/or services already in market. The PCIP is powered by a global leader in pet care – Nestlé Purina PetCare.
All About Puppies

All About Puppies


We all love puppies and love to watch them play and grow.
Being in the pet industry & attending lots of different pet product expos, I have seen how frequently new trends appear.
Anyone who owns a dog, wishes that they could take them anywhere and everywhere. Sadly, most places still can’t or won’t allow dogs. That is where today's guests come into play.
New Tech For Pets

New Tech For Pets


Our world is full of new technology these days. And with how fast the pet market is growing, the tech is bound to spill over to them too! We did some research and found some cool new techy products for pets and their parents.
Just like humans, there are many pets out there with special needs. From blindness to paralysis to arthritis and injuries. Finding ways to help our disabled or special needs pets is crucial to giving them the best life possible.
We all know how much we love spending time with our pets. And we love to feel close to them. But bonding with pets is different than bonding with humans.
Our world is full of technology these days everywhere you look companies are turning to tech. You can find an app or webservice for just about any business or need these days. And they can be extremely useful.
2018 SuperZoo Wrap Up

2018 SuperZoo Wrap Up


SuperZoo 2018 has come & gone and there was so much to see! Lorien and Tom headed down to Las Vegas to check out all the new and exciting pet products currently or coming to the market.
Many of us love to hike. And most of us love to be able to take our four legged friends with us.
We don’t ever want to think of our pets getting lost. We may even make excuses that our dog never leaves our side or our cat is too fearful of leaving our home.
Bringing a new dog into the home can be a big adventure.
Today we will be talking about pet obesity. In the last few years, it’s reached epidemic status and it is not only costing pet parents a lot of money - it’s costing our fur kids their lives.
Last week I headed on over to Orlando Florida for Global Pet Expo 2018. Global Pet Expo holds over a thousand exhibitors featuring the newest products to hit the pet industry.
This week, Lorien interviews lots of great people at VMX, the largest veterinary show in the United States. Join us to hear about all the exciting new innovations & geeky new pet products that were displayed at the show!
Winter Safety Special

Winter Safety Special


Happy day pet lovers! In this winter-themed episode, we will be discussing the sport of dog mushing, winter and holiday pet safety, and some geeky gift ideas you can give your pet or your fellow pet lover friends and family this holiday season.
We want to keep our cats happy and loved throughout their lives, so today we will go over products that can help strengthen your bond with your cat.
We all want to give our dogs the best quality of life possible, so today we focus on toys and activities that will delight our furkids.
Fighting Puppy Mills

Fighting Puppy Mills


Puppy mills are one of the most inhumane places you will find in the world.
Today, we will glance at the latest research on animal health and well-being. Some research topics we will cover are the possible cure for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), microbiomes in animals, inside the minds of dogs, and many others.
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Michael Scott

Thanks for this podcast. I have a dog and I adore him too. For me, he became a full member of the family and I always take care of him. This source helps me with this A large abundance of goods allows to provide him with everything he needs for a happy and healthy life.

Dec 24th
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