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If you're still unsure of what you want to do with your life, this podcast is for you. If you already know your purpose and enjoy hearing other people talk about theirs, this podcast is also for you. Join Leo Yockey every week as he pulls on the common thread of humanity. Each week, Leo will sit down with a different guest as they tell a personal story about finding and living their purpose. Guests include entrepreneurs, technologists, athletes, entertainers and more. Stay evolving, and be sure to follow Leo on social media @leovolving!
7 Episodes
Emily Sedgwick is a Communications Specialist by trade. When she’s not working, she runs a Disneyland and mental health blog, using Instagram as her primary medium. Emily and Leo discuss the symbiotic relationship between her blog and job, following her joy to build community, cope with depression and find better opportunities. The episode wraps with Emily sharing her experience with societal pressures through the lens of her identity as asexual. Whether you’re into Disneyland or not, Emily’s story reminds us all of the magic behind finding and cultivating that which brings us joy.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning:  leoyockey.comEmily:; Leo:;; Leo Yockey
Marshall Hugh is a musician, event curator, activist and basketball coach based in Seattle. He explains a “wild moment in Seattle history” and performing daily at CHOP (Capital Hill Occupied Protest) in summer 2020, comparing last summer’s protests to historical events like the Watts Uprising of 1965 and the French Revolution; the process of writing his Pulitzer Prize-nominated protest album 12th & Pine with his band, Marshall Law Band; and the importance of self care as a leader.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning:  leoyockey.comMarshall:;; "Truth" music video Leo:;; Leo Yockey
Entrepreneur Ron Johnson talks to Leo about youth entrepreneurship, which he argues is the key to generational wealth. They discuss faith, embracing uncertainty by mitigating risk, the Flint water crisis, and the importance of community.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning:  leoyockey.comRon:;;; Leo:;;; Leo Yockey
Financial advisor Lucas Casarez talks to Leo about money! He debunks common misconceptions about finance and demonstrates how living his truth has helped his decision-making, as well as the decision-making of his clients.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning:  leoyockey.comLucas:;; Leo:;; Leo Yockey
Diego A. Gutierrez talks to Leo about his incredible story and the importance of living your truth. They discuss transitions: from an aspiring law student to moving up the ranks at a construction company, living life in the correct gender as a trans man, and recovering from addiction.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning:  leoyockey.comDiego:;; Leo Yockey
Coach, podcaster, and mastermind group leader Whitney Danielle is talking to Leo about her unexpected journey into entrepreneurship.  They discuss why mindset matters,  and the process of discovering what brings you joy.Receive a journaling prompt every Friday morning: Whitney:;; Leo:;; Leo Yockey



Trailer for The Leo Yockey Show, coming every **TUESDAY** starting May 4!Be sure to follow Leo Yockey on Instagram and Twitter @leovolving!
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