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Leo Yockey is a transgender, biracial, Tanzanian-American millennial. He is also a software engineer, comedian and advocate recovering from existential dread and burnout. Listen in for a chance to be a fly on the wall as he talks to a diverse array of friends and colleagues. Topics of conversation include racial and gender identity, mental health, spirituality, and redefining success in this rapidly changing world. Stay evolving!
30 Episodes
In the season 2 finale, Leo interviews his NoHo Home Alliance colleagues Antoinette Scully, Jolly Hollamon and Lex Roman. They discuss their work with NHHA, debunk common myths about homelessness, and explain how to get involved in your own community.Support NoHo Home Alliance!Donate - -;TwitterFollow Leo!website; tiktok; instagram; twitterBy: Leo Yockey
Leo and Rayna Jhaveri share a deep discussion about identity and embracing our many parts.Follow Leo!website; tiktok; instagram; twitterFollow Rayna! My Grandmother's Hands! Leo Yockey
Leo invites his close friend Stephanie Solis to discuss “witchy” things. Stephanie shares how she discovered that meditation was a personal strength, the challenges and rewards of connecting to ancestors as a biracial person, and the difference between reading about spiritual concepts and actually trying them.Learn Whose Native Land You're Occupying! Leo!website; tiktok; instagram; twitterFollow Stephanie on Instagram!@bloogmagicbitch;@witch_fitLearn more about St...
Leo interviews LGBTQ+ Educator and Small Business Owner Chris Angel Murphy about their experience being nonbinary in a binary-centric society. They also discuss the process of distinguishing personal identity from childhood trauma as well as when to prioritize your safety vs. others'.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterFollow Chris Angel!Allyship is a Verb podcast;instagramBy: Leo Yockey
Addie Woolridge returns to talk about her latest book, The Bounce Back. Addie and Leo also discuss failure, belonging, and the important role that romance novels play in our culture.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterPurchase Addie's books (and support The Leo Yockey Show)!The Checklist;The Bounce BackFollow Addie!website; instagram; twitterBy: Leo Yockey
Leo interviews musical artist TRISHES about her upcoming album, The Id. They also discuss morality, zero sum politics, and their unique positions between privilege and oppression.Follow Leo!website; instagram; tiktok; twitterSee TRISHES live!Album release show 10/25 in Hollywood: TRISHES!Pre-save the full-length album, The Id;Watch music videos on YouTube;instagram; twitterBy: Leo Yockey
Think Three Media CEO Leah Frazier is a multi-licensed attorney turned fashion and marketing guru. Leah discusses the path she took to becoming one of the most successful women in Dallas. Leo and Leah offer a fresh perspective for looking at the success of others.Follow Leo!website; instagram; tiktok; twitterFollow Leah!PR Yourself Podcast; ebook instagram; twitter; facebookBy: Leo Yockey
Leo and Software Engineer Nick DeJesus open up to each other about some of their negative experiences in the tech industry. After an alarming interruption, Nick details his path to finding a new specialty in his career; Leo and Nick discuss the key to bouncing back from mistreatment in the workplace.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterFollow Nick! Leo Yockey
Leo mentions Lil Nas X, which sends him and guest Alli Santos into a long conversation about representation in media. They discuss the evolving role of personal identity in our society, the fallacy of binary thinking, and the importance of representation in media.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterFollow Alli!website;instagramBy: Leo Yockey
Why did the pandemic cause everyone to quit their jobs? In the season 2 premiere, Leo is joined by Tech Recruiter Sean Page to unpack this question. They discuss scarcity vs. abundance; religion; common pitfalls of inclusivity; and how to find a job you feel passionate about.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterFollow Sean!twitter;Propel job boardBy: Leo Yockey
Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer


Trailer for season 2 of The Leo Yockey Show, coming every Tuesday starting September 14!Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterBy: Leo Yockey
In the season 1 finale, Leo is joined by an old friend and Somatic Healer, Stephanie Somatics. Stephanie explains the body's ability to communicate with us, the similarities between the gut and the brain, and specific challenges that empaths face. Leo and Stephanie both open up about their healing journeys.Follow Leo!website;instagram;tiktok;twitterFollow Stephanie!instagram;websiteBy: Leo Yockey
Best of Season 1

Best of Season 1


If you haven’t listen to The Leo Yockey Show yet, this episode is the perfect place to start! Either way, this is a great peak into Leo’s favorite conversations and to look back on some of the greatest moments of the 1st season thus far. Leo also opens up about his true motivation in starting the podcast. Clips include the dark and light side of personality traits, utilizing privilege for good, inserting joy into day-to-day life, staying true to yourself despite society’s expectations, and mo...
Black Tech Pipeline CEO chats with Leo to explain why the diversity issues in tech aren't a "pipeline issue." Leo connects Pariss' past career experiences as an actress, wax specialist, and software engineer to her current business as a recruiter. Finally, Pariss gives solid advice on how to get a leg up in a new career path.Follow Leo!Instagram;TikTok;TwitterFollow Pariss!Twitter;LinkedIn;InstagramFollow Black Tech Pipeline!Twitter;Instagram;Website;NewsletterBy: Leo Yockey
From a relationship ending due to "not doing enough" with his life to being an inspiration to trans men and entrepreneurs around the world, Braxton Fleming's life path is full of fascinating connections. Braxton and Leo discuss Braxton's nursing career lending itself to him founding Stealth Bros & Co, a luxury medical supply company; his commitment to the trans community being a "missing link" that, once discovered, allowed him to unlock his maximum potential; the meaning behind his signa...
Leo meets with guest Valerie Phoenix to discuss how her lifelong history or service-oriented leadership led her to start Tech By Choice. They also talk about the surprising ways in which her nontechnical degrees have helped her in tech, and how our relationship with money evolves over time.Follow Leo!;; a journal prompt from a book quote every Friday morning!leoyockey.comFollow Valerie!;issa.en...
Musician and Activist Murphy Bug has been on an intuition-led journey to discovering and living his truth. He shares his experience road-tripping across the country in the month leading up to the election, how his marketing career made him a better artist, and the was in which community reinforces his intuition. The episode ends with Leo giving advice on how to be yourself in any room and Murphy expressing how we can help protect sacred Apache land, Oak Flat.Contribute to NoHo Home Alliance!n...
Meghan went from experiencing postpartum anxiety to creating a safe space for mothers of young kids to find community and support. Meghan and Leo discuss the anxiety that comes with major life changes (even the positive ones!) and the importance of creating time for yourself, especially once your schedule gets busy.Follow Leo!;; a journal prompt from a book quote every Friday morning!leoyockey.comFollow Meghan!instagram....
Leo has a conversation with his comedy classmate Tyler. They discuss the difference between being lazy and being in the wrong career, Tyler's journey to become a voiceover actor, and the advantages of understanding your identity at a young age.Follow Leo!;; a journal prompt from a book quote every Friday morning!leoyockey.comFollow Tyler!;;;christians...
How did Leo's high school friend Shannon Hay become a Storyboard Revisionist for Muppet Babies? Lots of self-discovery and exploration! Shannon shares their journey of learning how they communicate as an artist and how their personal identity has helped them practice empathy with their characters. Leo and Shannon also chat about the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in the LGBTQIA community in a conservative town.Follow Leo!;;