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Transformational Leadership for Transformational Times
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Transformational Leadership for Transformational Times

Author: Georgetown University-Institute for Transformational Leadership

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The world of leadership is complex. In this podcast by the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University, we discuss topics important for leaders who are interested in creating a more sustainable and compassionate future.
17 Episodes
What does it mean to create a culture of belonging and how do you do it? In this episode Bill is joined by Alida Miranda-Wolf author of Cultures of Belonging - Building Inclusive Organizations That Last . Listen in to learn what it means to create a culture of belonging, why it's important for leaders and organizations, and explore how to begin doing so.
In a world that can feel challenging and disruptive how do we find hope and wisdom? In this episode Bill is joined by Valerie Brown - author, Buddhist-Quaker Dharma teacher, facilitator, leadership coach, professional pilgrim - to discuss her new book, Hope Leans Forward - Braving Your Way Towards Simplicity, Awakening, and Peace. Listen in and hear them discuss the importance of slowing down when life and leadership feels hard and listening to the deep wisdom that comes from with...
In times of great uncertainty and change how do you lead yourself so you can lead others and the systems around you? How can you move from surviving to thriving in complexity? In this episode Bill is joined by Carolyn Coughlin and Jennifer Garvey Berger to discuss their new book, Unleash Your Complexity Genius - Growing Your Inner Capacity to Lead . They discuss a set of practices that help you not only understand complexity but actually hack your nervous system to bring your natu...
In this episode, improviser Chelsea Hilend and host Bill Pullen bring a fresh perspective on how the art of Improv can enhance leadership capacity. Listeners will experience the role of "play" and how it can be incorporated into the workplace to improve our ability to be present in the moment, listen deeply, and better connect with our intuition and the wisdom of the body.
What is body intelligence and what does it have to do with leadership? In this episode, we explore how our bodies collect and store information. If we are able to tap into this rich source of data, we can make better decisions and create a felt sense of connectivity within our relationships, teams, and organizations.
Dropping the Mask

Dropping the Mask


In the complex times in which we live, it is essential that leaders are able to connect and build trust with the people they lead. In this podcast, Daphne Jefferson discusses what it means for leaders to "drop the mask" to tap into aspects of their identities to enhance the way they lead in these challenging times.
In this episode, sustainability expert Jim Massey inspires us to unleash the potential of people and the planet. We explore the intersection of personal transformation, leading sustainability efforts in organizations, and some surprising ways to set off on your own sustainable journey.
The great resignation is underway. Employees at all levels are looking for a sense of purpose and growth in their work. In this episode of the Transformational Leadership for Transforming Times podcast, we explore creating a culture where employee development is central to the mission and strategy of the organization with the authors of Conscious, Capable and Ready to Contribute.
In this episode, author and equity strategist Minal Bopaiah challenges leaders to tell the full story of their success- the hard work and the system that has supported them. She calls on leaders to develop the capacity to see the systems at play in their organizations - the bias - what is rewarded - and she offers insight into how to design organizations so that it's easy to do the right thing. Don't miss this powerful discussion on how to leverage the complexity of your own ident...
How culturally competent is your communication? In this episode, Dr. Joni Johnson & Freddi Brown discuss how to truly see, hear, and understand individuals by improving aspects of our own communication and attending to how others communicate. From cultural experience and hair styles to emotional intelligence and empathy, learn how to move from passive to active communications whether working with organizations, teams or individuals.
Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership


What does it mean to be a courageous leader? In this episode, we explore having the courage to lead authentically with Jessica Robledo and Shannon Cochran-Yzquierdo. We discuss the impact courageous leaders can make and what can get in the way.
In this episode, Sheena Burrell, Deputy CIO for the National Archives and Records Administration discusses her journey to becoming a transformational leader in the United States Government and the mindset that was necessary to get there.
In this episode, we explore how mindfulness (without the bells and beads) supports transformational leaders navigating the complex demands of leadership. We discuss some of the basic neuroscience of mindfulness and practical steps any leader can take to incorporate mindfulness into their lives.
How can you bring your unique magic into the world? In this episode, you'll meet Cheryl Pipia - leader in corporate finance and founder of the Mission & Movement Nonprofit. We explore her personal mission and how she leads with heart to challenge conventional thinking while making a meaningful impact in the world.
What is cultural competence and what does it have to do with Transformational Leadership? In this episode, we talk with Enrique Zaldivar, author of "Your Unique Cultural Lens: A Guide to Cultural Competence" to discuss how leaders can increase their own cultural competence and help others do the same.
This episode is all about stress, trauma and resilience in leadership. We are joined by Georgetown University professor, Elizabeth A. Stanley, Ph.D as we explore the neuroscience of stress and how leaders can develop greater resilience for themselves and the organizations they serve.
Antiracist Leadership

Antiracist Leadership


In this episode, we explore antiracist leadership with Dr. Karyn Trader-Leigh and Howard Ross. We define what it means to be an anti-racist leader and why it is important particularly at this moment in history, and we explore what is required of leaders to take action against racism.
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